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A Lack of Colour

Novel By: EwanMac

Sometimes love is easy. Sometimes its the hardest thing anyone can go through. Meet Ollie and Kate, Kate is a newly wed starting to doubt whether her husband is the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Ollie has just escaped from a harsh relationship and struggles to keep his head above the water when it comes to Ex-Girlfriend Joanne. Will the pair find the love they want? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 11, 2008    Reads: 117    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

They sat together on his double bed, alone together like they used to be. She sat there filling her room with the scent that followed her everywhere, it was not a perfume or a bodily smell, but it was so distinguishable as hers as much a part of her as her big brown eyes, her soft chestnut hair and that delicate figure. She wore a black dress an red high heels that matched her elasticated belt and hand bag. He wore a shaggy beige t-shirt he had worn to bed the night before and a pair of three quarter lengthed green shorts. Ollie was unshaven for a few days and black stubble was starting to make him look like something from Planet of the Apes. She reached up and carassed his cheek, smiling at him. He looked into her eyes, his green orbs meeting her almond shaped pools of liquid brown, they darted away from his and so did the hand, and it was clenched into it's partner and stayed on her lap.
"I'm sorry about that, Ollie"
"Oh, it's okay" he said a little disheartened.
"No it is not, I shouldn't be using you like this" tears began to form in her eyes, tears as fabricated as the rest of her charade, but to this Ollie remained oblivious.She moved her head closer to his, and touched the side of his face with her moist, red lips and kissed him gently, and retreated a few inches awaiting a response. The thoughts played in his head, why would she do that? What should he do now? what if-
He was cut short of thinking as the next move had been decided for him, she grabbed his arms lightly and kissed him on the lips, pulled away, and entered again. The pair kissed for a moment, entwining their tongues as they relived their better days.
Ollie was taken back to their first Christmas Eve together, dark streets and light snow. Kissing on the street corner as they relucently parted their ways. Better times, when Ollie had her heart and his head. Now both were trivial items.
She was removed to a time of her own, the rank taste of cigarettes. The stale taste of beer mixed with cheap cider and the nights together that were forced on her when he chose to go to her house drunk.They detached from each other, and stared into one an other's eyes, She stood up gathered her things and kissed him on the cheek again,
"I'm so sorry for this Ollie"
And she left in the same way she did the night before, leaving only the homely smell of love and a lingering taste of minute old chewing gum.Ollie, startled and disappointed on one hand and some what pleased on the other. He found his rectangular packet, and followed the same steps he did last night. He inhaled the white powder and lay back.
"One, two, three..."
He liked doing this before getting his high, he breathed in deeply and stared at one spot on the wall. As he inhaled the shadow of the television moved too, and kept on moving, dancing to his breath. It sped along the wall and became, it became a fish. The karp in a japanese painting he had seen in his youth. It was peace incarnated. Swimming freely without care. What did it have to care about?
The karp vanished, and in its place came the shadow of a rabbit, hopping along the white wall. He was a happy bunny, jump, jump, jump. He stopped. But why? Then Ollie saw them too.
The hawks were coming, but the Bunny didn't move.
"Run away" Ollie whispered in his mind
Bunny remained and the birds drew in
"Run away"
And then Bunny vanished too.


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