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Love Forever Bound

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst

The last installment of the series. The epiloge, a few chapters into what happened after it all. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 16, 2010    Reads: 75    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

I made the call to Kie's brother before I got dressed and headed down for my first cup of coffee. He said he would line it all up for me and they would be able to help me thirty minutes later. I got dressed, added my knives to the mix, I knew that the guns would have been too obvious. I felt off, just really really off as I moved down stairs to get my coffee and then to head out and start up my work again on the oversized deck for the kids.

I walked ouside to be greated by ten faces I knew and five that I didn't. I looked over and moved to introduce myself. I smiled at each in turn and then moved over to my spot from the day before and kept working. It wasn't long after that Ava decided to show up. I smiled at her and waved her over throwing a hammer in her direction as we both kept moving. She nodded to me and worked on the other side farthest from me.

A guy I didn't knew came over to me and started his work close by. I looked up and acknowledged him before I plugged in my MP3 player and hooked it to the back of my shorts. We all worked endlessly, but I was more than alert. I watched as the man close to me kept inching forward before his work was done. I moved up to him, took out my headphones and stood up straight.

"Hi. I know that we just met and all, but this job can't be done half assed. I see a dozen or so mistakes that you made in that area. I asked your boss to send me capable people since I am on a deadline of only a couple weeks. Do you think you can once over it again for me. We need this to be spot on."

He nodded and I moved over to my foreman and smiled. "Hey Shane, I am going to hose down behind the barn real quick. The cool water might help."

He nodded as I walked off to find salvation in cold water to get the heat off my body. I knew my error the moment that the water hit my body a force propelled me forward and I felt my body hit the ground. I quickly got up and turned around to be faced with the man that was working with me earlier.

"You and Ava make this too easy for us. Coming together like this makes killing you that much more satisfying."

I tilted my head to the side and looked at him oddly. "You know for someone so set on killing another you really talk a lot. If I want stimulating conversation I would call my husband. If you want to kill someone you just run the kni-"

I looked past him to Cherry who had already done just that. She threw the knife to the ground as we both heard a grunt from the other side of the barn. We ran to see Ava in a pinch with the other man that had come over with the group. I jumped on him to get his hands from around Ava's throat as Cherry moved in for the kill. Ava stopped her last minute.

"We need information from this one. Don't kill him yet. I promise that when you do it will be good and slow."

Chery nodded and pushed the blade into the guy's finger. "I hope that you will answer our questions. We don't want to have to make this more painful than it's already going to be. Imi, why don't you ask the first question."

I smiled evily. "First question. Who sent you to kill us and why?"

He looked at us for a moment, but kept his mouth shut. Ava smiled and hit him square in the face. He moaned in pain as shot after shot she slung at him.

I gave her about ten before I pulled her off of him. "I would advise an answer at this point. They have a lot of pent up rage and I won't stop them again."

He started to murmur, we all moved closer to hear. "Chris.... Military.... RED."

We all looked at each and then a gunshot filled the air. We looked down at the man whose blood covered our hands and sighed.

We looked up to see one of the ranchhands with a shotgun. "I won't let you get hurt mistress, the boss would kill me."

I sighed again and looked at the other two. "And thus ends our interragation."


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