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Rain in the rocks

Novel By: fallenangel1992

some one leaves as someone enters her life but it is still dark all around.The darkness grows like a monster both inside and outside her when someone holds her hand .but who is he and why has he come? is it to pull her more into the darkness or to bring her out of it. View table of contents...


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The Return

"Here."Anshuman said as he held my drawing book in front of me.

I looked up at him and knew what he wanted me to do.

I took the pencil out from my bun and started to scratch something in the book.

"It is not bad to live your dreams Ahana and we being aniamation artists, our dreams are not easy."he said in a monotone.

I simply looked at the book where my hands continued to scratch more lines.

"We all have fought with our family at some point of time to make them believe that we can make our future in this direction of work"Anshuman continued to try to take away my guilt.

"Fought and gone back"I said silently.

"They have always been in my mind no matter how far I went from them.I always had a hope that I will return"I said as I looked at Anshuman who sighed knowing inspite of all his attempts he could not take the guilt away.

"How do you know him?"Anshuman asked suddenly.

I saw him staring at my drawing book. I looked down to see my sketch.Those lines I was sketching have organised themselves into a face.Even I did not realize it uptill now.

It was the stranger I had met in the party.

Suddenly the phone started ringing.

"That thing just won't shut up." I groaned.

"I will get it "Anshuman said.

I heard him pick up the phone in the hall.

"Yes this is Ahana Banerjee's house"Anshuman spoke.

"Police?"he asked startled.

Then he came back into my bed room and handed the cordless to me.

"You need to take this one Ahana"he said seriously.

"What are they going to arrest me now?"I asked sarcastically.

"Might as well do that" I muttered in an undertone as I took the phone.

"Ahana Banerjee."I heard a curt voice from the other end ask me.

"Yes."I replied trying to pull my former confidence and strength in my voice.

"This is officer Avinash Pande from the Kolkata Police Department".

"I think you are aware of the situation under which your parents died ?"he asked.

"Yes I am."I replied wondering what in the world is this man trying to get at.

"Well do you know that the fire that burned your house and your parents was not an accident but put on by someone deliberately?"he asked suspiciously.

"What?"I cried out loud.

I could feel the my blood rushing upto my head.

"I was wondering if you could come to kolkata and meet us at the Kolkata police station.We have to investigate the matter thoroughly and hence we will be needing all the information we can get.I am hoping you will be able to provide us with some information."he finished

My blood by that time was boiling like hot lava.I wanted to kill the person who did this.Who took away my opportunity to return back home.Before this I just wanted to drown myself,throw myself off a cliff , but now I will not die alone .Even if it is the last thing I will do I will take him with me to hell.

"Miss Ahana, also we have been able to retrieve some of the stuffs from the house.it might not be worth much but I think you should have a look at it"his voice brought me back to reality.

"I will come right away Officer"i replied curtly.

I had job to be done and no matter what I do I will see the end to this.

Mumbai was drowning in the floods of rain water when Anshuman's bike somehow managed to pass through between the heavy traffic and brave the clogged roads to reach the station.

I had packed right away and left for the station.I did not want to take anymore help from Anshuman but getting a cab in this whether was very difficult and hence I hoped onto his bike for a ride to the station.

I hoped into the train to Kolkata .I was finally returning home .Only this time there was just no home waiting for me there.Just some burnt ashes.

Anshuman sat beside me ,placing a bottle of water and some food in my hand before the train would start.

"I don't know what is going on Ahana but I really don't have a good feeling about it."Anshuman said to me looking tensed.

"There is nothing good going on Anshuman hence you dont feel good but things just cannot get worse for me anymore.I have already reached the bottom."

"Whoever have done that to your house Ahana is very dangerous.Don't do something foolish in your hunger for revenge."he warned.

"You will comeback to Mumbai safely .Won't you?"he questioned more to himself than to me.

"There is no back for me Anshuman.It has been burnt .Now I just need to keep moving ahead till I meet the person who has done this."I replied.

The train was about to start.Anshuman hoped out."You wont be making a girlfriend during the time I will be gone honey .Will you?"I called out to him through the window hoping to lighten the mood.

I could see him crying when a small smile crept up his lips.

"You wish"he said smiling.

"Friend I will see you soon .Don't worry"I said aloud as the train started its journey....


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