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The light in the center of my darkness

Novel By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Mara is a single mother of two children who moved to GA two years ago to restart her life. Along the way she meets a few people and gets even closer to her best friend. Life threw her a curve ball and now she struggles to keep her secret from those who would restrain her independence. View table of contents...


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I was in shock, total shock that there had been a donor. "When, when can they do it? I mean I really want to see again. How long do we have?"
Rick danced me around the floor. "They said that immediately would be better because you will be bandaged for two weeks before they will check your vision. So what should I tell them?"
I smiled. "Let me call my mother and see if she can come watch the kids for that long. Wow, this is amazing."
I dialed my mother. The phone rang twice before she picked up frantically.
Mom: Mara, are you coming home baby, is everything alright?
I giggled.
Me: Momma, I have great news and bad news at the same time.
Mom: Give me the bad news first... Usually that makes the good news better.
Me: I have to leave for two weeks and I need you to come watch the kids.
Mom: Alright, where are you going and why?
Me: I have to go to Washington to get ready for a transplant they are ready to do immediately.
My mother started to scream on the phone and I could hear her crying and screaming "Thank God" over and over again. I heard the phone get picked up.
Dad: Mara, what the hell is up with your damn mother. I haven't ever seen her like this. She is completely crazy.
Me: Dad I am going to Washington for a transplant immediately. I need mom to come watch the kids that way I can see again.
Dad: Hell Yeah, and if she doesn't come I will. One of us will be there within six hours, you get yourself packed and ready to go. Are they paying for the tickets?
Rick: Yes, they are paying for tickets, food, accomodations and everything while we are there. They really want to get this done.
Dad: Good, well your mother is staring at me, I think she wants the phone back.
Me: Thanks Dad, love you.
Dad: Love you too Marabear.
Mom: I will be there in six hours, maybe seven because I have to pack but I will be there tonight so you can leave tomorrow.
Me: Alright I will have Rick let them know that we can leave tomorrow morning.
Mom: Good now I am going to get off the phone so I can get hustling. I love you Mara.
Me: I love you too Mom. See you tonight.
I hung up the phone and Rick was already typing up a furious email to the hospital in Washington as I started to smile. It felt amazing that I would be able to see again, my children, the sunshine and the man that I was madly in love with. I moved around until I was sitting in a chair near Tori and Teagan. I felt a small hand on my left arm and looked with my sightless eyes in that direction.
"Mommy, is everything okay?" Tori's sweet voice broke the silence, the worry evident in her voice."
I grasped her lightly and sat her on my lap. "Baby, everything is just fine. Mommy is going to have to go away for a while, but Granny will be here while I am gone. When Mommy comes home, she will be able to see you and enjoy things with you."
I heard Teagan gasp. "Mommy is it true, is it true. You will be able to see us again and do things again."
I smiled. "Yes baby, Mommy will be able to see again, see you for the first time. Even though I am here with you everyday, Mommy has never seen you and she would really like to see what beautiful children she has."
Teagan hugged me tightly. "If it makes you happy Mommy, then we will be happy too. I love you Mommy and I am going to miss you."
I kissed the top of Teagan's head and smiled into his short hair. "I love you too my son, and I will call you as much as I can and talk to you. Mommy is really excited about this, about being able to see again. So this little time apart could change our lives babies, alright?"
I felt them both nod their heads into my shoulder. "Why don't you two start on your work while Mommy is packing and we will have a movie night together. Your choice on the movie alright?"
They sent up a cheer and moved quickly to their rooms and I smiled to myself. I heard heavy steps move across the floor and then Rick sat down and grabbed my hand.
"They said that they will email me back in an hour with our plane tickets and accomodations after the surgury and everything. So don't worry they are getting things done. I am going to go pack our things and get everything together. How about you go relax in a bath for a little bit. I think this is a lot to put on your brain along with everything else. If we don't kill each other from this, I think we will be alright. At least, I think we should be. I know we have a lot to talk out and as long as you don't go running screaming in the opposite direction when you see me then I think we will make it."
I started to giggle at him. "I won't go screaming the other direction, I have been able to map out your face and features and you are handsome my dear. Yes, we have a lot to discuss and things that one should know about the other, well mostly what you need to know about me, but it will be alright. I think a bath sounds wonderful, do you think you could braid my hair back for me and pin it up so it doesn't get wet?"
I felt Rick shaking with laughter before I heard it. "Sure, not a problem. Now let's get you settled while I get everything together."
I sat still as Rick braided my hair and pinned my long hair in a crown at the top of my head. I smiled as I felt it and then giggled to myself. "Hey Rick, are you sure you aren't gay because you did a pretty darn good job."
He laughed loudly then. "No, Tori taught me how to do it to her. Said that Georgia used to do it for her all the time and she liked it so she walked me through it. It really took me a while to get it."
I smiled. "Well I am glad my daughter could teach you something useful. Goodness knows if we have another kid and it is a girl, you will have a useful skill."
He paused. "You know I think you are right. It would be good to have another baby running around. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be."
I smiled as he started the bath for me. I was so lucky to have him in my life and I was so happy in that moment even without my sight. I wondered how my life was going to change. I heard the water go off, I stripped down and let Rick help me into the tub. I felt him put a towel behind my head and he grabbed my hand and put something in it.
"Gonna give you something soft to listen to, need to get your stress down and this will work wonders on you. Once you are done dinner should be ready, we should be packed and everything will be right on track. You don't need to worry about a thing."
I smiled. "Yes I do. I have to worry about you burning the house down with your cooking. As long as I don't smell anything burning I think we will be okay."
He gently tapped my shoulder. "Alright you smartass, just lay here and relax for a while. I will handle what needs to be done."
I nodded, put on the headphones and relaxed even more into the tub. As the music moved through me I relaxed and everything started to slow down in my head. I started to think clearly and I started to weigh the pros and cons of getting my vision back. I was so accustom to my life and I was happy with everything, but it seemed like there was so much that I was missing. I got lost in my thoughts and drifted slowly to sleep. It didn't feel like long before Rick was tapping me on the shoulder.
I jumped a bit at his touch. "Sorry Mara, I didn't mean to scare you, I did try to call your name and forgot about the music. Dinner is ready love and you mother called to say she would be here in an hour. Seems I let you sleep a little bit too long. We leave at 4:30 in the morning and you are going to need as much rest as you can get because as soon as we get there with Molly, you will be having a consult with the doctor."
I took in a deep breath and nodded as Rick helped me out of the water and into the bedroom to get my PJs on. As I walked out to the table with Molly at my side, I wondered how long it would take her to get used to me not needing her help all the time. Would they let me keep her since I didn't need her anymore. I couldn't lose my Molly, and that would be one stipulation to all of this. She was a part of our family now and I couldn't ever see my life without her in it.
As we sat down to eat the conversation was lively and I even joined in even though my heart was breaking for the fact that I would have to leave my kids behind. After dinner we settled in for a movie of the kid's choice, of course it would have been Gnomeo and Juliet. I giggled with them and smiled as I tried to picture it in my head. it was half way through the movie when my mother arrived. Everything seemed to be moving so fast and before I knew it I was being ushered to bed by my mother.
I got into bed and felt Rick cuddling up to me and I felt that scared feeling once again. "Rick, I am scared. I am afraid my life is going to change."
He nodded into my shoulder. "It just might, but you are going to be able to make the choices on how your life changes. No matter what you choose I will walk this path with you."
I nodded. "Thanks Rick. I love you so much."
I felt him smile into my shoulderblade. "I love you too Mara. So much I love you."
With that we fell asleep and I knew that 4:30 was going to come quicker than I was ready for. I had had so many changes in my life, this was just another step in the right direction.


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