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A Lack of Colour

By: EwanMac

Chapter 1, Sometimes love is easy. Sometimes its the hardest thing anyone can go through. Meet Ollie and Kate, Kate is a newly wed starting to doubt whether her husband is the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Ollie has just escaped from a harsh relationship and struggles to keep his head above the water when it comes to Ex-Girlfriend Joanne. Will the pair find the love they want?

Kate smiled to herself as she opened the oven and gazed in at the two heating pies in the oven, in the mood of romance she pushed them closer feeling they would be ready quicker if they were together. She closed the door again and checked the clock behind her, "Four more minutes" she told herself. She removed her red and white striped apron and threw it aside and pulled out the bobble in her hair, allowing her long blond hair to cascade freely down her back. She gave it a shake and returned to her apron. Carefully, she picked it up and folded it and placed it back in to the drawer it came out of. She opened up the kitchen window and reached into her jeans pocket, pulling out a slender packet of Marlboro reds. Removing a single cigarette and placing it so gently between one's lips was rarely done with more grace than how Kate did so. Lighting up and taking the first, fresh draw she sighed and sat on the metal stool that she kept in the kitchen for such excercise. The room quickly became filled with dancing blue smoke despite the good ventilation in the room and Kate became lost in thought as the poetic poison filled her lungs.

There was a ringing from a distant egg timer and Kate was tossed back into reality, she opened the oven and removed both macaroni pies from the over, prodded the delicious center of each with an expert's finger and placed the two on seperate plates. She boiled some water and prepared two cups of tea. She placed the mugs and the plates on a tray and hoisted it up, slowly pushing the door open with her rear and walking through the living room, she spied a stray piece of dirt on the ground and promised it she would be back, from the small living room she made her way into the narrow hall and ascended the stairs. A grey and white cat darted down the stairs to the open door that supplied a route out of the house and made Kate stagger, spilling not a drop she continued on her journy. She reached her destination, placed the tray in one hand and opened the door. And there sat on the bed was her husband reading a book, gazing up from it he smiled with care at her efforts and set his book aside. Happily she strode towards him bare footed and lay the offering of food on his lap, she lay beside him and selected a plate. "Good morning," she said facing him
"Good morning to you too," he faced her "And what may I ask is this for?"
"I'm not sure Mr. Handsome, perhaps I love you?" she said with a mock shrug and a girlish smile
"And what do I do if I love you too?" he said with a charming raise of his brows
"Well, youd eat it"


"Yeah.... Yeah... Sorry what was that?"
"See this is the problem Ollie!"
"What? That you speak too quickly?"
"So I speak quickly now?"
"Oh, you would turn that into an insult!"
"What's that meant to mean!"
"You're always on the defensive Jo! You always think everything is an attack let it go!"

She left... She turned around her hazel coloured hair following her in a Hollywood fashion and left his appartment. They had faught before on their randomly occuring exchanging of familiar gifts that were once ornaments of love and affection. Now they served a different function, now they only caused arguments and strife. Funny thing was, Ollie craved these moments. They were all he had left of a powerfull bond the two shared. Well the powerfull bond he had for her. Joanne had something in her when she was angry or upset, her beautiful brown eyes would water giving them a liquid texture. A thousand artist could very well try and mix the colours that stirred Ollie's heart so much, but none would succeed.

He pulled out the small rectangular packet and unfolded it taking his credit card out of his wallet he began brushing the white powder onto a DVD box and started grooming it into a neat line, he removed a premade paper straw and put it to his left nostril and inhaled deeply. The ketamine vanished and he knew this incident would too with the moving shades on the wall. He smiled a dopey smile and inhaled again and again to force whatever was remaining clutched to his nose out of hiding. The taste came and he sipped some water. He relaxed back on his sofa and let the world unfold.

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