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Rain in the rocks

Novel By: fallenangel1992

some one leaves as someone enters her life but it is still dark all around.The darkness grows like a monster both inside and outside her when someone holds her hand .but who is he and why has he come? is it to pull her more into the darkness or to bring her out of it. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1:"Will you dance with me?"

"Will you dance with me?" he said
"I am not a dancer."Ianswered bitterly trying to avoid his offer.
"What are you then?"he asked inquisitively.
This sudden question made me think.
"An artist"i answered after a while.
He smiled and then said"Then lets paint the rain with your colours".
I looked at him trying to figure out who he was even as he was dragging me into the rain that dropped like warm fire all around me.
We painted the rain all right .Painted it with fire from the sparks that emanated from between us each time our eyes collided and lashed at one another like the dark clouds that thundered above.
"What are you?"this time it was me asking the question.
I tried to search the answer in his eyes just as he focused them at me with vigour .
"Your inspiration"he answered simply.
That night the rain never stopped nor did the thundering sky.
Each time the sky broke down with the heart wrenching thunder his face came to me like the flash of a lightning .
It went on like this the entire night untill the flashes became a constant picture before my eyes that refused to disappear.
Next morning I woke up with a massive hang over.Last night I drank for the first time when the warm liquid went down my throat like a warm hand closing my eyes to the harsh cold reality.However this morning everything came back with a vengeance.
I closed my eyes when the sound of the phone ringing last night came to my ears like everything was retelling itself in front of me.
It was mom calling me.
I was surprised for I have never seen that name flashing in my cell phone for a quite some time now even if it was stored in it with a hope.She never called me after the night I decided to give up my studies and join animation.It was a decision that made me step out of the house at the age of sixteen and struggle my way into the world ahead.
I was at the party from my office and it was 2 o clock in the watch .
"Hello mom." I spoke after ten years.
"This is her neighbour"a strange voice answered.
She said something about her name but I did not pay much attention for I was very curious to know as to what was she doing with my mom's cell phone.
There was a silent beat that my heart missed for it knew even before my brain realized that there was something wrong.
"Your parents"the voice spoke again.
"The house was on fire while they were sleeping"she was barely making sense to my ears.
"We tried to put off the fire but we saw the fire to late.By that time the fire has gulped almost the entire house"she was barely breathing and her voice came out in small gasps.
I felt like i was grasping my way in the darkness desparately trying to understand what was in front of me.
"The fire brigade came in too late"she said silently.
The words came like cold water .
"Where are they?"I shouted terrified not really prepared to know the answer.
"Not in this world anymore."she replied softly .
"WHY?"I asked like a child who refused to face reality.
"I am sorry."she said appologetically and hang over.
I grabbed a glass of whiskey from over the bar forgetting my resolve never to touch hard drinks.
I went outside in the porch where it was raining heavily.
i gulped down whatever there was in the glass and looked at the sky as a single word repeated itself in my mouth "WHY?"
"CONGRATULATIONS"someone came from behind and shook my hand.
"Girl you have just earned the project of everyone's dream.i ENVY YOU"Anna my colleague and friend said with a smile.
I just stod there like a rock.
"I need to go now.It is getting late.Thought I would congratulate you once more before leaving."
she continued smilling.
She turned to leave when she suddenly turned back and looked at me smilling
"Guess you could call your mom and dad now?They will be proud believe me."she said holding my hand reassuringly.
The sky broke open it's breast in a blinding flash of lightning making me wish I could tear open mine too for they were caging a wild beast at that moment that threatened to come out and lash itself on the world destroying everything in the process.
I was busy burning my soul when I heard his voice.
"Will you dance with me?"
picture of the guy dancing with her in the rain.......................
I was busy burning my soul when i heard his voice.
"will you dance with me?"


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