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The Cold Fire

Novel By: Fantasy Romance

Seventeen year old Allie Benzie was your average teenage girl. Divorced parents, over protective older brother that she used to her advantage, one true friend, and she didn't believe in love. Allie was never superficial either. She loved scary stories and horror movies, but never had she thought it was real. Not until she met Sam.

Sam was your average seventeen year old. Besides the fact that he had never met his parents, hunted every night with his younger sister who had herself convinced she was meant to go to hell, besides the fact she knew neither of them could die, and he was a vampire.

When Allie and Sam get together, sparks fly, literally. It's like a fire that can't be put out but you can touch, like a "Cold Fire."

Allie's brother and friends won't get out of her hair about her mystery boyfriend, and Sam's sister won't stop planning ways to break them up. Will they last? Or will they just get burned?

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Do you believe in love? You've probably been asked this a lot before, but it's a serious question. Do you? I didn't. Not until a few months ago, when I felt it.
Before I met him, the guy who made me believe, my favorite quote was "'I love you,' is eight letters. But baby, so is bullshit." I loved that quote. I mean, I still do, but it doesn't mean as much to me anymore.
Anyway, back to believing in love. I went from guy, to shining guy, and none of them could handle me enough. If I heard one bad thing about them, gone. I didn't let bad things I had heard about them before I had dated them get in the way of dating them, I wasn't that unfair, but if I heard something while I was with them, adios.
Here's another question for you, do you believe in vampires? I didn't. I had never been a superficial girl. I had always loved horror movies and books that gave normal kids nightmares. But, never had I ever thought any of it existed. And I was right, for the most part.
But this guy, he changed me. He made me believe in the two things I had myself ninety nine percent convinced weren't real. But in that minuscule one percent, this guy had wiggled himself in, making me believe.
♥ ♣ ♥ ♣ ♥ ♣ ♥ ♣ ♥ ♣ ♥
Chapter One
"Listen, Conner," I said, flicking my red hair behind my shoulder. "It's over."
He chuckled, his already dark brown eyes darkening a shade. "No. It's not." I raised an eye brow.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. I looked towards Blake, nodding slightly. He stood and started walking towards us.
"I mean," Conner said, stepping closer, "it's not over." He gripped the top of my arms.
"Move your hands or I'll break them, permanently." Blake said, slinging his arm around my shoulders.
"Whatever." Conner said, walking away. He stopped and turned around, sadness breaking through his barrier of anger. "I really liked you, Allie." He shook his head, laughing slightly. "I thought I loved you." He turned around. "Guess not."
I sighed and walked with Blake back towards our table. It was nice to have my brother the captain of the football team. I know if I wasn't such a bitch I wouldn't need to depend on him as much as I did, but it was nice to know I had freedom of speech, more so then everyone else.
We sat down at out table, Blake engulfing himself in conversation with his friends who were sitting at the other end of the table.
"You know," Elle said, taking a forkful of her salad, "one of these days, you're going to break up with the wrong guy, and Blake's not going to be there to protect you. That day, you're going to get punched in the face." She scrapped the last of her salad out of her bowl then dropped the fork.
"Elle, after Blake leaves, I'll have a boyfriend that's good enough that I don't have to break up with him." I said, snatching a piece of the brownie she had sitting in front of her.
Elle was a tall girl, slender. She had always been tall, and in middle school she had been the awkward, flat chested girl. She had shown everyone who made fun of her though. When we came back for freshman year, her freckles had disappeared, along with her glasses and braces, and in there place was a C-cup chest and nicely tanned skin. Right now, she was wearing jeans and an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. Her light brown hair was down, and her ocean blue eyes where serious. You could always tell when she was serious because she blew up her pale cheeks like a blow fish and her eyes got darker- ironic, right? When she was mad she made a funny face.
"No you won't, Allie." Blake said looking at me. "I'm going to have to fail my senior year, again, to stay back here and kick some ass."
Blake had failed his senior year once already because he had dropped out. My mom had told him either he went back, or his inheritance was mine. I was sort of disappointed when he decided to go back. Who wouldn't want another three hundred thousand dollars in forty years?
"Shut it, Blake." I said, messing up his wavy brown hair. "When was the last time you had a girlfriend? Freshman year?"
"Your freshman year." He corrected. "I was a junior."
Blake's hair flopped back into his eyes as he turned around. His hair was a light brown, almost a red. His eyes were exactly like mine. Bright, bright blue. When we were mad, they got a few shades darker. When we were sad, they turned into a blue green color. We had mood-eyes, as our mother liked to call it. He was lean for a football player; long, muscular legs, a flat stomach with a six pack, long muscular arms. His jaw was pointed, making him seem older then he really was. He was only nineteen and he looked his age when were talking to him, but from the sides he looked twenty five.
"Whatever, Blake. You still can't even get a girl to stay long enough for you to wake up." We all laughed at that, but he pushed me lightly.
"Hey, at least I don't have them chasing me around and telling me they love me after three months." I glared at him.
"Shut up." I said, elbowing him in the ribs. "I liked Conner. He was just too… clingy."
Somewhere across the cafeteria we all heard, "Watch where you're going you stupid fucker!" I moaned. I knew that voice all too well. Everyone got quiet and turned to watch.
Conner was standing face to face with a guy half his size. Conner was a two hundred and fifty pound wrestler and six foot. His brown hair was always in the way of his brown eyes, which annoyed me. The guy he was facing off was his height, just a lot skinnier. His black hair was wavy. He was skinny, and from here, very attractive.
"I know that look," Elle said, staring at me. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "You're thinking about eating the new kid." I laughed and looked back at him.
"No. Not eating, anyway." I chuckled.
"He's really quiet, Allie. He's in my first period class and all he does is sit there and draw. I mean, he sits alone and he's been here for a week." She whispered, leaning forward.
"He's gonna be known after this." One of Blakes' football friends muttered.
I sighed. If nobody helped this kid he was going to be puppy chow. I stood and walked over to the group of people gathering around Conner and the new kid. Conner was still yelling and the kid was just standing there, hands on his food tray. "Get out of my way." I yelled, pushing the last person away. "Conner," I said, smoothing out my jeans, "stop being an asshole."
"As apposed to what?" He asked. His friends slammed in on the back and snickered with him.
"Pricks." I muttered. "Clear out." I yelled louder. Almost everyone scattered. "Move or I'll get Blake." Everyone was gone except for the new kid and I.
"I'm Allie." I said, holding my hand out.
"I know." He said snickering. He flipped his hair out of his face, revealing his eyes. I gasped. He turned, dropping his full tray into the garbage, and walked out of the cafeteria.
I went and sat back down, staring off into space. His eyes, they were purple. A deep, dark purple. Like violets. They were amazing. I had never seen anything like it. It looked like they were… sparkling. Wow.
"Allie?" Blake said, putting his hand on my shoulder. I jumped slightly, banging my knees on the bottom of the table.
He shrugged. "Stop spacing out."
The rest of the lunch hour past in a blur. I couldn't get Eyes (that's what I was calling him until I knew his name) out of my head. He had said two words to me my entire life. But, just, his eyes. I couldn't get them out of my head.
As I walked from lunch to Chemistry I decided I didn't like him. I didn't like people who were rude, and when someone tells you their name and you don't tell them yours, with an "I know" instead, I consider it rude.
Well Allie, I thought to myself. If you don't like him so much, why can't you stop thinking about him?
I walked into my Chemistry class and went and sat in my seat. I sat in the last table in the outside seat, by myself. I was the only person in all of the Chem classes to sit in the back and by myself.
"Allie," Mr. Barker said.
"We have a new student joining our class today. You have the only empty seat, move your books." Mr. Barker was a short man with a very round tummy and a balding head of brown hair. I'd bet anything that's what Conner was going to look like in twenty years.
I grabbed my bag and slid it towards me, resting my arms on top of it then laid my head face down on it. I heard someone sit down and open there book. I didn't bother to look up. It was probably just some poor nerd who lost his brains and got demoted from High Honors Chem to regular Honors.
The person sitting next to me was sitting sideways, facing me, and his leg was pressed against mine. When we touched I felt electric shocks run through me and I jumped slightly. I figured it was just a shock.
"Allison." Barker barked at me. I chuckled. Barker barked. Ha ha.
"Yes?" I said, propping my head up.
"Sit up now. Or, you can practice it for an hour after school."
You would like that wouldn't you? You old creep, I thought. I knew it wasn't true and he was just threatening me, but when I was mad I had weird thoughts.
I sat up and heard to kid next to me chuckle. I snapped my eyes over to him and gasped. It was Eyes. "Why are you laughing?" I snapped, moving to the far end of my stool on the other side of him.
"No reason."
I stared at him, trying to make him think I was mad, but I was really trying to see what he looked like. He looked at me, flicking his black hair out of his eyes, and stared right back at me.
He was tall, like a said before, and amazingly skinny. You could see his toned stomach through his black tee shirt. His jet black hair was wavy and went down to his jaw, which seemed to be chiseled out of stone when he wasn't smiling, like now. His full lips were slightly parted and his long, pale, fingers where gripping his book.
"What's your name?" I whispered as Barker started teaching the lesson that I could care less about.
"Sam." He muttered.
"Allie," Barker yelled across the room. I looked at him, flicking my hair over my shoulder. "What are the rules that determine volume, temperature, and pressure of a gas?"
"I have no idea." I said, looking down.
"Then pay attention." He snapped, turning back towards the board.
"Sam?" I whispered, facing forward, to make sure I had it right.
"Allie," he muttered, writing on the cover of his book.
"I wouldn't do that. Barker will charge you a hundred fifty dollars and then write you up for vandalism."
"Allison Benzie!"
"What?" I yelled back.
"One more word out of you and you have detention everyday until Christmas." That shut me up, considering it was only October.
For the rest of the day I just stared forward, writing everything down that the teacher did. I honestly didn't care about Chemistry. It meant nothing to me. I planned on being a writer. What kind of writer needed Chemistry?
When the final bell rang, relieving me of this hell class, Sam flew out of his seat. Not literally, obviously, but he was gone fast. I was still putting my pencil in my bag and he was out of the room and half way down the hall.
I walked slowly out of the room, looking for Elle or Blake. I couldn't find either of them. I sighed. "Looks like I'm walking." I muttered. I went to my locked and grabbed my purse and jacket. I shoved my books into the mess and slipped my purple hoodie over my black V-neck and zippered it up. I slung by dark blue back pack over my shoulder and walked out of the school.
"Allie!" Conner called from behind me. I quickened my pace; I wasn't in the mood to talk to him. "Allie, wait!" I turned the corner and came face to chest with a huge jock whose name I didn't even know.
"You got her, CT?" He said in a huge deep voice. Conner nodded and they did some complicated hand shake that I didn't care about and then the huge kid disappeared.
"What do you want, Conner?" I snapped. He tried to grab one of my hands but I snatched my hand away before he could intertwine our fingers.
"So it's gonna be like that." He murmured to himself. "Allie, this afternoon, it was a fluke. We're gonna be okay," his eyes darkened and his voice dropped a tone. "Right?" He growled.
"Conner," I said, resting my slender hand against his cheek. "It's over, babe. I liked you, I really did, but I need space." Instead of looking sad like most ex's, he just looked mad.
"No, Allie, it isn't." He stepped back slightly, not giving me enough room to move but enough room so he could reach into his pockets. He pulled out a box and opened it. Inside was a cold chain. At the bottom was a gold heart with my name engraved in it. "I spent a thousand dollars on this, Allie. For you." He stepped closer, pressing his body against mine. I was starting to get scared. "What's wrong, All? No Blake around to save you?"
I gulped and pushed against his chest. "Conner, we only went out for three months. There's a girl out there who will love you and want to be with you. I'm sorry, Conner. But I'm not that girl."
He brought his huge, meaty, hand back and, as if in slow motion, back handed me. My face flew so ii was facing the left and tears stung my eyes. I rotated my jaw around and turned to face him, a tear trailing down my cheek. I could feel a bruise started to form on the right side of my face.
"Now you listen to me you, little bitch, I-"
"Is there a problem here?" My eyes widened. Sam had just appeared out of no where.
His purple eyes were darker then they had been this afternoon, almost black now. He wasn't wearing a jacket or a backpack. From close up, you could see that Conner actually had a good two inches on him rather then being the same height as I had thought earlier.
"Get outta here. This doesn't concern you." Conner said, his left hand coming up the grip my arm. Sam looked at me.
"Are you okay, Allie?" He asked in a dark, worried tone.
"I, uhm, uh…" Conner squeezed my arm. I gasped in pain.
Before I knew what was going on, Conner was on the building across from the one I was leaning against. Sam had his arm pressed against Conner's throat, and he was growling something at him. I couldn't hear what he was saying, and I honestly didn't want to know by the look of horror coming across Conner.
I twisted my straight hair as I waited for Sam to finish with Conner. After another minute, Sam stepped back and Conner grabbed his back pack and ran away ─ literally, running.
"Sam," I whispered, touching his shoulder. "Thank you. So much." I felt the shocks again.
"Its fine, Allie." He stepped back from me, out of reach.
He turned from me. I didn't know why, but it hurt. He just saved my life (who knew what Conner would've done?) and now he wouldn't even speak to me.
"Sam, what did I do?" I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder again. I felt the shocks again, running through me. It felt like electricity was running through my veins. It wasn't unpleasant, either.
"Allie, stay away from me." He growled, pulling away.
"What did I do to you?" I snapped.
"Nothing." He muttered. He turned and walked away.
Fine, I thought, picking up my backpack. He wants me to leave him alone, I will. I just met the kid today; it's not that big of a deal. It's like forgetting about a stranger you just happened to knock into on the street.
But it wasn't that simple. This stranger saved my life. This stranger was completely unaffected by me, unlike every other male in the school. This stranger sent shocks through me like I was an electrical outlet with a six way plugged into it. This stranger made me feel more in a few hours then guys have been able to in months.


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