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Marek and Marika are the twins of Imirial Parker and the love of her life Lolek. Many years after his death she moves to Oregon where she lives a normal life with her two beautiful kids. Old friends resurface as some old enemies come back to haunt her. Will she be faced with the choice of saving one child while the other dies? Is there more to these children then even she could expect? Will romance blossom after all this time? View table of contents...

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"Hurry up guys you are going to be late for school again." I tried every morning to get those two going, but every morning was trying.

"Mom, I don't wanna go to school, I really want to go to that concert in town. Please momma please. A brown haired girl with beautiful eyes answered back from her bed.

"No no absolutely not. Marika Parker you get your ass out of bed this minute and get dressed. If I have to come back here again Mari I am going to really get mad." I sighed and walked away from her down the hall to my son's room.

I knocked on the door and he answered promptly. I saw he was dressed and I smiled at him. "Good morning, is everything ready to go."

"Yes momma I am ready. I am gonna go eat, is SHE awake?" I laughed at the say he said it. They were close as close could be but first thing in the morning I had two alpha wolves to wrangle.

"I hope so, we have to get going soon." He nodded his head and started to bang on his sister's door as I walked down stairs. You could hear his deep voice penetrate her door causing her to open it and push past him.

I walked into the kitchen and got things out for breakfast. They changed quicker than the temperature and who knew what they would eat. I grabbed myself a cup of coffe and sat at the table. No matter how long I lived in our home, it never truly felt like home. There was always something missing and looking at my son I knew just what it was. It was almost fifteen years ago that the love of my life died and I decided to go it alone with the children.

"Mom don't forget that I have practice today, and the game is tomorrow." I nodded to Marek, he was very athletic and loved soccer. He was on his way to a scholarship if he kept it up and I couldn't have been prouder of him.

"I haven't forgotten, and I never would." Meri came down the stairs in a huff and looked at me. I smiled at her. "Meri do you have Lacross practice today?"

"Yes Ma'am I do. We have our game tonight though, momma please don't be late."

I nodded my head. "Marek and I will be there cheering for you. I wouldn't miss your game for the world, just like I wouldn't miss your brother's."

"I wouldn't either momma he is really good. Now come on we gotta go."

I smiled as my two beautiful children, the last thing I had of my Lolek, rushed me out the door to school. No matter how much grief they gave me, we were very close. I had moved out to Oregon when they were four and set up shop so to speak, while I went to school and worked two jobs to pay the bills. That is how I met Ava, my best friend.

Ava, having four kids of her own, was a big help when it came to me learning the ins and outs of motherhood. We see each other every day and spend hours talking. She works in the shop with me so we are always catching up on the small things. Ava is also good when guys try to muscle their way in to me. I haven't dated and didn't want to date, but that didn't make the men less persistant.

I reached the school with only minutes to spare. Mari and Marek rushed from the car and to class as fast as they could, which left me to rush to work. Independence Oregon isn't a big place, but it is home to me. As I pulled up in the parking lot of the small shop I got out and smiled. Ava had called me and told me that we had to talk, so I knew she had some big news.

I walked in the door and smiled as Ava rushed over to me. "Imiri, I know I never push guys on you, but I really need you to see this guy. Hott, kind and a gentleman. Did I also mention he is mouth watering."

Breathe Ava, breathe. You know me Ava, dating isn't my thing. Between work, school, and my kids I don't have the time and my heart isn't giving me the inclination."

"Just think about it please. You know me, I wouldn't do it if I didn't think you two would fit together." She was jumping up and down with excitement, her red hair moving with her, shining brightly. Her green eyes bored into mine and I laughed.

"For you Ava, we will see."


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