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His Beach House

Novel By: FutureMarinesGirl

Carson Collins never knew what it was like to have a family. Her mother hates her and her father and does everything she can to keep her away from him. One day her best friend Nicole asks her to come to her house this summer instead of staying at school. Little did Carson know that saying yes would change her life forever..... View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirteen

We walked into the house to see all the guys sitting lazily on the couches in the living room topless. They all looked up as we walked in. "Hey that was a short run." Tucker said looking up from the TV.

"Yeah decided to come back instead." Nic shrugged sitting down next to Liam on one of the couches. Tucker patted the spot next to him for me to sit down on. I sat down and curled up on his side. He kissed my head.

"Did you enjoy your run?" He asked moving him arm to pull me closer to him. I nodded closing my eyes sighing as I leaned against him. "What's wrong Baby?" He whispered rubbing my back.

"Nothin'." I sighed looking up at his gray eyes as they stared at me. He ran his fingers down my cheek.

"This doesn't look like nothing." He whispered pressing his lips to my forehead. He pouted at me gently rubbing my cheek making me sigh and cuddle closer to him.

"Stop it." I sighed smiling as his hand moved down my side.

"But I'm having fun." He smiled running his finger over a little scar on my pantie line from when I got stitches when I was 11 when I fell out of a tree and landed on a broken piece of glass at school. Mason freaked out with all the blood and picked me up and ran to the nurses building screaming. Turned out I broke my arm to and got 12 stitches and got to talk to my Dad for an hour. In my opinion it was worth it.

"Stop it. It tickles." I giggled at him but stopped short as I got a cramp like I did before when I was running. Tucker's eyes searched my face as my face scrunched up in pain. Tucker's hands froze instantly stopping his movement over my scar.

"Carson…are you okay?" He asked. I put my hand to my lower stomach and frowned. "Baby?" I sat back on the couch next to him and sighed. Nic looked at us.

"Are you two even listening to us?" I shrugged.

"What where you saying?" Tucker asked his hand creeping over to mine on my stomach and rub it gently staring at his sister.

"Well we were saying that it would be cool to go see the little zoo a couple towns over but Ben pointed out that it's going to rain soon like it did last night since we are getting some storm. So I asked if you had any ideas."

"Why don't we all just go to a mall? I'm sure there's a mall we can hang around somewhere around here." Tucker nodded at me.

"I agree with Carson here. I'm up for the mall, maybe even a movie." Nic nodded at him.

"I'm cool with that." Everyone agreed. The door knocked making us look at it.

"I'll go answer it. Y'all go change." I sat up as everyone made their way up stairs but Ben. "Go." I jerked my chin to the stairs. He shrugged his shoulders as I made my way to the front door as it knocked again. I opened the door and looked at the girl as she chewed on her gum like a cow texting on a blackberry. "Can I help you?" She looked up at me and grunted at me making me raise my eye brow. "As I said can I help you?" She ran a hand through her bleach blonde hair before looking at her friend who looked just like her.

"We're looking for Tucker Brown and Ben Roberts? Do you know where they are?" She said giving me a bored look. I looked back into the house at Ben. He looked out one of the windows before shaking him head at me.

"We don't live here. You don't know us." He whispered fiercely at me shaking his head. "Please?" I nodded at him sticking my head back out the door.

"Sorry sweetheart. I ain't sure how this 'Black Tucker or Robert Ben' is. I'm sure as the sun is blue that there ain't no boys of those names under here. All I got here is my Ma, my Pa, and my 4 cousin Betty-Lou, and Betty- Sue, Sally-may, and Jim-Bob. Oh my Grandmamma and Grandpapa are here too. Y'all want me to gettin' them? 'Cause I can if ya want." I said in a thick southern accent. The girls looked at me like I was some idiot as I stared at them with an innocent look.

"Uh no thanks. We will be getting on our way." She pulled a face at me turning around. "Uh thanks anyway." She turned to her friend. "Freak." She whispered causing both of them to burst into giggles walking away. I closed the door making Ben look at me.

"Betty- Sue, Betty- Lou, Jim- Bob, and Sally- May? Do you even have cousins with those names? Are those even names?" He laughed. I shrugged.

"I knew this boy named Jim- Bob whose twin sisters were Betty- Sue and Betty- Lou." I smiled at him shrugging one of my shoulders.

"You sure are special my little Southern Belle." He said trying to copy my southern accent. I shook my head at him patting his bare shoulder.

"Leave it to the experts." I laughed at him. I looked back at the doors. "Now who were they Ben?" I looked back at him. "I didn't like them." I said as he sighed.

"Let's just say that they won't leave Tucker and me alone anymore." He rubbed his shaven head.

"As in…" I trailed off for him to finish.

"I rather not talk about them. Tucker should tell you…not me." He shrugged. "But I don't think you have to worry about her." I nodded silently at him.

"I understand Ben…." I said quietly looking at the door.

"Carson?" I looked at him.

"Yup?" He smiled at me.

"Thanks…for making them go away. It's just…" I raised my eyebrows at him. "We're on vacation and we don't want to have to deal with them yet." I nodded understanding where he was getting at.

"Don't worry Ben. I understand you." He nodded. "I'm going to change." I walked up the stairs into my room. I pulled my shorts down leaving me in only my normal boy shorts and sports bra.

"I think I like this view." I jumped and turned around to look at my bed. Tucker smiled at me from where he was laying with his hands behind his head as he laid on my pillows.

"What are you doing?" I blushed at my barely dressed body. He smiled moving to lean on his elbows and smile at me in only his boxers.

"Well I was waiting for you to come up and I was in pants but I decided that I would rather be in boxers so…." He trailed off standing up and walking towards me. "You really are beautiful Carson." He whispered hooking his finger in the bottom of my sports bra and pulled it up so my breasts bounced out. I blushed as he pulled me closer to him so he was pressed against me. He ran his fingers over the sensitive skin making me drop my head to his shoulder.

"Tucker…" I whispered as he felt me with one hand and his other hand started to move down to my blue boy shorts. He moved one of his fingers to start to move the front of my panties down but I caught his hand. His fingers still moved over my pale skin making me shudder. "Tucker not now." I whimpered breathless as his hardness pressed against my leg. I looked up as Tucker closed his eye. "Not know. Later. I promise." He nodded licking his dry lips.

"I'm going to hold you up to that." He leaned his forehead against mine. He looked down at me before pulling my bra down to cover me again. "To beautiful for me right now. I need to go down, not up." He laughed as I blushed getting what he was talking about. "I love when you blush my innocent beauty." He kissed me.

"Stop it." I gave a chuckle trying to hide my blush from him again. He pulled me back to him as I tried to escape.

"No. I shall never stop as I have the power to make you blush my little tomato." He kissed my hair and pressed kisses to my ears too.

"Stop it." I stepped out of his arms to get dressed.

"Come on." He smiled at me. I pulled out a new bra and slipped off my sports one as Tucker slipped his hands back over me making me slap his hand as he kissed my shoulder.

"Tucker!" I laughed slapping his hand again pulling his hand off me as I slipped my bra on.

"What?" He asked me innocently watching as I grabbed a shirt and slipped it on looking for getting a pair of jeans to put on as Tucker picked up a pair of jeans he brought in with him and slipping them back on. He walked over to come kiss me again. "Come one Car." He smiled at me slipping his hand under my shirt.

"No. Go." I scowled him but I couldn't keep the smile off my face.

"Alright. Alright." He kissed me gently before walking to the door. "You sure?" He asked teasingly.

"Go!" I laughed as he walked out of my room as slipped on my jeans and buttoned them before grabbing my cellphone and keys to the jeep and walking out of my room closing my door behind me…


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