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The light in the center of my darkness

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Mara is a single mother of two children who moved to GA two years ago to restart her life. Along the way she meets a few people and gets even closer to her best friend. Life threw her a curve ball and now she struggles to keep her secret from those who would restrain her independence. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 21, 2011    Reads: 122    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

That southern drawl cut through the air like a sweet perfume. I squealed and turned towards the sound. I walke carefully towards the front door and engulfed my uncle in a bear hug.

"Uncle Charlie I missed you so much. When did you get here, I didn't even hear the truck."

He held me tightly and lifted me off the floor and spun me around. "Girl I thought you was never gonna come home. Why is there some guy on the porch? Did you bring him witcha?"

I giggled. "Uncle Charlie you be nice, do you understand me. His name is Rick and I like him so you behave yourself or no more cookies."

I heard him sigh. "Looks like Shadow out there likes him." I laughed at my dad's CB handle. "I am gonna go grab a drink off the porch and say hello before I go to bed. Good night sweetie." He kissed me on the head and moved around me. I smiled and moved back towards my room. I put my hand on the door for a moment before I entered.

There were so many memories in the house that they all flooded back in a movie of laughs, pain and sorrow. I opened the door and walked into the room. I sat on the bed and thought of some of the great memories of my brother and sister and of the pain and loss when I heard the door open. I froze for a moment until I heard Rick's voice.

"You have an interesting uncle there baby. My goodness, putting him together with your Dad was fun to watch. I snuck away to spend time with you. Your mom gave the the whole 'go make sure she is alright' thing with a wink. Not quite sure what that means."

I giggled to myself. "That was the be quiet if you are going to play wink. I know that very well, hence the whole check on me thing. Do you think you could help me find my PJs? Just in case you aren't in the mood so I can get some rest."

I felt his arms go around me and his lips against my neck. "Not in the mood are you kidding have you seen yourself lately. You... Oops, sorry. You are gorgeous Mara, sweet, kind and independent to a fault. How could I not love you or not be turned on by you? I mean really. Now how about we forget about clothes for right now huh?"

I laughed and ran my hands under his shirt. I heard him take in a sharp breath and I smiled to myself. I ran my hands over his tight abs and bit my lip. I felt his hands on my shoulders as he gently laid me back on the bed. I felt my shirt bunch up right under my breasts and his lips pressed against my ribs. My hands went to the back of his head as my body arched into him. It felt so good as he worked his way up and took my shirt slowly off. He then kissed my collar bone, my neck and then my cheek before his wonderful lips found mine. I wrapped my arms around him and melted as his body covered mine. I cound feel the rough denim of him pants on the inside of my thigh and my breathing came in gasps. His hands worked to unfasten my bra as I moved my hands down to undo his belt. He groaned into the kiss as I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it slowly over his arms.

I smiled as he gently bit my lip and and unbuttoned my pants. my hands roamed over his skin in a loving caress as he lifted me off the bed and cradled me to him as he sat up and placed me in his lap. I ground my hips into him as I wrapped myself around him and kissed him deeply. I felt one of his hands glide down to my hip as the other took off my underwear and threw it goodness knew where. I got down on my knees in front of him and put my hand on his chest as I slid off his boxers and threw them to the floor. I moved back and straddled his lap, the hard length of him pressed against my inner thigh. I threw my head back as he kissed from my collar bone to my chest where he sucked and bit gently which caused me to gasp. I felt the heat in my body become stifling and I wanted so much to have him impale me but his kept up with such tender teasing.

"Keep that up and I am going to take control away from you." I moaned deeply into his ear.

He took his hands from around me and I got confused for a moment until I ran my hands up his chest and tried to place my hands around his neck and I felt his hands placed there. I smirked and pushed him back against the bed. I kissed my way from his hips all the way up to his neck. He was panting as my hands wrapped around his engorged penis and with each kiss I stroked him until his moans blended together. I felt his hands go around my hips again and he squeezed tightly as I rocked up against his hard cock.

"Please, please." He begged over and over again. I raised my hips up and filled my hot body with him. Pleasure exploded through me as Rick lost control and flipped me onto the bed. His movements were slow and sweet, it was amazing. I felt myself turn to gold under his touch. As he sped up my moans blended with his and I felt the heat in body rise until I thought my body was going to explode...


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