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A Lack of Colour

Novel By: EwanMac

Sometimes love is easy. Sometimes its the hardest thing anyone can go through. Meet Ollie and Kate, Kate is a newly wed starting to doubt whether her husband is the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Ollie has just escaped from a harsh relationship and struggles to keep his head above the water when it comes to Ex-Girlfriend Joanne. Will the pair find the love they want? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 10, 2008    Reads: 127    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

He woke up a littlle dizzy still, the drugs had yet to fade. He staggered half naked over week old newspapers and piles of dirty somethings to get to the fridge. Ollie pulled out a botlle of still water and drank like a thirsty horse, gulp after gulp. He wasn't as used to the substance as he poised himself to be, and these effects sometimes took long times to wear off, but they did and often in a heart beat. He looked outside his window and saw that the Edinburgh sky was still and the morning sun was only just creeping over the horizon, like a child playing hide and seek trying to determine whether it was safe to expose themselves or not.Ollie took a box of Kellogs cornflakes from the cupboard below the cooker and a bottle of milk lingering close to the end of it's days from where he left it the night before, which happened to be a little too close to the radiator. Yet the breakfast served its course and Ollie was soon picking up his faded black skinnys and reclaiming whatever loose change had found a comfortable place to spend the night. Beneath three Guardians a Metro and an Evening news he found his black Nokia which displayed a photo of more pleasant times cut in half with the banner "4 New Messages!" proudly demanding attention. He pressed the button to open it and sighed at the first two, uninteresting messeges from his Network telling him how he could get more from their service. He deleted them both. The next two proved more interesting: Hey boy! big night out 2nite, me u nd stevo? Get pished, u can forget bout wats her name!
Mike Ollie smiled, Mike was his best friend and knew a lot about how to deal with him in situations where he may feel a little rough, however forgetting about "whats her name" was not a high priority of his and so any night spent with that purpose would only fail. The second proved far more shocking: Ollie, sorry for being such a twod last night, me u Amber, Jane and what his name maybe for tonite? Nothing big
Jo x He was dreaming. Or maybe the Ket had not run it's course, he rubbed his eyes and read again, and again and the messege would not change. A night in with Jo, with the other two. They wouldn't come, not if he played his cards right when he replied. Mike wouldn't understand, but screw him. He'd be getting, well screwed actuallty.****Joanne grinned maliciously at the reply to her seemingly innocent message, so Oliver dearest wanted to throw around insults like that? Well Joanne Anna Grey knew how to play nasty, and she would to get back at people she disliked. What a shame that happened to be Ollie.****Kate twirrled her hair and crossed her eyes and pulled funny faces to pass the time. The Hubby was at work, and would be there late... Again. She spent a lot of time by herself, just doing what a modern housewife does, hoovers one room and refuses to do the others, cleans the dishes and ponders over the happenings of Hollyoaks. When that failed her good friend Glens and Coke would soothe her pangs. James worked most days, Saturdays and Sundays tended to be days off but were often used to catch up on missed deadlines, and the jobless Kate had nothing to do but sit. On occasion she would go out or a walk in the town, Princess Street gardens in the winter was always a sight she loved, with the German market and ice rink being her favorites. The botanics provided an excellent retreat but then, these were day time persuits. It was the evenings Kate found hard to pass.She had aquired a passion for knitting, and with Christmas coming up soon she had also hammered it into her head that a home made sweater with matching hat and gloves would make the perfect gift for several family members. Yet, she remained, most days, bored stiff.
As she sat finishing her last Holiday Hat there came a low buzzing from her hand bag, the buzzing built and built and became her favorite christmas song. She plucked out her phone and read the message she had recieved: Hey Kate, just thought I'd see how you are with James all good? Plans for tonight? Text me x This had been sent by a friend she had met only a few years ago, yet the two clicked instantly. Claire was pretty much everything Kate was not, but then opposites do attract. She answered with a smile and went into her bedroom, slid open the wardrobe and eyed up potential evening wear.


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