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Rain in the rocks

Novel By: fallenangel1992

some one leaves as someone enters her life but it is still dark all around.The darkness grows like a monster both inside and outside her when someone holds her hand .but who is he and why has he come? is it to pull her more into the darkness or to bring her out of it. View table of contents...


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I remebered the letter I had left in my bed before leaving the house , my home till then.
Mom and Dad
I never thought I had to choose between my dream and my parents but now i had to decide.You have brought me in this crossroad.I know you people wanted me to be a doctor and I know the reason why.It is because that Dad had suffered from heart problem from a very young age and because we were not financially well off then we could not afford good doctors and hence his health had to pay the price.Both of you dreamt that one day I will be a doctor and will be the solution to your problem.I at that time wanted that too but not anymore.I do not know if by being A doctor I could have solved your problems but I certainly would'nt have solved mine.I know I am being selfish by leaving you guys but both of you have left me with no choice...........
I came back to the present only to realize that they have again left me with no choice either.
Somehow I stumbled into the bathroom and found myself emptying up all that had been in my stomach into the basin.However it was not my first hangover but more the blow of my parents death that made me weak.
I looked up in the mirror to look at a ghastly figure standing with blood shot eyes and dark circles but somehow I did not cry.Tears just could not find there way.
All these years I have hardened myself little by little for this rough world but today when the harsh morning light entered my room it felt like it had penetrated all those walls , burning my very soul .
I had no one to blame no friend to cry on .Once I had left home I felt I have been betrayed by the two most closest people in the world and hence did never allow any one to come close to me.I had many accquanitances but no friends.
Except that stranger in the rain.....It was like i was in a trance when he came and dragged me .It was like I had given everything up and wanted to escape the reality when he provided me with a few minutes of an alternate mirage where there were this girl amd boy dancing passionately in the rain and nothing have gone wrong in their world.
Behind there was a phone ringing but i just did not care .My world has suddenly become so small that it was choking me down .
I slumped into the bathroom floor .
"I don't believe this"I heard someone's angry voice.
I felt something cold beneath me.I slowly tried to open my eyes and move my body which felt like it had been beaten by some stick in severel places.Then I looked at two large pair of eyes lookind down at me with contempt.
"Oh come on.Get out of my house you lousy old fagg"I shouted knowing those large pair of hideous eyes belonged to Anshuman and yes he was gay.
This guy was not really my friend but he certainly did consider himself one and would persistently and irritatingly continue to extend his hand of friendship and practice this obnoxious right over me which he thought he had because he was my friend.Sometimes I wanted to make friends but then again I was always afraid and not ready to take another chance but the fact that he continued to try inspite of my resistence sometime somehow grew into me and so yes he is the only close to friend that I have.
"You know you are the only one who could call me that to my face and get away with it right?"he sounded furious now.
"Whatever" I muttered under my breath.I was past all caring now.
" Ahana get up and tell me what happened or I will pull you out of the bathroom in your sleeping suit and throw you out of the house just like that"the moron just could not shut up.
"THis is my house you know that?Also what made you think I would tell You what is wrong with me.I will call the police and tell them that you are harassing me if you dont let me sleep right now."I spat back as loud as I can.
"That is it.You have tried my patience"he said and suddenly picked me up bridal style.
"Oh my god"what are you doing.I was completely horrified.
"Are you on drugs or something?"I was screaming with a full lung and kicking and punching him .It did not matter though for he was huge and a hunk.Girls drooled over him but he was just not inerested only I knew why.
He laid me in the bed and set me up with a glass of water.I was just about to open my mouth protesting when he gave me a death glare.Even though I did not consider him my friend right now his presence was comforting and I did not want to see him go .Of course the fool would not leave so easily either.
After I finished the glass he spoke soflty"Do you want a demotion for you certainly could not go any higher than this in your career.I dont know people go into depression after achieving the one big goal in their life."
"You are never happy Ahana.You work so hard for the job .You are damn good at it to but no matter how much success you get I have never seen you happy .You have never smiled since the day I could remeber.You would just accept your success with a nod."he continued in his one big boring irritating monologue.
I did not speak .I just looked throught the window outside.I saw my parents out in the garden playing with a little girl dresses in alittle blue frock with bows tied to her ponytail.Dad was desparetly running after that kid but the kid just wont stop.The kid was running everywhere and my mom was sitting in the grass watching both of them, smilling.The kid suddenly fell .Dad ran to the kid picking her up holding her against his chest.THe kid looked up at Dad and smiled with all its teeth for the kid was not afraid .She had her dad holding her why would she?
That kid smiled all the time but I did not.
"Ahana"Anshuman brought me back to reality.
"What?"I asked irritated.
"I can understand something is very wrong.What is it?Tell me ."he pleaded.
I opened my mouth to tell my story for the first time and before I realized there were huge drops of water pouring from my eyes.
It rained after a long time..................


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