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The light in the center of my darkness

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Mara is a single mother of two children who moved to GA two years ago to restart her life. Along the way she meets a few people and gets even closer to her best friend. Life threw her a curve ball and now she struggles to keep her secret from those who would restrain her independence. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 22, 2011    Reads: 103    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Morning came quicker than I would have liked and two little bundles of fun decided it would be fun to jump on mommy and Rick. They bounced on the bed and fell on us. Rick automatically grabbed Teagan and started to rough house with him. I grabbed Tori and wrapped her in my arms and showered her in kisses while she giggled at me, and that was how we were found.

"You know if I didn't know any better I would say that the earthquake last night came from this room." My uncle said from the door with laughter in his voice.

I smiled. "Well Uncle Charlie, you wouldn't be completely wrong. How can I help you this morning?"

I heard him groan. "Well my dear I was told to escort you to breakfast as we are stealing your playtoy over there and your sister is going to come see you and pick up the kids. You are going to hang out with your mother for the day."

I put my head in my hands. "I swear to every Goddess I can think of Uncle Charlie if you and Daddy go crazy I am going to make you two look like tinker toys, do I make myself clear."

His roar of laughter filled the room. "Knowing that you could actually do it we will behave. Just because you said that we will behave. We were going to be nice anyway and take him to some of the mud trails around here, but now I think we'll take him just so you don't nag him to death."

I growled at my uncle causing him to laugh again. "That is my little hellcat girl. Now get out of bed and come eat before me and biggin eat it all."

I pretended to pout. "You would starve your own niece and nephew, how could you Charles Montgomery. I understand that you two roadhammers gotta eat when you can but how could you do it at the expense of your favorite niece and nephew? Huh?"

There was silence for a moment and I got out of bed and walked to the door and hugged him tight. He hugged me back and whispered in my ear. "Don't make me tell your mother what you were doing last night. It might make her blush."

I stepped back and laughed hard. "Oh Uncle Charlie even at her age my mother could teach me a few things, now be a dear and take me over to our bags so I can change the kids then we will be in."

"I will do you one better sweetie, get comfortable on the floor and I will bring them to you, that way you don't have to injure yourself."

I growled to myself but nodded my head. In that moment I knew I was going to have to have the same talk with him that I did my parents. It wasn't long before I heard a bag dropped onto the carpet in front of me. I opened it up and got fresh pullups for them and had Rick help me with the clothes. We were all dressed and Rick even helped me to braid my hair back. He led me to the table where I sat down and then heard a plate dropped in front of me and got a kiss on my head.

"Morning Daddy, how did you sleep?"

He laughed. "Well, it would have been better if all the banging would have stopped before 3am."

I blushed. "Sorry Daddy but he is hard to resist. Anywho, I heard from my favorite uncle that you guys are taking Rick to the trails? That is a long trip and we just did a six hour drive yesterday."

I felt arms around me and a kiss planted on my neck. "It is alright hun, it will give me a chance to bond with them. That way you and your mom can spend some much needed time together. Goodness knows you two haven't had a lot of it in the past two years. Now shut up, eat your damn breakfast and lemme hang with the guys. Too much estrogen here for me."

I started to giggle until I felt the tension in the room. I stood up and walked over to my parents carefully. "Calm down guys he was playing, goodness knows who wears the pants in this relationship blind or not. Now calm down, there is no call for raised hackles. Daddy you be good to my guy or I will string you up on a trout line and use you for gator bait, understand?"

I heard my mother laugh and knew that the situation had blown over. I hugged my dad tight and then went back to scarfing down my breakfast with a single minded intensity. Great sex will sure make you hungry.


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