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Novel By: FreeHex

A small town girl meets a mysterious guy she happens to fallen madly in love with and they overcome some weird experiences. View table of contents...



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The freezing cold weather was getting to me as I hiked up a mountain. I looked towards the moon, the moon light shone on to the ground in front of my feet. Suddenly, a fist smacked into the side of my face. I staggered back trying to get my balance. I slipped and landed on my back in the wet dirt of the mountain. I got up just in time to take a kick to the gut. I clutched my gut as I bent over. I knew he was going to find me one day. As I grabbed my seraph blade out of my thigh strap I shouted "Gabriel". Light blazed from the blade. The devil's spawn blocked his eyes from the light. The light got so intense I had to look away. He suddenly kicked the seraph blade out of my hand.
My head was thrown against a solid rock. I reached for my dagger- which I had stashed in my belt-, my hand slipped against the cold metal. The devil's spawn put a bone crushing force on my throat; he was cutting off my air supply.
"Where's the ware house?" Spat the devil's spawn. I tried to wriggle out of his grip as he spoke. He put more pressure on my throat. "I don't know" I managed to choke out. I bought my knee up in between his legs - where it counted most. He released his grip on my neck. He moaned in agony as I rolled onto my knees. I reached for my dagger. With a swift flick of my wrist - I hit his throat. Blood squirted across my face. "Now, that's what I call skill." I said to myself. I looked up; the sun was coming through the tree tops. Red and yellow rays were shooting into the ground. Time for school. I thought.
I stuck my key into my apartment's key hole. I turned it, it wouldn't budge. I jimmied it for a few seconds, I heard it click. As I sighed in relief I walked in the apartment and shut the door closed with my foot. The green walls were peeling away. Home bitter home, I thought. I walked in to my ensuite; I pulled my hair back into a tight brown ponytail. I looked into the mirror. Blood was still dripping onto my pale blue tank top staining it scarlet. Grabbing the sink handle I twisted it, I washed my face clean of the devil spawn's blood.
I peeled off my tank top and my jeans leaving them in a heap at the end of my bed. As I pulled out a bright pink jacket, a pale blue tank top, a pair of dark blue denim shorts and a pair of pale green shoes.
After I was dressed, I got into my worn out truck and drove to my high school. I parked my car in the nearest spot to the open forest near the school grounds. I sighed and pulled my truck to a stop; I stepped out of the truck and slipped on the ice. "Stupid ice grr." I said as I lifted myself off the ground. People where laughing at me. I shoved my hands in my jacket pockets angrily.
I sped along the car park. The car park was already full of freshman.
Lara Collin's BMW moved towards me, she beeped the horn furiously. I stuck my finger up at her. She parked the car. She opened her door and stood out like a princess. All the guys were staring. Her skirt was 5 inches shorter than it should be.
'Eww, Kirsten Flory, you're looking ... Ugly as ever.' She laughed.
'Lara just because you need us to stoop as low as you are doesn't mean were going to.' I spat. Lara let out a huge sigh. She turned to her car and suddenly swinging her fist around to hit my face, I braced myself for the impact. I opened my eyes after a few seconds of just standing there. I saw a man, he looked like a student.
He wore faded Levi's and a tight white t-shirt, I looked at his chest; the defined muscles that showed were absolutely breath-taking. 'Hey, you might want to watch what you say, beautiful.' He said. I glanced up at his face; Aviator glasses covered his eyes, his jaw line strong and define. Urging to stroke my hand across his smooth cheek, I lifted my hand. Then realizing what I was doing, I put my hand back down at my side, snapping back into reality.
"Did you just call me Beautiful?" I said, surprised.
"I don't like it" I hesitated. It didn't sound as convincing as I would have liked but it would have to do. I silently prayed that he wouldn't notice.
"Then it stays, Beautiful" He added, 'The names Sebastian.' Sebastian mumbled.
'How unfortunate' I spat. I turned to walk away. Someone had hooked their hand around my elbow jerking me back. Sebastian moved so close to me I felt his chest rising and falling against the gentle breaths he took. His lips brushed my ear. A tingly feeling shot through my body.
'Look, if you ever want to talk I'm here, call me.' Whispered Sebastian as he slid something into the pocket of my jeans his fingers spread in my pocket. I felt an electric current run through my body. I shivered. No guys touch had ever made me shiver, it was a good shiver I think…He turned on his heel, winking at me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jumped, I grabbed the persons hand and spun around, twisting their wrist. 'OUCH!' Screamed Mandy.
'Oh my god, I…I thought ...you were… Sebastian.' I stuttered, looking around.
'Who's Sebastian? , wait never mind that, but guess what.' said Mandy. I heard the excitement in her voice.
'Mandy, I've had a rough morning can you just tell me?'
'Fine, Well I got accepted to Columbia Uni.' Mandy said jumping and clapping her hands cheerfully. I glanced over my shoulder to see if Sebastian was still there. But he wasn't, he disappeared.
'That's good' I mumbled. I started to walk to the corridor when Mandy grabbed my back pack and pulled me back.
'What's wrong? You seem down.' Mandy said.
'I bumped into Lara Collin today, she went to hit me but I didn't feel anything and I looked up and a guy was there instead. He said Hey, you might want to watch what you say, beautiful.' I said, I added 'And that guy is Sebastian.'
'Oh is that why you were like, I …I thought … you were… Sebastian.' She mimicked. I nodded. 'This is good, you are gunna have a boyfriend' Mandy yelled. I cupped my hand over her mouth.
'Shh.' I whispered. 'I don't want Lara knowing that I haven't had a boyfriend'. She nodded in approval. I took my hand off her mouth slowly. I put my arm to my side. I felt a tap on my shoulder, expecting it was Mandy, I turned.
'I expected you to be on time Ms. Flory. As for you Ms. Simes you have a lunch time detention for being late 4 days in a row.' He pulled out a notebook and pen and scribbled; Ms. Simes lunch time detention, I scoffed in disbelief when I saw Sebastian sitting on one of the teachers Audi's bonnet. Mr. Clemet looked as if he didn't even see Sebastian sitting there. Mr. Clemet dropped a small pencil, Sebastian jumped off the bonnet and bent over to pick it up. His t-shirt coming up, I saw every line that defined his muscles, I saw two long scars running from His kidney's , which I knew was the start of an upside down V. He was gorgeous; I couldn't move my eyes away from his scars.
"No he can't be…." I whispered. He straightened up and saw me looking at him; I could see his worried expression, he knew that I just saw his scars. He turned to walk towards me but I walked away before he could.
I had a million thoughts of kissing him; what it would feel like with his strong lips. I couldn't hide it. I was falling for him until I saw his scars. I thought something was off about him. But this, can't be true. Could I be falling for the fallen?
I sighed as I thought about it. As I opened my locker, I put my back pack in the back. Grabbing my Biology text book and my exercise book. I walked into the classroom and sat down in my seat next to Mandy.
'Alright, students we are having a new seating plan in action as I know most of you are getting distracted with your partners.' He glanced at me and Mandy. He added 'now everyone on the right side move to the seat in front of you.'
There were feet shuffling and students moaning in disapproval. Mandy moved next to Jordan Berf. I gave her a look that said; I'm sorry.
Sebastian had moved next to me by the time I turned. I jumped and fell off my chair. Sebastian held out his hand to help me up. I refused to touch him. I put my hands on the ground and pushed myself up. I wiped the dirt off my bottom and back. 'No need to fall for me.' He said in a cunning voice. He put his feet up on the desk.
"Just because you've already fallen" I mumbled. I wasn't sure if he heard or not. I hoped he didn't.
'Now everyone get used to your new Biology partners, you will have that partner for the rest of the year.' Mr. Cogs said.
I looked at Sebastian. He was still looking at me. I felt myself go red in the cheeks. 'Can you stop staring, please?' I whispered. He adjusted his feet and kept glaring at me. I sighed.
'Now for your first assignment, you and your partner will get to know each other better by asking questions about their life.' The class moaned. Sebastian didn't care, he chuckled at my reaction.
'Shut up, Sebastian.' I punched him playfully in the arm.
"You might not want to do that. People would think you're flirting with me" He leaned in to whisper. He hooked his arm around the back of my chair and pulled me closer. I could smell the sweet mint in his breath. I tried to move away but he kept his arm there.
"Why are you doing this?" I asked.
He didn't answer, he was staring at Jordan Berf. "Sebastian, Don't stare at him." I giggled.
He looked at me. He smiled a smile that melted my insides. "Sebastian you're….. Beautiful" I confessed "I mean your smile is beautiful not…." I trailed off, I looked away I was blushing. His lips brushed my jaw as I looked away. I turned scarlet.
"I know, I'm hard to resist. But I have a girlfriend" He chuckled.
'Of course a guy like him would have a girlfriend.' I mumbled.
"What was that, beautiful? Speak up, Can't hear you" whne he smiled my insides turned to liquid.
I stood up just as the bell rang; I brushed past Sebastian and stormed out of the room. I stood at the door and waited for Mandy. She walked straight past me. "Mandy!" I shouted as I jogged to catch up to her. I tripped over someone's foot and went down, my books slid across the floor.
I closed my eyes as I hit the floor. A hand came in front of my face. A tattoo of an angel was on the face of the hand. I gripped the hand and he pulled me up. I got an electric current through me. There was only one guy who could do that. "Sebastian." I whispered. I had just touched one of my mortal enemies. Sebastian bent over to get my books, at the same time as I did. I picked up my Biology text book and my folder, I stood up, just as Sebastian did, my head collided with his. I fell to the ground with a thump, I gasped. Sebastian stood there holding his head.
"Ouch!" Sebastian said. I couldn't help it; I burst out in laughter clutching my head as I did. Sebastian grinned.
"Well, Kirsten Flory, your more fun then I intended you to be." He chuckled.
"Mmm, you're not so bad yourself I guess." I Smiled. Sebastian slid my books into my arms. He held out his hand, I took it; he hauled me up onto my feet. He put his hands on my hips to steady me. "Thanks." I muttered. I couldn't let this happen. Not with Sebastian. "I think I should go to my locker." I said and turned away on my heel.
"Kirsten!" Sebastian shouted. I didn't turn, I put my head down and ran straight into someone.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said before I noticed it was Lara.
"So that guy, Sebastian is it?, his cute. I should go talk to him." Lara said brushing past me.
I felt a twinge of envy. "She's gunna get Sebastian, not that I care or-" I got cut off, Mandy had snuck up behind me by the time I looked up. "CRAP! Mandy! What are you doing?, trying to give me a heart attack?" I practically shouted. I heard someone chuckle, I turned my head just in time to see Sebastian holding Lara's hand. I scowled.
"Kirsten, back to Earth." She waved her hand in front of my face.
"Sorry Mandy." I mumbled. I turned around to face Mandy. Mandy was looking at Sebastian and Lara as I were.
"Is that Sebastian?" She asked.
"Yeah, I don't believe it." I sighed. I walked down the corridor. Mandy grabbed my jacket and pulled me back.
"Look, Sebastian's not worth it." She added, "For my girl anyway," She winked. I grabbed her by the arm and tugged her towards my locker. I put my books away and dawdled out of the corridor into the courtyard.
After a few minutes of walking around, I led Mandy towards our normal hangout spot. I stumbled over some tree roots. I lifted my head, as I did I saw Mandy glaring at something, I followed her gaze. I watched in disbelief. Lara and Sebastian were in the corner making out.
"What the-"Mandy started to say, I cupped my hand over her mouth.
"Shut up" I whispered. I pulled my hand away from her mouth. Sebastian looked over towards me. His eyes bulged; he pushed Lara away, as if he was only just aware of what was happening. He got to his feet and started to walk towards me.
"Kirsten-"He started.
"Sebastian, No, don't bother," I said as I turned.
"Kirsten it isn't what it looked like." He shouted. I turned to face him.
"I'm pretty sure what I just saw explains it all, it doesn't matter, Sebastian." I stormed off, leaving him staring after me
"I can't believe her, Sebastian was yours for the taking. But that stupid anorexic pig." Mandy shouted. I sighed and opened the door to the ladies toilets. Mandy stalked in after me. I reached for the tap. Twisting it, I looked in the mirror. Quickly turning my head, I couldn't stand the sight of myself. My eyes stung of tears. The water was cold as I splashed it on to my face, washing it clean. As I did this, I let all the tears flow down over my cheeks. Even though I had only known him for not even a day, I had begun to feel. And it hurt.
Mandy pulled me out of the ladies toilets after I finished washing my face. "Look, don't get so worked up over Sebastian. He's a player. And I don't want my girl being played" She chuckled. I smiled as the bell went. I walked over to my locker and grabbed my back pack.
"Mandy, I've got to get home, my mum is expecting me to call her" I said.
"Is she still in New york?" She said.
"Well, yeah, Gary- Her boss-wanted her to stay for a couple of weeks longer." I mumbled.
"Your mums seriously getting over worked." Mandy sighed. Tell me about it , I thought.
"Well, see you later then," Mandy said as she walked away. I stuck my key in the door, it didn't open. I felt a person behind me. Turning around I found Sebastian.
"Here allow me" He said, taking the key from my hand. He turned it, it clicked.
"Thanks, I guess" I muttered. I opened the door and sat in the truck. Sebastian was still standing there, Key in hand. As I stuck my hand out waiting for the keys; He just stood there grinning. "Keys, now." I said firmly.
"Only if you let me drive you home and explain to you what happened with Lara." He said with a challenging voice.
"Fine, get in." I said, sliding over to the passenger seat. Sebastian was in the car by the time I buckled my seat belt. He turned the key in the ignition. It screeched to a start.
"I think you need a new car" He chuckled.
"Oh shut up" I mummbled with a straight face. Rain was drizzling on to the windscreen as we drove towards my apartment.
"Look, Kirsten, Lara came onto me. It wasn't my fault, I would never hurt you like that, ever, I'm sorry" He said, he even sounded apologetic.
I turned to look at him. "I know" I added, "What you are."
A muscle in his jaw ticked at my words. He opened his mouth to say something, and then thought better of it. We sat in silence for a few moments. I was getting tired of the silence, I sighed. Then he asked "What do you think I am then?" His voice barely a whisper.
"A fallen angel…" I whispered.
"What do you know about us?" He sounded scared.
"Well… you have to lose faith or become rebellious and the higher monarchy in Heaven's system, clips their wings or they burn one of your feathers and banish you to hell, an eternity of torture. Lucifer for example, he was the morning star then he tried to take over Heaven and got Cast down to Earth." I trailed off.
"But… how did you find out?" He said keeping his eyes on the road with a fury I had never seen.
"I saw your scars…..I didn't want you to be one. I couldn't believe it. Then I saw your tattoo." I said quietly. His grip on the steering wheel tightened, his knuckles whitening.
"And your still here? I, I know what you are and you know what I am, yet your still here, why is that?" He looked away from the road and set his eyes on mine.
"I feel….a scary attraction to you…" I whispered. He grinned and turned towards the road. The rain was coming down a lot harder. He flicked on the windscreen wipers.
We rode in silence for the rest of the drive; we bounced into the underground car park. He parked the car in the corner closest to the elevator. I opened the door to get out; Sebastian stood there and held out his hand, I took it as I hopped down. He laced his fingers through mine and pushed me against the cement beam. He grabbed my other wrist, placing the palm of his hand on mine; as he laced his fingers through my other hand. I tried to untangle our fingers. Sebastian had another idea. "Come on now, Kirsten. Why do you keep trying to deny what's happening between us, you need to stop letting your heart run from mine." He whispered into my ear. His lips brushed my jaw.
"Sebastian, I've got to get home." I said unlacing my fingers. I pushed him away and went to my truck and shut the door. I held my hand out, waiting for the keys.
He dropped them into my palm. "Goodnight, Kirsten" He said winking. He closed my fingers over them and kissed my knuckles and without another word he turned on his heel and stalked out of the car park.
"Goodnight!" I shouted after him. I pushed the button of the elevator, the doors opened, I stepped inside and they closed behind me. Pressing the floor 5 button the elevator grunted in protest.
After I got out of the shower, I changed into my green tank top and cloud covered pajama pants. I placed my seraph blade on my bed side table. "Raziel" I whispered. The seraph blade shone for a few minutes then settled. Stepping into my bed, I closed the covers over myself. I was exhausted from the day, I thought about how close I was to kissing him. I sighed and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
The flashing blue and pink neon signs hurt my eyes. I saw Sebastian everywhere; I turned and saw him with Lara. "Sebastian!" I tried to scream, I couldn't get my voice to be heard. The music rung in my ears like a high pitched scream. I tried to block it out. I turned and saw my mum with Lara's dad. Dancing and kissing, suddenly the music got louder, the lights got brighter. "MUM!!" I tried to scream, it didn't work like the first time, my voice choked against the lump in my throat. I tried to walk over there. But they got further and further away. Sebastian walked towards me, he reached behind his back and bought a dagger out, he raised the dagger above his head and grinned; his eyes were as black as coal. Something wasn't good about him. He plunged the dagger down aiming for my heart, I screamed as it punctured my skin and he drove it deeper. The black was crawling over me.
I woke up drenched in sweat, I walked to the bathroom, flicked the switch. Light blazed through the room. Glancing in the mirror I saw my face was scarlet red. I turned on the faucet; I splashed hot water on my face. The water stung my skin. I scrubbed away at my skin; I needed to scrub away the dream. There was only one thing that I couldn't scrub away.
I grabbed a faded red towel. As I dried my face, I Suddenly remembered the piece of paper he slid into my pocket, I dug through my dirty washing and found the pair of jeans I wore yesterday; I slid my hand into the pocket and clasped my hand around the paper. I pulled it out. As I opened it I wondered what could be on it. His number and name was printed on it.
I put the piece of paper on my fridge as I made some coffee. I flicked the kettle on and pulled a chair out. It scrapped the ground, leaving four black marks along my white tiles. Fiddling with my fingers, the kettle popped, I stood up to make a coffee.
After I made my coffee, I sat down to drink it. The coffee smelt fresh, I inhaled the aroma deeply. Before taking a sip, I blew on it; I raised the mug to my mouth and took a mouthful. It scorched my tongue, burning the whole way down.
I sat the mug down on the table. As I stood up, I hit the table and knocked my mug over.
"Crap!" I shouted. I ran to the sink and grabbed the sponge; I walked over to the table and cleaned up my mess. As I grabbed the mug, I threw it into the sink, I started to skip to my bedroom to get changed.
Dressed and ready for school, I walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone. Looking at the numbers on the paper, I dialed them. "Hello." Sebastian said through the line.
"Hey" I added, "Want to come pick me up?" I said in hope that he would say yes. I heard him smile.
"Sure, I'll be there in ten, beautiful." His voice sounded happy. I was left listening to the dial tone.
What had I done?
I got my keys off the hook and picked up my back pack. Pulling open a drawer I got Raziel off my bedside and grabbed a dagger out of the drawer. I closed the drawer, unzipping my back pack; I placed the seraph blade and dagger in the front compartment, yanking the zip closed. I walked over to the door, stepped outside and nudged it closed with my foot. I jammed the key in and turned it once and it clicked. I smiled, today was going to be a good day; I thought. I walked into the elevator and pressed the ground button. I stepped in to the car park and walked over to my truck and there stood Sebastian at his motorcycle. My smile widened, he walked towards me. "Hello, beautiful." He said loudly.
"Hey." I said cheerfully. I walked to the motorcycle next to Sebastian.
"You seem happy today" He chuckled. I just shrugged.
"Is this safe?" I asked, my smile fading. He laughed.
"Beautiful, your always safe with me" He said winking. He took the helmet from the bag on the back of his bike and it felt heavy as he slid it over my head. He sat onto the motorcycles seat. I slid on behind him. He started the engine, it purred to life. I twisted my fingers in his t-shirt.
He sped out onto the highway, I was giving him a backwards bear hug, my thighs tightening around Sebastian's legs.
We got to school and Sebastian drove into the only vacant spot. People were staring at me as i got off the bike. Sebastian killed the engine and stood up off the motorcycle, I undid the straps to the helmet and slid it off, I handed it to him. He placed it on the seat. He put his hands on my hips, smiling, he moved in to kiss me. I placed my hands on his stomach. Pushing him away.
"Not yet, I don't know you very well." I whispered. He laughed louder than expected. I jumped. The bell went, Sebastian handed me my bag. He held out his hand and almost like natural instinct I slid mine into his. The touch sent a jolt through my body. I shivered.
"Are you cold?" He asked. I shook my head. He brushed his thumb along his mouth, I could tell he was trying not to laugh.
He walked me to my locker in silence. "Well, I guess I'll see you in bio" He said and he walked away. Someone poked my shoulder. I spun around and saw Mandy.
Why do you keep doing that??" I screamed.
"Yeesh" Mandy said.
"I'm sorry Mandy; I just don't know what Sebastian's problem was." I sighed.
"Ooooh." She added "Why? Did he kiss you?" I didn't reply. "He did!, I knew it!" She screamed.
"Mandy, he didn't kiss me. He was about to but I didn't let him." I whispered. Mandy slid her hand into mine, we walked to geology together.
When Geology was over, I walked out of the class room to find Sebastian there waiting for me.
"And this is where I leave you" Mandy said, winking. She let go of my hand and practically skipped down the corridor.
"Hey, I need to talk to you" Sebastian said holding out his hand.
"Umm. Okay." I slid my hand into his. We walked through the teacher's garden.
"So why did you bring me all the way out here for?" I said, letting go of his hand. He grabbed my arm and walked over to the fence.
"This is why" He chuckled. He pushed me against the fence. I put my hands on his abs to push him away but he grabbed my hands laced his fingers through mine. I started to protest until he put his mouth to mine fiercely, I untangled our fingers, I moved my hands up his torso to his neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me in closer. Suddenly my phone rang. I pulled back away from Sebastian.
"Voicemail" Sebastian said as he went to reach for me again. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and answered it.
"Hello?" I said into the speaker.
"So. Tell me the details!" Mandy screamed through the phone. Sebastian moved up to me and kissed my neck.
"Uh, meet me at the teacher's garden soon as possible." I said slamming my phone shut. I pushed Sebastian away. "We can't. It's not normal for us who we are." I whispered.
"So you're a Nephilim and I'm a fallen angel, who cares" He said as he pressed his lips on my jaw.
"We're at war with each other I'm sure your cult of fallen angels and my army of Nephilim will care." I said firmly. He grabbed my hand and put it to his heart.
"If I cared about what you are, this wouldn't be beating for you." He said quietly. I heard a squeak behind us, I turned. Mandy had come up as quiet as a mouse. I saw her expression and I realized that I still had my hand on Sebastian's chest. I jerked my hand back and put it behind my back. Sebastian put his hands on my hips and spun me around to face him. He put his lips to mine. "I'll be off then, Beautiful" He winked and walked away.
"Oh em gee, I can't believe that you and Sebastian…" Mandy trailed off.
"Trust me, I don't believe it either." I said. I grabbed out my phone and saw that I had 5 text messages. I opened the first one, from my mother.
Kirsten, love. I'm coming home tonight, Gary said that I've done enough work around here. Isn't that good news? Your old school friend, Jimmy Tardens is coming over tonight for dinner. Hope you don't mind I invited him and his mother over. 8:00 Love you darling. Xoxo
"Omg. Jimmy Tardens? Isn't that the guy who used to pee his pants in grade 4?" Laughed Mandy, obviously reading over my shoulder. I sighed and shut my phone not bothering to read the other 4 text messages.
"Ha, maybe he is cuter" I winked.
"Let's hope so, then maybe I can finally have another boyfriend." Mandy giggled at my side. I stood up.
"What about, Frankie, I thought you were together." I said curiously. She burst out laughing.
"Frankie, Pfft, He was a summer fling that's all, sheesh." She scoffed as I started to walk to the corridor.
"Where are you going?" She asked. Running to my side.
"The bells going." I said and as if on cue the bell rang.
"Are you some physic?" She said studying me.
"HA!" I laughed then I added, "No, I'm just the smartest person on the Earth" I impersonated Lara by fluffing up my hair. Mandy giggled.
I walked to Biology with Mandy at my side. "I'll leave you to it, don't forget to say hi to Sebastian to me." She turned on her heel.
I took my seat as the second bell rang. Sebastian was already sitting there with his feet up on the desk as usual. "Hey, beautiful." He said. He slid his feet off the table and put all four chair legs on the ground and grabbed my chin and tilted it towards his face. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine.
"Hello" I said giggling.
"Get out your Biology text book and turn to page 218" Said Mr. Cogs. I sighed and flipped through my text book. Sebastian grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine. He turned my hand over, kissing my knuckles, I giggled.
"Get a room!" Screamed Lara. Sebastian ignored her comment and put our hands on the table.
"Tonight, meet me at Furlate stadium 9:00" Sebastian whispered as he leaned in.
"Oh, okay-wait, I can't" I said quietly.
"Why not?" I could hear the sadness in his voice.
"Well, some old friends are coming over for tea at 8:00 and my mums coming home tonight." I whispered.
"Mmm. Well too bad. I wanted you to come to the game tonight,"
"I could ring my mum and ask her if you can come over for tea." I suggested.
"Okay, I mean- if you want."
"I always want you with me." I heard him laugh under his breath. "Sebastian, concentrate on Mr. Cogs." I giggled.
Sebastian led me through the crowds, hand in hand, after class. I held onto him more tightly as we walked past Lara. He pulled me to the teacher's garden once again. He slid down the fence and sat on the dirt. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed my mother's number. "Yeah, hi mum, I was wondering if a friend from school could come have dinner with us and Tardens." I said into the speaker.
"Sure, darling." My mother said through the other end of the telephone.
"Thanks mum, I'll see you tonight." I mumbled.
"I love you darling"
"Yeah I love you too mum." I said as I shut my phone.
"Is it okay?" Sebastian said as he reached for my hands. I grabbed his hands, he pulled me down onto his lap, strangling his hips.
"Of course, my mum never says no." I twisted my fingers in his shirt pulling him closer to me. His lips came down on mine. I pulled away and rested my head on his chest. He held me close to him. I felt safe, as if no one could take me away from him or so I thought.
Sebastian dropped me off at my apartment. I stood there stabbing the button. "Come on come-." The doors opened, stepping into it, the closed behind me and I pushed the button for my floor.
After opening my apartment door, I stepped inside and went to reach for the light switch. A crack sounded as something hit my head. The black was closing in on me. I let it take me-
"She's still unconscious, boss." A sturdy, man's voice said. Footsteps came close to me. A hand came down on the side of my face. I groaned and lifted my head.
"She's awake" Laughed a dark voice. As I opened my eyes I saw 2 silhouettes approaching me. The light came on and I saw a tall, white man. Head to toe in black clothing. Further back, a man in a suit and tie. He had stubble and a gun was behind his back. I jerked my head up as a fist came down on my face.
"Joey, that's enough, no damaging the Nephilim" He spat 'Nephilim' as if it were a poison.
"But boss-."Joey started to protest.
"But, nothing. Joey if you don't like what we do, you can go to the weapons room and shoot yourself in the head, Kay?" The boss said. I tried moved my hands and legs. My legs were tied to the chair I was sitting on. The cuffs on my hands were un-breakable.
"HELP!" I screamed. The boss walked over and pointed the gun at my head.
"If you want to live keep your mouth shut." The boss said in a gruff voice. "If you want to talk to me, address me as Boss. No other names or your head gets blown off." The boss moved the gun away from my head. He bent over and looked at me. His eyes were as black as Sebastian's were in my dream, I gasped. He laughed and undid my legs. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to the cuffs. Sticking in the key, he turned it, it clicked. As I took them off as he punched me in the gut. I moaned in agony. Falling off the chair, I hit the floor with a thump. The darkness was closing over me again.
My eyes were blurry as I blinked. The lights were off, it must have been past midnight. Crawling over to the window, I put a hand to my head. It throbbed at my touched. Glancing out the window, I saw New York City's light. I put my knees up against my chest, I hugged them tightly. I let the tears come easily. I needed to wash away everything.
"Little girl!" Shouted the boss. I walked towards the sound of his voice. He saw me, he smiled. His smile put dimples in his cheeks.
"There you are, now come here." He commanded. I did as he told me too.
"Why are you doing this?" I choked.
"You're the reason my cult is getting smashed this very minute as we speak." He yelled. I shrunk down into a small chair.
"That's not my fault; you should have stronger people in your cult." I spat. His hand came down on my face, hard. Blood exploded from my mouth. I set my head back, wiping the back of my hand on my mouth. The blood came away on my hand. I spat the blood at the boss's feet. I laughed. The boss had a cell phone in his hand. It looked very familiar.
It was mine.
I gasped. He pressed buttons and called a number. "Hello, your girlfriend is here and if you don't show up in the next ten minutes consider her dead" The boss spoke into the phone. "Yes, I will kill her if you're not here in ten minutes." And with that he shut the phone. He laughed so loud, it echoed off the walls.
"SHUT UP!" I screamed. He jumped up and spun in the air and stuck his foot out, striking my face. I was sucked into darkness.
A hand came down on my face, waking me up, I sat up. 3 dark silhouettes were standing in front of me. The boss, Joey and Sebastian. I turned my head away from them. I quickly turned my head. Suddenly realizing that Sebastian was there. "SEBASTIAN!!" I yelled. The boss looked at Sebastian. A mask of confusion on his face.
"You know this Nephilim?" He asked Sebastian loudly. Sebastian hesitated before he answered.
"Yes, I do" Sebastian said in a small voice. As I struggled to get up, to run the Sebastian when an elbow connected with my face. I staggered back. Sebastian gasped.
"Don't touch her again" Sebastian whispered. The boss scowled.
"Why? She's a Nephilim." He added, "We're at war with each other."
"I don't care what she is or who she is."
"Hmm, I see, you're in love with this piece of dirt." He spat in my face.
"Yes I am, Father."
"F…fath…father?" I stuttered. The light went out of Sebastian's eyes. Sebastian tried to reach for me, I backed away from him. "Don't touch me" I spat. The shock on his face told me that he was hurt; I wasn't going to fall for it this time. I crawled along the ground, towards the window. The boss ran to me, grabbing a fist full of my hair, he hauled me to my feet.
"Don't run you stupid girl" He pulled my hair and tugged me back to the center of the room. He let go of my hair. He put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down on to the chair. Sebastian backed away from me. Maybe his face did tell the truth, I couldn't trust him not this time. The boss' hand came down, striking my face. My head swung at the wall. With a fierce crack, my head hit the wall. The dream came-
I opened my eyes and found myself lying in a pool of blood. As I heard Sebastian's laughter get further away from me, I pulled myself up and looked at my body. A huge gaping hole had made its way into my skin. Moaning, I curled my knees up to my chest. The pain was excruciating. I let the lights blind me as they got fiercer. The music pumped through my blood, the music thumped in my head. I closed my eyes and saw Sebastian, the very first day I met him. His aviator glasses didn't hide his coal black eyes like the way it did on the day. I gasped and flung my eyes open. "Wake up" I urged myself.
Arms held me tight to a chest. I wrapped my arms around the person's neck; an awful smell filled my nose. It smelt metallic, as I opened my eyes to a slit, I gasped when I realized I was soaked in blood. As I cuddled in to the chest of a man, I drifted in to a dreamless sleep.
Sunlight blazed through the grey curtains. I clutched my head as I sat up. Wiping my hand along the bruise on my head, dry blood crumbled and fell on the blanket that someone had put over me. "Sebastian?" I whispered. Sebastian popped his head through the door.
"Hey beautiful, I was wondering when you would wake up." He smiled one of his rare smiles. He strode over to the bed and sat down beside me. The bed squeaked. I curled up to him as close as I could. He pulled me into his embrace.
"Where are we?"
"My room, I didn't want you to go home looking like this." He chuckled.
"Your room? I've never been to your room before." I said, surprised. He grabbed a lock of my hair and twirled it around his finger.
"I don't take many people here, because once you've been here, you have to keep coming back." He winked and stood up. He walked over to the polished wood dresser. He grabbed something off it and came back to the bed. I looked at him; he had a key around his finger. He slid it into my hand. I realized I was only in panties and a tank top; I pulled the cover over me more.
"Um, where are my clothes?"
"I thought you would've been more comfortable in that"
"So you…" I trailed off.
"Yeah, I tried not to look. I hope you don't mind."
"Wow, get a good peek did you?" He turned his head, to stop me seeing that he was blushing. I laughed.
"Well, you better get some rest." He walked over to me and kissed my forehead and stalked out of the room. As I pulled the covers over my head, I thought about the Tardens and my mum how she was meant to come home a few nights ago, I sat straight up.
"SEBASTIAN!" I screamed. He came running into the room.
"What?" He looked worried.
"My mum... she was meant to come home the day I got kidnapped."
"Oh…Don't worry about it, I told her that you were on a school field trip." I sighed and put my head back down on the pillow.
"Sebastian… can you lay with me until I fall asleep?"
"Sure" He chuckled. He sat next to me and pulled off his shirt, his muscles stretching as he did so, I started intensely. He pulled off his shoes, laid next to me, pulling the covers over us.
I cuddled into his muscular chest. Sebastian was looking at me when I glanced up at him. His thick lashes hid his eyes; I raised my hand and placed it on his cheek. He put his hand on top of mine and moaned as if I had just kissed him. The touch excited me; I could see the pleasure in his face.
He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Urging to ask him how I got away, he placed his lips to mine; this kiss was desperate and needing. I twisted my hands in his hair; his hands explored my body, putting an electric current through my body.
Desperate for air, I pulled back. I didn't want to spoil the moment but I had to know. As I cuddled into him, I looked in his eyes. "Sebastian... How did I get out?" For a few moments he was completely silent.
"I thought I was going to lose you, I almost did." His voice cracked but he added, "I couldn't let him hurt you, I attacked him from the back, where he wouldn't see me. But he did, somehow he sensed it. He leaped at me. At first it was a real bloodshed, but then I pictured you in my mind, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. I couldn't stand the sight of it. Then he pulled a sword out and positioned it at my throat." He sighed. I knew he couldn't go on.
"Look, Sebastian you don't have to go on if you don't want to." My voice a dry whisper.
"No, you deserve to know." He started the story again, "Once he had the sword at my throat, I knew there was only one option I had left… I brought my knee up and grabbed the swords tip, it cut my hand" He opened his hand. It was bandaged, but the bandage was soaked with blood, but knowing him it would've healed. He continued, "I had whipped the sword around, my father was crouched on the ground. I plunged the sword into his scars… The only place that tortured a fallen angel so much that they rip out their own heart… I saw him tear it out…" He trailed off. His grip on me tightened.
"It'll be okay" I said with a soothing voice.
"I know, you're here with me. I saved you."
"Wait! You saved me- Sit up and turn around" He chuckled. He sat up and turned his back towards me. His scars were gone! I slid my hands up his back, where his scars used to be, the skin was now smooth.
"I'm an angel again." He smiled. He turned towards me. I snuggled into his arms, he squeezed me tight. He laid his hands on my shoulders, pushed me back and kissed my forehead roughly. I wiped away a tear that dared to escape. "Hey" He patted my back lightly, "Don't cry."
"S…sorry" I sobbed, "I'm overjoyed." He laughed as I lay down. He lay down next to me; I shifted closer to him and set my head on his chest. My head fitted there as if his body were my puzzle piece. We drifted off to sleep.
The light hurt my eyes as I opened them. As I closed my eyes again I ran my hand over the other side of the bed. Sebastian wasn't there, the black silk sheets still warm from where he laid. My hand ran over something rough, my eyes shot open. I saw a piece of paper. It was folded in half, I opened it, it read; Meet me at Tamron square when you wake up. Xo, Sebastian.
After I had a shower, I slipped into a pair of Sebastian's track suit pants, and a baseball tee the he left out for me. I stepped out into the frosty air and started on my way to Tamron square.
As I sat down on a park bench, I glanced around, looking for Sebastian. I couldn't see him anywhere. A dark figure came and grasped my arm and pulled me into the alley. The figure's grip tightened when I struggled. I tried to wriggle out of the figure's grip, it didn't budge. The figure's arm was muscular. I knew this arm from somewhere, it was familiar. "STOP!" I screamed as I felt a hard blow to the back of my head, darkness invaded my vision, I fought the blackness with all my might but it was relentless it continued to close in on me, eventually it took me over and I had to give myself up to it.
Lights blurred my vision when the darkness suddenly faded. I heard footsteps behind me as I whipped my head around, I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye.
As I turned my head towards the sun, I couldn't see the ground or anything in front of me. Something was following me, I could sense it. When I was younger my older brother, James, snuck up on me and with my 6 years of karate class, I punched him and broke his nose. I had always been able to sense it when someone was following me.
I half ran down the mountain, the tree branches scraping my face. My foot caught on a rock and my face collided with something rock solid and ice cold. Bones. When I scrambled to my hands and feet, my back scrapping the ground. My head hit a big old oak; I gripped the tree and hauled myself up.
I looked at the oak tree, markings covered the trunk. Knowing what the markings meant, I backed off. A class in my old school, in Paris, told me that those were old Native American bones. Looking around, I saw that every tree was covered with ritual markings.
I was in a sacred place, so I put my hand on one of the markings, it smeared underneath my touch. Blood covered my hand. A ritual had just been performed; I had just entered a dangerous place, I didn't know who or what, was out there. I wiped the blood off on Sebastian's tracksuit pants and headed towards home as fast as I could.
When I opened my door, I knew Sebastian was already here. I sighed and closed the door behind me. Sebastian was sitting on the stool with his head buried in his hands. I set my keys down on the bench and started to undo the ripped t-shirt bandage I did. Sebastian lifted his head and stared at the wall. "Sebastian…I'm so sorry, I didn't know." I whispered, he shifted his gaze to my face.
"Kirsten, Its okay, I know what happened, It was Joey-my father's helper-who took you…" He trailed off. He jumped off the stool and walked wobbly towards me, he took me in his embrace; I could smell the alcohol on him. I buried my head in his chest and let the tears come. He placed his hand on my head and caressed me. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a bandage.
"Why did he just leave me in the forest then..?" I asked quietly. Sebastian didn't answer; I saw tears fill his eyes. From then on I knew that this wasn't the end of what had just happened.
After he patched me up, we sat on the couch huddled close. The Notebook played in the background as I kissed Sebastian's neck softly. He chuckled and held me closer to him. He kissed the top of my head and we finished watching The Notebook in silence.
I didn't remember falling asleep, but when I opened my eyes, Sebastian was holding me and carrying me to my bed. He inched the door open with his foot and placed me on the bed. He pulled the covers over me and set my head on the pillow. I heard him get in the other side of the bed, he pulled me into his chest and lifted his hand and put a piece of hair behind my ear that had fallen down. I could feel his gaze on me as I drifted off to a sleep.
I saw Joey cutting my arm open, I tried to move but I couldn't. My mind screamed as a high pitched noise filled my ears. I saw Sebastian holding his arms out to lift me up. He hauled me up and held me close to his chest, tears filled his eyes in fear and anger. Joey covered his ears and went down on his knees. His lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything over the noise. Blood came from Joeys ears as the noise in tensed. I could feel the blood trickling from my ears and arm.
Molly Wollstonecraft once said 'No man chooses evil because its evil. He only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks' But, for all men, is this true? Did some people truly choose evil as a mistake? Or is that just poetic bull crap?
I thought about my dream that seemed so far away from the night before. It was fading fast; I couldn't remember why Joey was doing what he was. I realized that I was holding my arm where Joey had cut me in my dream. Dry blood coated the nearly closed wound. I sighed and rolled back over on my back, I looked at the ceiling and heard a CRACK.
My pulse jumped to a point where I thought my heart would burst through my rib cage, as I reached down under my bed to grab my Seraph blade, I could hear the silent screams I was holding back. I grabbed the blade and slowly pulled back the bed covers and looked to Sebastian's side as to see if he was still there, asleep. He was peacefully on his side, snoring lightly, his chest rising and falling. I didn't want to wake him so I started my way to the lounge.
When I reached the lounge door way I clutched my knife tighter. The person saw me and ran towards me, I screamed and fell as the person wrapped their arms around my neck. The person landed on top of me.
'OMG KIRSTEN I WAS WONDERING WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN' The person screamed loudly, I knew at that instant that it's Mandy.
'Omg, Mandy, I didn't…..' Then it struck me. 'How did you know where I was?' I was suspicious.
'I asked a few people-'Mandy got cut off when someone flicked the lights on.
I looked towards the door; Sebastian was standing there in his track pants.
'Err… I'm sorry, I interrupted.' Sebastian said and started to turn.
'Ooooh, wow. I can see why you like him so much. He's hot' Mandy whispered, I elbowed her in the side. As Sebastian turned away I heard him laugh, I shook my head and chuckled. "What did I say?" her face was straight like she didn't even notice. I cleared my throat.
"It's nothing Mandy. Just go into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea or something, I need to go talk to Sebastian" I sighed. Mandy turned and began her way out of the lounge. My feet pattered against the staircase as I made my way quickly up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom and Sebastian was nowhere to be found. "Sebastian?!" I yelled.
"I'm in here." He said. He was sitting out on the balcony resting his head against the wooden wall. He looked at me and just sighed. As I went to grab a pillow, the phone rang.
"I'll answer it", I said to Sebastian as I picked up the phone and spoke into the receiver. "Hello?"
"Hi, are you Kirsten Flory?" The person on the other side said.
"Yes why?"
"This is the Chicago police department.." My heart started slowing down. Something had happened. "We are sorry to tell you this but, your mother was in a car crash.. she didn't make it.. we send our condolences.." They began saying things that didn't even sound English, the phone slipped out of my hand onto the floor with a crash. Sebastian came running in and was talking to me. I don't know if he knew I couldn't hear him, everything became a massive blur. Nothing mattered; I dropped to the ground and just looked in awe. This couldn't be real. How? I began to see something that happened when I was young.
The flowers bloomed in the middle of spring, butterflies flew around me. I giggled and chased them, turning around I saw my mother and father holding hands and laughing with me. My dad let go of my mother's hand and began to run after me, my legs pumped harder as my breath became fast paced. I was laughing so much. Nothing was more perfect then it was right now. My mother joined in, laughing with us. Daddy ran up and began to tickle her. I giggled as my mums legs began thrashing around as she was protesting while my father was making a complete and utter idiot of her in front of people at the park. I walked up to the river and sat down; putting my hands in the water, water began to splash on me, realizing that it was getting dark and raining, I turned around. My parents weren't there. I was all alone. And I just fell to the ground and was crying.
I awoke in Sebastian's bed, the lights were out and I could hear the TV downstairs. I was numb, I couldn't move a muscle. I didn't want to be left alone in the world. My mother was the only one I had left. Now I had no family. It knocked me down even before I had gotten up. I began to cry and scream. Sebastian came running in, puffing and he came and embraced me. I let all of my pain out as he caressed my hair. Nothing could help me more than to be left alone but I didn't have the guts to tell Sebastian as he was trying to do all he could to help me out. All of my pain and feelings got locked away as I went to sleep.
A few hours later I woke to sirens being sounded and cars beeping. It was about midnight in Chicago and Sebastian was gone. I walked downstairs and grabbed a drink of water and sat out on the balcony, watching the stars flicker as the dark clouds drifted pass. A helicopter loudly flew over and shook the house. I just sat there with despair, thinking what do I do now…? I had never even thought something like this could happen to a person; this was a scary and wide world. One person with no one there for them could get lost or hurt themselves very easily.
Then something clicked in my head. I wasn't alone I had lots of family up in California; maybe me and Sebastian could go there and stay there for just a while. It would be nice.
I was thinking of all different things to keep my mind off the part where my parents weren't around anymore. I didn't want to break down and cry. It wasn't the right thing to do right now. I needed to go see Sebastian and tell him what had happened because he must of thought something terrible happened. He was nowhere to be found. "Sebastian?! Where are you? Are you here?" I looked frantically around the room for him. With my feet quickly pattering against the staircase I heard Sebastians soft voice.
"In here." I walked to the sound of his voice, his back towards me, facing the computer. " I know what happened, I heard. It may be too soon but I thought you could use some extra money, so I looked around and I found this..." Scanning the screen it read, "Retirement home caretaker needed, send in your resume."
"Sounds nice..." My voice raspy.
"I'm sorry Kirsten, it was unexpected. I just want you to be happy, I'll help you out paying for your mothers funeral." I leaned against him, he swivled his chair so he could embrace me. Tomorrow I'll go in and enquire but for now... I'll enjoy Sebastians presence.
Sebastian must have carried me to bed, I don't remember going upstairs. I adored Sebastian for his compassion. It was what I needed, I also need a job. Sebastians naked body lay beside me, struggling to leave him, I heaved myself out of bed. Today was going to be better than the day before, I hope.
When I stepped out of the brightly painted office, a young man followed me out. "We'll see you in a hour."
" Thankyou again, Grant." I said walking out the glass doors, Sebastians brand new Audi was idling in front of the pavement. I could feel myself smile when Sebastian stepped out and came round to open my door for me. " Why thankyou kind gentleman." I said with a southern accent.
"No problem, fair lady." Spoken like a true cowboy. "So, how'd it go?" Sebastian said pulling out of the retirement home.
"I got it, I have to be back here in a hour."
"Good on you babe." He placed his hand on my thigh and gave a small squeezed.
Twirling in front of the large full body mirror, Sebastian's figure leaned against the door frame. "You look good."
"These clothes better look good because they cost a fortune."
"Trust me you look fine. Let's go we'll be late."
"Okay." I said quickly sliding into my flats and grabbing my hand bag. Sebastian dropped me off at the front entrance and placed a quick kiss on my lips.
"Bye-bye." He winked and gave my butt a slap.
"Do you mind?" I gave him daggers.
"Nope." He grinned. Slamming my door, he sped off. I walked through the glass doors, the musty smell of the retirement home was one I'd never get used to. As I walked down the large hallway, I was greeted by many of my patients. "Hi, Kirsten. You look lovely today." Phil said in his sweet spanish accent.
"Oh, thankyou, you don't look half bad yourself." I winked and moved to the lobby room door. Pushing the door open, I was welcomed by the warmth of Spring. The large glass windows were open, letting in the smell of daisies into the room. A small old man, sat by himself on the row of seats located next to the sliding doors.
"Hello, I'm Kirsten. How can I help you today?" I smiled, showing my sparkling teeth.
"Hi, Kirsten. I'm Bernie. I was wondering if you had an vacant rooms? My son told me that Free Hills was the best of the best for old ducks like myself." And at that I had to laugh, I was begining to like Bernie before I even knew him.
"Yes, we do have a few rooms. Tell your son I said thankyou for the compliment. This business was hard to start up, but hey, we made it in the end. If you'll follow me please, I'll get Naomi to grab your things." Smiling, I led him down the cream hallways that had haunted me, I'd seen so many lovely people come and go over time.
"You're a darling Kirsten, my son would really like you."
"Oh... Bernie, I'm not really into the whole dating scene."
"That's okay sweetheart." He put his hand on my shoulder, with a small toothy smile as he opened the door to his room. Naomi quickly rushed in with his suitcases.
"Here you are Mr. Ferent sir."
"Oh, call me Bernie please."
"Sure thing, Bernie." Naomi smiled. She turned to me and put her mouth close to my ear. " I like this old man." I just laughed.
As my staff and I sat for lunch our conversation changed from old people to our next step in our careers. "I was thinking of doing a University course for Nursing." Helen smiled as she bit a chunk out of her salad roll.
"Helen, that's great! I might do engineering, for you know, like boats and cars." Dylan added. Dylan was the youngest guy on our staff he only just turned 17, a young volunteer.
"Major in Psychology." Naomi managed to blurt out as her mouth was full of macaroni.
"Kirsten, what are you going to do?" They looked at me all in sync.
After clearing my throat I said, "I'm doing an English literature course this weekend. I may go into helping under privliaged children with learning."
"You are the little helper." Jackson laughed as he walked into the room. "Just dropping off the old folks meds."
"Oh thankyou Jackson!" I jumped up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek while taking the box from jackson. I sat it onto the counter


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