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The crossroads of love and crush

Novel By: fairiegirl

This is about a girl, her best friend, her sister and her crush. Sorry but my computers being stupid today and won't let me put on any chapters so i just have to write CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2 and so on. This was written while i was half asleep so im sorry if it seems stupid. The title was thought of by kimi. Yay kimi! Thank you! :) x View table of contents...



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We were in science and he asked me for a pen and when I gave him one he smiled at me! Chloe told her younger sister excitedly. That's great! Lauren said smiling. They were in Chloe's room and Lauren was sitting on Chloe's bed while Chloe was getting ready to go out. Where are you going anyway? Lauren asked her sister. I'm going to the cinema with Jake. Chloe replied putting on her earrings. Stop it! She exclaimed loudly as Lauren raised her eyebrows suggestively. We're just friends, we've been best friends since primary school and I'm sick of people thinking we're dating! Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Lauren said. Raising her hands in defeat. Besides you know I like Owen. Chloe continued. Ah yes its getting now that he asked you for a pen. Lauren said laughing. Giggling, Chloe threw a pillow at her. The doorbell rang. That's Jake! Chloe said grabbing her handbag. Okay bye see you later! Lauren shouted as Chloe ran downstairs. Bye. Chloe shouted as the door slammed.
Thank you! Chloe shouted to Jake's mam as they jumped out of her car and dashed into the cinema. Once inside they stopped to look at the sky. It was eight o clock in the evening and you could barley see the massive grey clouds but it was raining heavily. If it hadn't been raining we could have walked here. Chloe grumbled glaring at the sky. Yeah but some people don't live ten minutes away from town! Jake laughed poking her playfully in the ribs. They ignored the wolf whistles as people from their school spotted them together. Idiots. Chloe growled under her breath. Jake rolled his eyes and they went to buy their tickets. Ignore them. He said gently as Chloe glared at them. They are so annoying! Chloe complained quietly as they bought their popcorn. I know, Jake replied, but lets just enjoy the movie. Lets! Chloe said smiling at him as they walked into the cinema theatre.
They came stumbling out of the cinema laughing. The movie had been boring so they had spent the time throwing popcorn at each other. Chloe stumbled in her high heels and Jake grabbed her hand to steady her. It was dark now and there were a couple of drunken teenager boys on the other side of the street. They spotted Chloe and started yelling things at her. Chloe blushed and Jake tightened his grip on her hand. Maybe we should go back into the cinema. Chloe whispered but Jake was already pulling her gently but firmly back inside. Jake called his mam to collect them and then stared out the window his face a mask of anger. Why would they say that? Chloe said staring at her reflection in the window. She had long brown curly hair and her blue eyes were glistening with tears. I'm not beautiful she whispered. Jake's face softened. Of course you're beautiful. He said softly. Chloe shook her head, tears dripping down her face. Yes you are! Jake said fiercely. He hugged her tightly and they remained like that until Jake's mam pulled up outside.
I'm sorry about last night. Jake told Chloe as they walked into school. That's okay, it wasn't your fault. Chloe said smiling weakly. I shouldn't have brought you outside but I did and… Jake continued sadly but Chloe interrupted him. Jake! It wasn't your fault. Jake smiled sheepishly. Okay then. I'll see you at lunch. He said waving her goodbye. See you. Chloe called over her shoulder as she sprinted towards her locker. Lauren's locker was beside Chloe's locker and Lauren was standing there getting her books when Chloe arrived. Hi. Lauren said brightly as Chloe opened her locker. Sorry Lauren I don't have time to talk I really have to get to English. Chloe said as she closed her locker and shoved her books into her bag. Wait! Lauren cried as Chloe began to walk away. Chloe looked at her sister, at times she found it hard to believe her sister was a year younger than her but Lauren was only thirteen and as her fourteen year old sister Chloe was often giving her advice. What is it? Chloe asked gently. Lauren's long blonde hair covered most of her face but her cheeks were pink and she refused to look at Chloe and stared at the ground instead. Em… I have to tell you something. Please don't be mad at me but I'm going to… Lauren stopped talking and was staring at something behind Chloe. What? Chloe demanded irritably. Oh! She gasped as she saw Owen standing behind her holding out her pen. Here's your pen back. He said stiffly. Thank you. Chloe said blushing She stared at Owen. He looked nothing like Jake. Eoin had short blonde hair that was gelled to perfection and his dark blue eyes were like steel. Jake had messy brown hair and eyes that reminded Chloe of chocolate. Her sister saying that she had to go awaked her from her daydream. When she looked back Owen was gone. As she walked to class she found herself wondering why she was comparing Owen to Jake.
Hi. Jake greeted Chloe as he flopped down beside her on the grass. Taking a bite out of her sandwich Chloe waved back. He looked around at the other students sitting on the grass eating lunch. He cleared his throat a couple of times. You okay? Chloe asked. Yeah I'm fine. Jake said. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes before Jake turned to Chloe. Em… are you going to the disco tomorrow? Jake asked anxiously. Chloe turned to Jake looking excited. Oh yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that! I was thinking that we should go together as friends and then maybe Owen will see us, think we're there as a couple and it'll make him jealous. She said all in one breath. So… we'd be going just as friends? Jake asked slowly. Yeah is that okay? Chloe asked standing up and brushing grass off her skirt. Jake started to say something but Chloe lent down and gave him a hug. Thanks Jake I knew you'd understand! I'll meet you outside the disco tomorrow, okay? Yeah. Jake muttered. Bye. He whispered sadly watching her walk away.
Chloe stood outside watching couples walk into the disco. Owen had walked by her a while ago dragging some giggling blonde behind him. She tried to tell herself she didn't care but it wasn't working. She buried her face in her hands and slid down the wall sobbing. That's how Jake found her when he arrived ten minutes later. Hey what's wrong? He asked her gently, brushing the tears from her face as he helped her to her feet. He doesn't like me; he just turned up with some stupid blonde bimbo! She choked. He hugged her. Chloe I'm sorry. He murmured. She smiled weakly at him. Lets just try to enjoy the disco. He looked her up and down. Wow you look gorgeous. She attempted a smile. You don't look so bad yourself. She was wearing a long blue strapless dress and Jake was wearing black jeans with a white shirt. They walked into the disco and started dancing. Chloe saw the girl Owen was dancing with. It was her sister! She stared at them horrified. Jake saw what she was looking at and pulled her to one side. Chloe I love you, I've always loved you and it kills me when you talk about Owen. I'll understand if you don't love me back but I had to tell you and… Jake stopped talking and lent down and kissed her softly. Chloe wrapped her arms around his neck and as she kissed him back she realised something, she didn't love Owen, not really, the person she loved was standing in front of her. Her sister could have Owen. She had something much better.


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