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Bloods of Lust

Novel By: Factxzrx

A lovers trial in the world of a darkened desecrate. View table of contents...


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I had a feeling about this "Rrrwhurrr. God rrrhu" All week.
Tonight I'm going to be getting her and I'll be getting her good. My curse, my feed and now it is at my command. All week feeding on chickens and running down deer as if I need them. The first thing I see when it breaks for dawn is her sweet face. Tonight she's mine and when I break for my next full moon then let it will be.
������� They passed down everything; all, then they leave me with out warning. I lived my bastard life and its curse passed on. When they get a hold of me I'll be lined up on the stakes there hanging my midnight reaper's on. If I can't whiff with them during the day then together we'll howl at thru moon light and tonight she will be mine.
������� "Ahumm" I can feel her from here, that essence only her God could spot out from in a field of stringing vines. She's been here and my reaper's are going to be coming in on her soon. Now it's this bear of a dog. I should have waited for my wiffers to join me in reap. "Ahrhu" I'll let them fend off in the end. And there he is. "Come on you stinking tick, your friend couldn't handle me" and now neither will you.
������� "Mmm" I should of ripped into him along time ago. "I "never thought the blood in your veins would have been so sweet." Bloody claws, my snout; I wake up every morning with this stink of a sense soaking in to my membrane.
"Mmmhum" I could turn around and sink another flesh tearing snap from in his chest.
������� Any minute now they'll be under a howl and heading in here. Tonight my night light reaper's are going to be having no troubles getting on to this yard. Soon they'll be in and they'll be fed, If I'm in their way with her then its going to be a bloody lust for her blood.
One up and one in, as my paws claw in to her window ledge, thru her window and she doesn't know what or how it hit her. I brush the glass from off me and out in thru the fields I go with her in clenched in to my chest. "Mmm" I can feel her blood wanting to soak in on me as I hold her head tight against my neck. She comes to patience and soon I dodge my howling outcasts and they better make way.
�"You ready girlfriend. You just hold on tight. Let the big howl run his ways." A pure beauty, she holds me tight and holds me in her softest of touch as these creeped reapers's have a whiff for them selves. I know they can sent the blood of the bear dog I left behind and they'll be following it back to it's barn yard. Tonight you'll all �be feasting; feasting like kings, the kings that we are as the moon shines a light from in all its depth for us all.
������� I finally get my call of silence, a call that left me in a dark trap. My parental death call, the same sense of its silence that they had heard before its lights of death struck in to them. My reapers must have been in it's under ground existence. The screams and siren lights of the city's emergency response could only be in a horror of flames as the trees snap in to its wickedness, sending it's echoes in thru the valley.
������� I'll set her on my bed, let my call for a dusk peel its self and be gone before she can't get in a glimpse of my tearing images of the man turned dog in to a flesh of all his own. "No, no don't look…"
"Its alright, hey look at me, its not what you think." I had to tell her as she curled up in to the corner of my room. She looks on to me. I see her tears start dripping from of her cheek. I lay out my hand, she had no more room to be backing in to then reached for it and that was our first touch. The touch that I've been craving and holding along the side of my soul thru every moon break and all of it's dripping bloods.
������� After I sit her back on to my bed, all she could say was 'You.' I let her sit there in all her thoughts of what she has come to suspect. I took in my last of the whiffs I had to clear the bloody sense from out of my noise then say. "Me, you say that as if you know, or you knew?" She keeps her staring thoughts from in the sight then says. "I probably know more then you and you, I know you. I've known of you all along. This house, this bed, all of it. She told me this day would come."
"Who told you, who?" The last of my ripped reaping call past in thru my veins as I asked her. She sits there and with out a wink or twitching of nerves then says, "Are you not going to offer me a drink? You and your pack of the moon lighting blood shed feed on off my yard and you stand there like…"
"A drink, a drink it is. Follow me." I told her and she got to her feet. I throw on a shirt, jump in to my track pants, and then lead her on down to the kitchen.
������� The lust I once had was in its toll for a turn as she sat there in my chair, staring onto me, and all I would have had to do was offer her a drink. The drink that I would have had to my self and been preparing it for her with in the lust that strived its self into me from in a gripping nature that had set its self in with me and on to her.
������� I set her drink; a cool glass wine. I sit my self in front of her and she seems to be liking our encounter, showin from in her every sip. She wets her lips, licks them down good, I could see she was holding something in for her self.
A smiling twitch followed by a winking prick that sticks out from in her mouth. I pour her another glass full then ask, "You where about to tell me something." She looks at me and smiles as if she's been enjoying every moment of my patients as did she before I went and swiped her of her feet.
"Well it's no surprise," She said the says. "It was going to be me or it was going to be you. You just happen to get those dogs into their strangest of behaviors and continued to serve them in to my yard. Do you have any manners?"
"Well my patience are running thin if you wanted to know." I tell her as she went in for another wetting lip of my wine. She takes it all back; looking at me with her eyes in their widest of sights then drops the cup back on to the table and says. "Well here we are. The both of us. Now take me back up in to your bed and I shall explain the rest in the morning." She grabs the wine bottle up off the table and walks on as she tilts the bottle back in to her mouth sucking it down like she's leading her self in thru its vineyard its self.
������� I let her lead her way back into my room. I step in to a slam of a door as it sends me in to her arms. Her claws digging in to my growling nerves then laid me out in her way of demand from how she has been leading me in and now lets me know; I now have her in my bed.
������� The awakening I thought I could have never had an ending to; all of its pleasures as it held me in its depths of�a freshening mist. I was laid in to the only thing I've never come to rest upon, an oozing of a calmness, having me in its depth as I laid in its dudgeon of a deepened hole and letting me rest along in its ground.
Leaving me in no surprise, my bed lays as it does, a cushion of empty ness; a sent is what has me in my own breath of lust from in its loneliness. If I were to think of what I was planning to do all week then my thoughts would be leading me back on to my bed. I smelled her she was here. The only thing that had its grip on me was why she's not here now and if she was then why am I picking up the bloody sent of that bear dog. I can taste him on my soul with only a tainted lick of her being set in a place of a nonexistence. "Hu" it's my cautions I would have left on her window ledge. I guess I picked it up from her as she led me on thru the night and now I'm left to be in a curios state.
������� As I prepare my self an eat, I set our glasses from last night in to the sink then turned my self around to a sent that could of drove me in to a moon light of all my own. Her hand setting it's self along my neck, a softening touch from her finger as it swipes up a drop of blood leading its self from off my neck and in to her mouth. She licks it off, looking me in my eye and smiling. Her hand comes up on to my chest as I stand there trying to figure out what she would have to say. She steps aside, grabs a hold of the fridge, opens it and pulls out a plate of chicken meat then sets it on the table. She tells me to sit down as she sets her hands on to my shoulder, pushing me in towards my chair. She comes back and sets out another plate of greens and one with potatoes then sets me with a pitcher of orange juice.
������� I say nothing; I let her do what she does. She sits her self down in front of me after setting the table and placing the plates there in front of us. I keep my looks of a non existence on her. She stands up, grabs my plate and fixed it with the food. My only thought is she has been to her home and she decided to come back with some food for us.
I watch her from out of the tops of my eyes as I lead a fork of meat in to my mouth. She pointed over to the stove, lightly; using her finger raised up above her plate and gave it a good stare. Before I could take in my second mouth full, she had the kettle steaming its whistle. I look at her and she gives me her smiling innocents as she blushes her self in to a stand.
She sets out our coffee then asks. "Are you like this in the morning or is it me."
"I really don't know." I told her. I bring another fork of meat up to my mouth, letting her know I was having no problem with her being here and willing to go along.
������� As I finish of my plate setting it aside and grabbing my cup of the coffee she had fired up, I catch her in a suckling twitch as she sucked back on the chicken's heart and what seemed to be a few more of its organs. She slurps them back, using her tong, quenching it on down her throat as she finished it of licking its juices from off her lips. I set my coffee down, gave her a look then grabbed it and sucked a sip back. As I look in to the cup; showing me my reflection from in it as the coffee steamed up in to my eye's, I could sense her lips being lusted in a spilling taste for the drop she had tipped off from around my neck. I lift my cup up towards my lips after asking her. "Am I getting my reasons of an explanation?" She looks at me and smiles, smiling in a way that I haven't seen come out from her yet then she asks. "Are you all always this rude? Well I'll tell you one thing. You sure lead frenzy on in to my place." I bring my head back down in to the cup as she stared on to me, staring as if she was that bear dog herself. I look back up at her and she gives me her smile; looking on to me like I was already one of hers and that she has always been aware of all my behaviors.
"Let me finish up in here then I'll join you in the living room." She tells me. I refill my cup then look on to her as I pass her by, letting her know that this meal belonged to her and I will be waiting in my living room as she had requested.
������� I've been waiting all week for this day, my day of rest, the first weekend I can have to my self as the moon has its turn in quarters. The turn in its quarter giving me a stretch as it comes forth in to another turn in my call as it wholes it's self for my reaping fate of its horror and all this time it had me under its impression of leaving me in its grip, providing my only light of this life I lead, in to its turn; a turn that has been leading me its way to her.
My thoughts are of being in a hand of its nature or being lead in to what some would call a pledging mercy. I don't know if she's going to be sticking silver spikes in to my chest or going to be wanting a sense of being reimbursed before turning me in.
������� "Well, you look patient." Her voice creeps up on me as I had my self in to a stare. I set my hand on to the headrest next to mine and let her know where to sit as I give it a few slap's. Her hand passes up under my chin; lifting my head up as she stepped by then sits her self down next to me.
"Ooowho so tense" She says as she rubs her hand along my leg then. "Do I have to spell it out for you?" She asked. I look at her, hold my eyes to hers and she begins to smile. She looks down to the floor then set her head back up and looks on to me saying. "You're not alone, I've been holding back all of this time too. Hell I was raised amongst the wolves. My parents, unfortunately had their days numbered. Your parents also were marked for a death. You see, your were left with the trace of the wolf man and me I've been set with all of my family's traits from how their blood has left me in its taste of value along with all of its creatures of our night." She sets her eyes down and away from in mine. "My children" She says pushing her hand on to my shoulder and smiles as I'm rocked back in to my seat. I bring my self back as I was positioned before she set me with a shove. She lays back, spreads her legs, licking her lips and held out her arms as I go down in for her to hold.
I could tell she was in for a treat with in her self. I felt her along my neck and the urges that where going along in a tempting trait for blood. I could sent it in her eyes as she leaned her self back in to a frustration defying the death that was slitting in her tong from under her blood hungry fangs. I let her finish off what she was tempting her self in from off my neck.


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