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The light in the center of my darkness

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Mara is a single mother of two children who moved to GA two years ago to restart her life. Along the way she meets a few people and gets even closer to her best friend. Life threw her a curve ball and now she struggles to keep her secret from those who would restrain her independence. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 15, 2011    Reads: 75    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

She took a step forward and I held my ground. I was so tired of the running, of the hiding, it was time for me to face my own demons. I moved forward slowly and hesitantly. "You know it could be a good think they were screaming my name other than some two bit hooker. At least I gave them something to fantisize about. I mean if you gave over every trick you have already then what is the point of even trying to pretend any longer." I giggled. "At least now you know what the men in your family really crave. I wouldn't have anything to do with them, but at least now we know." Each word was a step in her direction until I could feel her breath on my face.

"You are arrogant, snide and nothing but a bitch. I don't know why in the hell any man would want you. For goodness sakes I remember when you still had your sight and were as meek as a mouse and timid as a house cat. When you lost your sight and your whole world Jack and I were there to pick of the pieces and watch the children. Now that you think you are all that someone really should take you down a peg."

I felt the air move around me and found myself pushed backwards. I braced myself and moved forward, I wasn't going to lose ground. I felt the air shift again and this time I moved with it and landed a punch right on her jaw.

"You know Geo, it is definately good that I wasn't actually going to hand you over custody of my children, I mean come on now, like I couldn't tell that there was something up. Give me a break I am blind, not stupid. You were waiting for the chance to screw me over and I knew it. I am done with you Geo now go, I don't want you back here again or I will take you out, do you understand?"

I heard a grunt and rustling coming from in front of me. I braced myself for another attack and but I heard a sigh. "You know I would have thought you were weaker because in the time I have been helping you, well you haven't fought once. I was wrong, but you still need to watch your back. I won't give up so easily and we are definately not through. The two of us will never be through as long as I breath Mara, I really hope that you understand that."

I nodded my head. "Well then I need to make sure the next time we meet you just stop breathing. Geo, I am done being nice no matter what. I have had too much shit in my life to worry about being nice now. The next time we do meet I will take that pretty head of yours off your shoulders for you. You can bet your ass that after this moment it is no holds barred." I turned away from her and headed back through the woods that I knew so well. I was done with it all and the more I stood there the more my body pressed me into the final bouts of anger that would have me kill her where she stood.

As I stepped out of the woods I felt arms engulf me and the familar scent of horses and leather. I embraced Rick and smiled into his chest. I felt his intake of breath as he saw the scratches across my skin from where I brushed up against a tree when Georgia pushed me. His hands held me so protectively yet gentle at the same time and I felt at home.

"Are you alright Mara, not hurt at all?" The question lumed before me and I just smiled.

I shook my head. "Not hurt at all. Those are just scractches and nothing to worry about." I felt myself being led back through the yard. I felt the steps under my feet and moved up them until I felt the cool air on my face, a stark contrast to the heat of the Georgia air in the middle of the summer. Rick led me to a chair and then I heard his steps disappear and return moments later. It was a few seconds before I smelled the sharp scent of alcohol and knew what was going to happen. I braced myself for the sting and kept my face passive.

"She vowed to kill me Rick. The next time that her and I meet." I paused for a moment. "I really want to feel that woman's blood on my hands, everything that happened was because of her and now I just want it all to end."

I felt his intake of breath. "One thing at a time my love, let's call your doctor and see what we can do about those beautiful eyes of yours. Then we will talk vengence."

I nodded. "One day things will go right, one day where I don't have to watch my back and wonder what is coming at me. And when that day comes, you can be sure that I will be the happiest person ever, but until then....."


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