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Rain in the rocks

Novel By: fallenangel1992

some one leaves as someone enters her life but it is still dark all around.The darkness grows like a monster both inside and outside her when someone holds her hand .but who is he and why has he come? is it to pull her more into the darkness or to bring her out of it. View table of contents...


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Black to the memory
The house stood like a black ghost of the colorful memory that I once called home.
No civil person was allowed to enter the house .It was secured and protected by the police and the whole site was still under investigation .
There were still charred black remains scattered everywhere .A certain black flake of burnt something flew with the wind and settled in my hand .When I tried to catch it ,it crumbled into nothing only leaving nothing behind but a black mark in my hand.There is nothing left for me in this place.I turned away.
"In the beginning we thought it was an accident" officer Avinash Pande explained to me .I was in the Kolkata Police Station trying to figure out what was going on in my life and put the pieces of the puzzle together.
"However we were carrying on our routine searches of the entire place when we got evidences that the fire might have been deliberately lit and not accidentally"he concluded.
"Where are my parents?"I asked with a mirage of a hope .Hope that was still holding back the flood of emptiness.
Officer Avinash sighed deeply."Their bodies have gone for postmortem in the forensic lab ."he stopped abrubtly .He looked like he was trying to frame the words he wanted to say further.
"Their bodies were burnt beyond recognition.The bodies were found in their bedroom .Probably they were deep in their sleep when this happened .Also their windows were all closed because of the winter.So the carbon monoxide might have killed them even before they could wake up."he finished in one breath.
It was bodies to him but these bodies were my parents.
I was listening to him like it was a story for it sure did not feel like it has happened in reality ,in my own life.I heard but my brain hardly processed any of the information .He was describing to me the death of my parents.How could this possibly be true.
However I forced myself to sit there and listen to every word he spoke for I desparately needed to know who has done this.
"Your neighbour Mrs choudhury identified them by their clothes , the rings in their hands and some jewellery they were wearing."he said and looked at me like he was expecting me to breakdown any moment now.
I did not deserve to break down .I did not deserve to cry and let out my pain.I deserved every bit of this intense suffering ,every bit of this guilt that was slowly chewing my insides. I had deserted them when they were alive ,severed all connections with them .They must have felt my need at some points in their life when I was nowhere near them.They loved me yet I forced them to live without me now God is forcing me to live without them.This pain was a constant reminder to me of all the times they needed me and I was not there.
"Miss Banerjee"Avinash Pande called out loud.
I shook out of my internal loathing and decided to do whatever it takes to find out who did this to my parents even if it is the last thing I ever do .
"I need answers officer"I finally said yielding my dominant tone at the officer.
"All you are providing me is with more questions"I spoke in a firm voice.
Officer Avinash seemed taken aback at my firmness for a moment but he quickly recovered .
"What made you think the fire was deliberate?"I asked waiting for his reply impatiently.Somehow I was feeling time was running out.The more I take time to reach that person the more it will be difficult to catch him.He was getting out of my reach.
"There were signs of breaking into the house through the kitchen window"he replied silently.
" We did not find any footprints or any finger prints inside the house for it was impossible to get any print in a house burnt so badly"he added.
"However we did find a pair of faint footprint towards the house through the backyard .Interestingly there had been three pairs of footprints leaving the house ,also through the backyard .There also had been some tire marks of a jeep in the road behind the house."Avinash Pande described me the evidences with a hint of glimmer in his eyes.It probaly must be one of the interesting cases of his life.However it was the one most devastating case of my life.
"You will do whatever it takes to get to the end of this and find out the person who had done this."I ordered him getting up from the chair for it was time to leave.
"I will give you whatever green you need ."Isaid leaning in a little closer .
"However if I dont get any results I will destroy you" I added saying each word distinctly and with equal vigour.I needed him to know that Ahana Banerjee was not someone he could fool around with.
"Miss Banerjee ,the only green I love and appreciate is those of the plants and trees that give my eyes calmness and my lungs oxygen"Avinash Pande said with a soft smile.He looked calm amd composed.
It was my time to get surprised for there were not many that could stand before Ahana Banerjee and answer her back daring her in the eye.
"However I do assure you that I will do my job with my best efforts and will not rest till I find out who has done this."he continued.
"I will do this for it is my job and not an obligation nor a favour. "he finished as he shook my hands with his promise....


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