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Naïve, sixteen year old April Winters goes to a ball one night, expecting a torturous night of dancing, boring people, and small talk.
However, she's literally (and unwillingly) whisked off her feet by the oh-so sexy and attractive Prince Kingsley. Acting on desperation, he takes her to the lavish garden and proposes. And poor April, who had never been able to say "no" to anybody, agrees.
As life progresses and she continues living with the royal, moody family, April begins to wonder what she had gotten herself into. Especially when she's faced with problems such as being forced to share a bed with the tempting Kingsley, unbearable in-laws, and the prince confessing his love to her only three months after the wedding ceremony! View table of contents...


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Red sunlight streaked through the ceiling-high window the next morning. I peeked an eye open to glare at the unwelcome light source. From the lacy curtains, I could see the sun rising. I turned to my other side and found Kingsley with his eyes on me.

"Good morning, sunshine," he smiled and said in a sing-song. He reached for my hand and I let him hold it.

"I like sunshine better than blondie," I muttered and closed my eyes. Unexpectedly, I was sliding across the bed and opened my eyes to find Kingsley's bare chest overtaking my view.

"April?" he said softly.


"I'm sorry for making you cry last night. I didn't know you didn't like me in that way." His voice sounded so heart broken and I felt horrible.

But he needed to know the truth. "I like you Kingsley. Honest, I do. But..." I searched for the right words. "I don't know you. I understand why you had to marry me. But I don't know why we have to act like a real husband and wife when we're really strangers." My voice broke and I began to cry silently.

Kingsley shushed me and stroked my hair. The gesture was more brotherly than a gesture of lust. And it was greatly appreciated.

My tears subsided and I looked up at his eyes. He had tears there, too. A stab of guilt struck me when I saw the mask of pain on his face. I knew that I was the one that put it there.

"Oh, Kingsley," I said softly and caressed his stubble-ridden face with my small hand. He pushed it away and let go of me.

"I have to go," he mumbled and got out of bed. I sat up, too and realized I was still in the lingerie I had put on the night before. "Oh, and I lied about your clothes. They're in the chest of drawers."

I was shocked to silence. He lied to me about my clothes being burned just to see me in the lingerie he had bought me?! I stood up and stalked to the chest of drawers. Sure enough, my shirts, pants, undergarments, and pajamas were folded neatly in four drawers.

If I had been in a cartoon, my head would have blown up and steam would have been coming out of my ears. How coudl he lie to me like that? What if he had been lying about the twenty-eight law? What if he had married me just to take advantage of my body? Was that why he was angry and dissapointed? Was he having second thoughts?

Well I was having second thoughts, too! The man lied to me just to see my body, for crying out loud!

I angrily yanked out a pair of jeans and a nice white blouse. At this point, I didn't care if Kingsley saw me naked, I just tore off the lingerie and stuffed it into the very back of my undergarments drawer.

Kingsley walked out of the bathroom as I was fishing around for a decent bra. I could tell I had captivated him, but I was so ticked I didn't care. Let him gape, he wasn't getting my virginity any time soon.

"April," he said huskily from across the room. I didn't even look at him. "April, please put clothes on. I won't be able to leave knowing you are in here nude." I sent him a glare that said, Don't mess with me: I'm angry at you.

He chuckled and stepped closer. I didn't even try to surpress my angry sigh. Apprently, being angry was "sexy."

He touched me quite low on the chest and I snapped around, grabbing his wrist and thrusting it away from my body. "Stay away from me, you sick pervert!" I hissed at him.

He chuckled and grabbed my butt with his free hand. I pulled away. "Touch me again, and I'm going to scream."

He leaned in very close and said seductively, "But you forget. I'm your husband. It wouldn't be considered rape if I decided to voilate you right now." My breath caught in my throat. The freak!

"Leave me alone, Kingsley!" I hissed. He looked like he wanted to argue, but instead walked past me. I tensed up angrly when he slapped me on the butt and walked out of the door.

"UGH!" I screeched and slammed the dresser drawer. I pulled on my clothes and scoured the room for my hidden suitcases.


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