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That Private Tutor

Novel By: freakinlixious

Daniel Lobo has been a spoiled brat. A school dropout, he spends tons of money on luxurious cars and flirting with hot babes all day and night. Because of his parents, he’s life is about to turn upside down when his parents enrol him to a private school. There, he meets people, who he thought are nerds but not, and one particular girl, who happens to be his private tutor. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2010    Reads: 705    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

A/N: Hey! freakinlixious is here. Anyway, do enjoy the chapter as you read. I would appreciate it if you comment on it or if you want an update then let me know. Alright, that's all. Have fun, yeah! Peace out xD

Chapter 1

Daniel Lobo, a spoiled brat and a school dropout, had never thought his plans would be ruined. He thought he had the freedom, free to do whatever he wants,but that wouldn't come true because he was about to hear the most ridiculous thing he never thought he would hear again. Ridiculous or not, he had been avoiding that topic for two years and someone had to bring it up again, and he was about to die from that. Not literally die. But, seriously, who would ever want to take that exclusive freedom away from him? That's right. The people who were about to ruin his life were none other than...
Facing the mirror in his closet, he looked up and down at his stylish clothes. Rule number one: good looking clothes are always first priority. A rule he sets everyday. That was because he had tons of cash in his pockets to spend. So, what was the first obsession a person would do? Shopping! Shopping had been Daniel's most recent hobby. Even though it sounded weird for a guy to love shopping, he didn't care because what was the use of money if no one wants to spend it? The answer to Daniel's question would be spending it on clothes. From Levi's to Armani to Calvin Klein and so on and so forth. That was Daniel's life for two years after he got his freedom, which was about to be crushed very soon.
Ready to go to the hottest party alive, he walked down the stairs, taking two steps each, and passed the lounge room. As much as he wanted to leave, he had to be stopped by none other than his father. Rolling his eyes, he turned around and stomped his way to where his parents were- at the lounge room.
His parents were sitting on their respective couch. When Daniel entered, he sighed silently and sat on the empty sofa. As he clutches his hands and tapping his right foot, he looked at them silently. Not because he was afraid of them, just wanted the awkward get-together to end soon so that he could go to the most important party. But, silence wouldn't solve anything to make things go faster, so Daniel started to speak.
"You called me?" he interrupted. His firm father looked disapprovingly at him and answered sternly, "We decided to-"
"John, I think he's not ready yet," his mother interrupted suddenly. In their household, there was a rule whenever the man of the house speaks- never butt in until he is done. A rule Daniel wished he could break, but because his father was a strict man he had no choice but to keep it to himself.
His father was a different man in the past. He was loving, caring, understanding, a father a child could love. But he changed. No one knows for sure why but only one conclusion came into Daniel's thought. His father changed because of him and because of that his father hated him. Whether it was true or not, that was the only reason he could come up with.
Mr. Lobo glared at his wife, "No, it's for the best. We can't have him slacking around at home," Looking at Daniel, he spoke, "I don't want a son who is stupid and lazy."
A pang of pain hit Daniel's heart. Stupid and lazy. Sure, he was stupid and lazy, but what kind of father would lash out those words, especially in front of his son? Offended by his father's words, Daniel stood up from the sofa and looked straight at his father.
"If I'm such a pain to you, then I'm leaving," Daniel retorted silently.
"You are not leaving this house! You are going to stay here and only permitted to leave when you are going to the school we have chosen," with that Mr. Lobo left the room.
Unable to digest his father's words, he looked questioningly at his mother, who was looking at him with pity. "I'm sorry, honey. It's your father's choice." She gave a sympathetic smile and left him alone in the cold room.
Plopping on the sofa, he stared blankly at the flowery vase. You are going to the school we have chosen. School. That word had been forgotten ever since he quits school, and he had to go back to that filthy place again.
Why? Why him? He wasn't smart and didn't have the courage to learn. I don't want a son who is stupid and lazy. Scoffing, he looked at a picture hanging on the bare wall. Stupid and lazy? Yeah right! If he thinks he could take full control of his son, then so be it, but there would always be a loser when it comes to Daniel's games. And that person should be prepared to be crushed.


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