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The Rose of a Battlefield

Novel By: Finders Keepers

"There's a certain appeal about something we can't have that makes it appear even more desirable in our eyes."

Caught in the middle of a war, between her father's business and a rival's, Grace Williams is sent to Florida to live with a family friend. Soon after her arrival, Grace is informed that the owner of the rival's business has a son currently living in Florida. She is given the task of finding out about the rival's business through his son.

What happens when she falls for him? What happens when he finds out about her objective?

At least she isn't the only one keeping secrets. View table of contents...



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"Ma'am, would you like anything?" Asks the flight attendant who has asked me the same question about five times in the past hour.

I give her a small smile, "No thank you."

She nods and moves on to the next set of people.

I don't even want to be on this plane, but jumping to my death doesn't sound like an option.

If only my father would have let me stay and help through our business troubles that are only existing because of the rival business, I wouldn't be sulking in this uncomfortable seat. Our rivals had someone who worked for them join us to find out about our intentions. The bad thing is, we don't know who it is.

My family owns a vehicle-designing company. It's been passed down my father's side for years, but if this doesn't get resolved, it won't last much longer. The rival company has been stealing our designs and improving them and that is what is making us lose our business; Everyone is going to choose the better version of the car.

"Five minutes until landing." The flight attendant announces on the intercom.

I buckle myself in and start packing my carry-ons back into my bag.

* * *

After a wild luggage chase and 10 minutes later, I search for a sign with my name.

Skimming through the signs, I finally spot my name.

The man looks like he's in his late twenties with his brunette shaggy hair and angular face.

I approach him and he smiles at me.

"Grace! I haven't seen you since you were this tall!" He exclaims, gesturing a height of about two feet.

I laugh, "It's nice seeing you again too, Grant."

Grant is one my father's friends from highschool. They haven't really talked since their teenage years, but when even one of them is in trouble, they look to each other for help. Hence why I'm in Florida right now.

"Here, let me take some of those for you." He grabs ahold of my largest suitcase and one of the bags off of my shoulder, "Gee, it's like you're moving in."

I laugh, "Yeah."

"Well let's get going." He smiles, leading the way out of the airport.

Grant is a close family friend that you can't help smiling around. He's always in a bubbly mood.

We stop infront of a red camari and he pops open the trunk, loading my things into it.

I slide into the passenger seat and Grant hops in beside me.

He turns to face me, "I know you only just arrived here, but there's a reason why you're here."

"Why?" I ask, turning my attention away from the couple who were celebrating a homecoming in a more than chaste way.

"You want to help your dad, right?"

I nod.

"Well, your all's nemisis's son is here. Your dad wants you to find out what you can about the business, through him. Think you can do that?"

"If it's the only way I can help." I nod.

He smiles and turns away from me to start the car.

Chapter One

"So I've already enrolled you in the same school as the rival's son and I was able to convince the counsler put you into most of the same classes as him." Grant says as I walk into the kitchen the next day.

"How did you convince him?" I ask, curiously.

"Her." He corrects, giving me a 'you-know-what' look.

My eyes widen, "Nevermind! I don't want to know."

He laughs and shakes his head.

"When do I start?"

He looks over at the clock on the wall, "About thirty minutes."I almost did a spit-take with the cereal I was currently chewing.

I swallowed, "And you're telling me now? I'm a girl, it takes me a while to get ready!"

"Then I suggest you hurry up." He smirks.

I jump from my seat and head towards my room, leaving my cereal unfinished.

About twenty minutes later I'm fully dressed and my make-up is done. I decided to leave my hair alone, since I didn't have time to straighten the waves out. My outfit consists of a white lace sweater, over an electric-blue tank-top, with black skinny jeans.

"Ready?" Grant confirms.

I nod, grabbing the back pack he set up for me and slipping on my white tennis-shoes.

The ride to school is short; maybe five minutes away. Grant gave me a complete run-down of the school the whole time.

Grant and I exchange our good-byes before I start walking towards the school.

"Grace!" Grant calls out.

I turn back towards him, "Yeah?"

"His name is Xavior Wolfe."

I nod before proceeding toward the school and to the main office.

"Hello, I'm Grace. I'm here to pick up my schedule." I tell the lady sitting behind the desk.

"Grace Williams?" She asks, her bright blue eyes meeting mine.

I nod and she hands me my schedule, giving me a light smile. I return the smile before walking out of the office, into what I assume is the main commons. The room is large with wooden floors and stone walls.

It's like a castle in here.

The bell rings and everyone starts moving through the multiple doors which lead to hallways containing the class rooms.

A hand touches my shoulder, causing me to jump, "Need help? I don't believe I've seen you around, you must be new here."

I turn to the voice and meet a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, "Um, yeah."

The guy chuckles, "What's your first class?"

I look down at the schedule, "AP English III with Mr. Binks."

"Oh, same! I'll walk with you." He smiles, brightly.

He has the smile that could cause any girl's knees to go weak. Let's just hope that I don't faint; that would be embarassing.

I follow behind him as he walks to our first class.

"I said I would walk with you, not let you follow me like a puppy." The guy says, slowing down until I was next to him.

My face heats up and I turn away from his gaze.

"Are you blushing? It's okay, you'd make an adorable puppy, but I'd rather walk with you." He smirks, watching my reaction.

I laugh, shaking my head at him.

"You have a gorgeous smile." He says, bluntly.

I raise an eyebrow at him causing a look of realization to flash across his face, "I said that out loud didn't I?"

I nod my head, laughing at his embarrassment.

"I'm Xavior by the way. Xavior Wolfe."

I stop walking. Of course this would happen. The first guy who shows interest in me, is the guy I have to get close to, but nothing that would cause a problem to my task.

Just my luck.

I was never a girl who got many guys. Attractive ones at that. So why does this bug me so much? I barely know this guy, plus I'm used to the whole false interest. It's probably the same with Xavior.

A flash of Xavior's black hair brings me out of my trance.

"You okay?" Xavior face comes into view, right in front of me with his face full of concern. I don't need his concern.

I give a quick nod and continue walking forward, even though I don't know where I'm going.

"Hey! The class is right here." He calls after me.

I turn, sharply, and walk straight into the classroom he was refering to.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh. I mean, technically, he hasn't done anything wrong. It doesn't mean he wont, but maybe I should at least give him a chance to do something wrong before I start assuming things.

I sit down in one of the desks and Xavior sits in the one next to mine. He studies my face for a few seconds before turning away, staring at the front of the room.

"I'm Grace." I say, breaking the silence.

He looks at me, "Grace..."

"Williams. Grace Williams." I laugh a little.

A look of realization takes over his features, but as soon as it comes, it's gone.

"What?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Nothing." He looks at me one more time before turning his head away, again.

I tear my eyes away from him when the teacher walks in...

A/N: I think I did an okay job with length (Better than usual!) Please give me feedback and tell me what you think! Don't forget to fan and click that "I Like It!" button down there vvv !


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