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The Cinderella Syndrome

Novel By: Fairystuckinabox

Minya is the 'personal assistant' of the top vampire in town- Alaois. But what happens when her life is threatened? Can Alaois let go of his past and his standards and just feel?

ok still mega crap and summarys but please remeber to comment :D

Bdw....used to be called welcome to living but i like this title better...tell me what u think View table of contents...


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Chapter one
"Your name Miss?" The man looked at me impatiently, tapping his suede -last season- brown boot lightly on the pavement.
"My what now?" I raised an eyebrow at him; does he not know who I'm stood next to? Dumbass is going to get fired.
"Your name Miss, I need your name to see if you're on the list." Oh God he's so fired. I could feel the two men next to me tense with fury. Uh Oh.
"Move aside or ill move you." A threatening voice from my left shot out and I reached back and patted his arm.
"Its ok, he obviously doesn't know who he's talking to" I soothed.
"Look lady, no name then you're not getting in." The guard grinned, I bet he thought he was being clever, you know - up to code? Pff, dumbass didn't even know he was looking at the owner of the club.
"Look, dude, im sorry but we don't let scum in, and if you won't tell me your name then im sure we don't want you here. It's not my fault, this is a private party. So go get sucked off elsewh- "Alaois hand came out and grasped the guard's neck.
"If you know what's good for you then you won't finish that sentence. Now step aside peasant. I have no business nor mind to deal with your petty insecurities today. Mr. McLaughlin. Check your damn list." And with that we were in the door.
I grinned, "Shall I have him fired?" I asked.
"Give him a minute. Then offer him to Eddies bar or something. I don't know, you deal with it." With that the two men were off at the bar and I was stuck to deal with the sorrow mess. I sigh, I hated my job sometimes.
Walking back outside I saw the guard bent over wheezing. I rolled my eyes; couldn't they just kill him and get it over with? Now I have to hear the whole pitiful story about, how im sure, his wife is having another baby, he's tired cause the little ones sick, or he got bit last night and isn't in the best of moods. Jeez I'd heard all the excuses before.
I walked up to him slowly, we didn't want him freaking out and attacking me like the last one Alaois has me fired. I went in with the intent of one less employee and came out with a broken arm. What can I say, not everyone enjoys being 'let go'. Oh yeah, the threatening guy? Well he's my boss, Alaois McLaughlin. Well Mr. McLaughlin to you anyway.
I work for Alaois, I manage; business in the club, orders, keeping people straight, the books, that kind of thing. Much like Kristin Bauer in true blood, you know, Eric's assistant. I'm like her; just younger and less uptight. Plus I don't really like pink, or heels. And I would say Im shyer.
I am not important, in fact I am replaceable. There are about a hundred fangbangers, human secretaries and just normal vampires that could do my job. Alaois kept me alive because… well I don't know why. We met when I was a kid, though I don't need to go into detail of that yet. All you need to know is that since then we are conjoined at the hip.
So that's why I was dealing with this imbecile. It was my job. Don't feel sorry for him though, I mean he should know who Alaois is, everyone does; it's basic natural survival.
I gently tapped the man shoulder. "Look, I won't fire you, but I suggest you go down the street and ask for a job at Eddie's bar, say I sent you." He looked up at me.
"Oh my God, im so sorry, Minya, look please don't kill me. It was an accident, I didn't recognise you with you new hair. Plus he never come when im on duty. Please… my wife, she's pregnant." See told you. "With some vampire's baby, I got to take care of her." I froze.
"Your wife, vampire or human?"
"Was, she gave it up, look please don't tell anyone, she'd kill me!"
"Not if the vampire kills her first." I muttered and walked away.
"Am I fired?" He called after me. I didn't respond. Yes.
"Done?" Marcus, Alaois's personal bodyguard asked as I sat down at the table. I nodded in response and glanced at Alaois. As always he was tense and alert, searching peoples faces for secrets they didn't want others to know. I relaxed slightly; though I hated clubbing, with Alaois it wasn't so bad. All I had to do was go over some books with the manager while these two fed and then I could go home to my nice warm bed. I grinned happily at the thought.
Those thoughts were quickly shattered when I saw the manager. I swore. Couldn't anyone do there job now days? Did I have to do everything? I stormed over to the corner leaving Alaois and Marcus to pick their own girls and pulled Sean roughly to my side. "What the fuck do you think your doing? Do you not know anything? Dumbass! Jeez!" He looked at me shocked and alert. Clearly he has no idea what was going on right in front of him. "Arg, move aside and go before im tempted to rip your head off. And please, next time, screen for slayers better." I hissed in his face and left. I flounced over to the slayer, I didn't want anyone else to be alerted of his presence.
"Ok smart ass. Do you really think that's clever?" I leaned on the table and pushed my face directly in front of his. I maybe shy but I knew how to be a bitch. And I was a bloody good actor.
"Hey, I called dibs." His companion - who was totally oblivious to the fact he was a slayer- jeered at me. I slowly shifted my eyes to face her, making sure my face was hard and still, not laughing my head off at her slut look. "Beat it." That was all it took, one look to know who I was and she was gone. Good. Now to get rid of this complication.
"We don't do trouble here, so go and get yourself a knife, plunge it into your heart and leave the rest of the world out of your personal vendetta." I flicked my gaze up and down his body. Yummy.
If only he wasn't out to kill my boss.
"I think im fine here. Thanks though."
"I wasn't asking. But this time ill make it clear. Leave." My jaw set, I was staring to get pissed.
"Sorry honey, go get your boss. Then we'll talk." Oh God, this one really was out to kill Alaois, not just some wannabe who will kill any vampire they can get. Shit.
A hand firmly came down on my shoulder. "It's ok Minya, I got this one." I raised an eyebrow and turned to face Alaois. Was he kidding? "I said I got this one." His voice was firm and his fingers dug a bit deeper into my skin. I bit my lip, fine he can get himself killed.
I turned on my heel and walked over to Sean. "Next time we screen better. This time he deals with it. Got it?" Sean nodded at me looking pissed that a little shy girl had been caught dealing with it and not him. "Good, now let's see your books." He handed me four thick folders, and these were only drink orders for the last week! Jeez it was going to be a long night.
Sean and I spent an hour going over each order, buyer and anyone who fed in the club in the past 6 days. It was already gone midnight when we got to the club and I was borderline exhausted. I had lost Alaois and Marcus when we reached day two and now I was past the point of caring. All I could hope for was no dead body in the alley for me to clean up. I don't think they were that hungry when we got here, though I couldn't remember for sure.
After another hour we had finished and needless to say I was starving. I scanned the now thinning crowd for Alaois but came up short when I couldn't see him anywhere. Ops. I though the slayer was mediocre… I didn't think Marcus would have too much trouble with him… maybe I was wrong. Double shit.
I looked over at Sean; he was busy watching some vampire feed off a regular fangbanger. Well he's no help. I groaned, either I was looking for a dead human or I was freaking out about Alaois's disappearance. Either way I was royally screwed. I began to look around; questioning helpful fangbangers and the vampires I could trust. No one saw anything. After half an hour I began to panic. WHERE THE HELL WAS HE? I bit my lip and started to pick the skin on my thumb. (Bad nervous habits, if Alaois caught me he'd break my finger… again.)
I stood at the bar of the club scanning through the crowd one last time before I would call in reinforcements. "Looking for me love?" My whole body sigh in relief at the voice. Marcus. I turned to my left to face him, and yes, thank God, stood next to him was a slightly bruised Alaois. "What the hell happened to you?" My voice has a hint of malice in it. But I didn't care, he had me worried sick!
"Were sorry, we had something to deal with. Now you leave. Go get some food, I will send Harley for you." And with that I was dismissed.
Fine, I didn't care what he did. Along as he didn't involve the police all was good and he'd tell me if there was a body I needed to clean up. I looked at Marcus pleadingly. He raised an eyebrow but silently walked me to the door. People parted to let us through; if Marcus wasn't here I would be squeezing through bodies, being groped and pawned. It would have taken me twice as long and triple the stress to get out. I thanked Marcus at the door and watched as he walked back in.
I turned and there on the pathway was my pride and joy. My motorbike. I loved my motorbike. In fact if it was possible to have affairs with intimate objects I would with it. Though I didn't know they style or type I knew it was jet black, full speed with a blue dragon spread down one side. When Alaois had given it to me as a birthday present I had happily clapped my hands and… I squealed. But the look on his face when I did was so happy I couldn't regret being too much of a girl, what can I say I was raised by a male vampire?
I speed down alleys, zipping in and out of streets to get across town to my favourite restaurant. The Rising Sun was a cute little Chinese restaurant above a retro clothes shop that I also adored. I was raised to appreciate different cultures and the Chinese knew how to make one mean Hong Kong style chicken with chips. (What can I say, im still English at heart… and I hated rice… reminds me too much of maggots…EW.)
Walking in I saw a table already set by the window with my food already prepared. Alaois must have called ahead… again. I sat down alone but when I looked up Harley was sat opposite me frowning with distaste. Oh the grump didn't like Chinese food, says if he wanted to eat like them he'd live in China. I thought that was quite funny at the time.
I carried on eating, ploughing my way through the small meal till my hearts content. Good thing about this Chinese place was it was proper Chinese food, meaning it wasn't very fattening. (The Chinese are so skinny because all their food doesn't have preservatives and such in it… so im eating hardly any calories… YAY!) I was fat enough. God I was getting depressed.
"Why the long face Madonna?" I sigh for the 100th time that day.
"Nothing Harley, don't worry. Wanna go for a jog in like an hour?" I asked my faithful jogging partner. (You have to keep fit, Alaois would hate for me to be unhealthy…)
"Sorry honey can't. Your boss has a job for me. But ill be at the apartment tomorrow morning so we'll go then ok?" I nodded and paid for my food. My muscles ached after the long, hard day and I could feel my eyelids drop in exhaustion. How was I going to drive home?
"Come on baby ill drive," Harley saw my dilemma and pulled me onto the back of my motorbike, securing a helmet on my head as he went. We zipped through cars, Harley going faster than I would ever go. Then again I was safer with him driving fast than me driving slowly. His reflexes were faster than mine; I was just an accident magnet. I drifted into dream land while clutching Harley's side. I basked into the happiness of just being with vampires. They protected me. Like Alaois when I was little…
I had a… challenging childhood, up till I met Alaois; in result I always ended up over his house. House being an understatement for the giant mansion that took place on the edge of the cliff. It was like looking at Dr Frankenstein's layer during the night, a swirl of black erupting out of the dark rock forming a rocky castle. When you looked at it during the day though it appeared softer in the light, more open, like a family place - great for a small eight year olds big fantasy of princes, witches and just plain vampire tales.
Though Alaois is a vampire it made no difference to me. Since I was four years old he raised me, being permanently twenty-three he looked after me like a parent, and then as time grew on he became my best friend.
And don't think just because I was raised by a male vampire I was lucky- or I missed out- because I didn't. I felt like I had a perfectly normal life, I was home tutored, (by my own request; school children were too bitchy.) I played games with Alaois and his sister, on occasion I had to dress up for the yearly ball or 'important' client meeting, but other than that my life was pretty normal for a human living with a vampire. I still laughed, ate hot dogs, went shopping, I just had a little extra luxury to do that. (And a few extra guards.)
When I grew up and realised the world wasn't full of Hello Kitty accessories I bugged, whined, pleaded and all but demanded that Alaois made me his sectary. I had a 190 IQ, at age seventeen, and a hell of a good enthusiasm for his business to manage to persuade him to agree. Though I wished I was still that five year old running around the park, screaming because some boy had pushed her, (though the boy then went home with a broken arm. -What can I say, I'm loved.) I couldn't feel safer than with Alaois.
I stumbled off my baby while still in a half dream state. I was taking a dream walk down memory lane and Harley was holding me up and slowly leading me into the apartment building. (Alaois owned the whole building and the top four floors were built to be a house, one penthouse suite on each floor. Alaois had top floor, I had underneath him, then Marcus and then some visitors or when Harley stayed were on the fourth floor. The rest of the building was Sublette to humans. Strictly no vampires.) I watched him holding me up through the mirror in the lift as he pressed for my rooms. I yawned quietly and kissed his cheek as I exited into my living room. Not waiting for Harley to leave I collapsed into the couch and fell into a dreamless sleep…


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