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Our Final Hooray

Novel By: georgia

How would it feel if the person you loved sent their best friend to dump you while they re on the other side of the world? Well Lucy knows exactly how this feels due to her boyfriend Jordan getting famous. She thought her life was finally piecing together until Jeremy showed up at her door and told her Jordan didn’t love her anymore. She thought everything was falling to pieces, and nothing would ever be the same.

2 years later, Jordan comes back to town and Lucy is not the same person she used to be due to a rough life and big secret. What is in store for Lucy? What is her secret?

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Submitted:Apr 12, 2011    Reads: 758    Comments: 23    Likes: 6   

Our Final Hooray:

Fair Share of Bad Luck

Everyone in life has a struggle or thing that changes his or her life forever. For some people it could be winning the lottery or finding your other half, but for others they are not so lucky and have to deal with things like going homeless, losing someone or even having a horrible disease such as cancer or diabetes that they have to live for with for the rest of their life.

In my case, luck was never on my side. When I was eleven, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, no medicines or doctors were able to help her and she passed away the same year leaving behind me, my sister and my dad. Our family tried our best to stick together, but my dad didn't handle my mom's death so well. At first, he was fine and we thought nothing was wrong, but then 3 years later he finally broke and committed suicide. It was hard walking in and finding our dad had hung himself in the kitchen. With me being only 13, I thought for sure I would be taken away by child services, but my older sister Lauren was 18 at the time, and they let me stay with her. With both of our parents dead, all the money and everything in the will went to Lauren, until I was of age to take responsibility for things. When my parents were alive, they were quite wealthy, so we didn't have to worry about much. After seeing our dad in the kitchen, neither of us wanted to live in the house anymore, so we moved into a smaller apartment just for the two of us.

So you're probably thinking that I have had my fair share of bad luck, but that's not even the end of it. I have gone through a really bad breakup but that's nothing compared to what I'm going through right now. Currently at the age of 18, I found out that my mother was not the only one in the family to have cancer. I have severe lung cancer. Yeah, shitty luck right? Well I guess that's my life in a brief description, but at this rate, you never know when things could get worst...

"Lost Without Reason's lead singer Jordan Anderson and other band members were seen leaving L.A.'s night club, thursda..." I sighed as I turned off the TV, shaking my head.

"Can't give him up, huh Ms. Reynolds," I looked over the back of the couch to see my six-foot, blue eyes, blonde hair best friend leaning against the doorway to the kitchen. He crossed his arms over his chest and had his normal cocky smirk on his face.

"Don't you have somewhere else to be Mr. Walsh? Or do you live here now?" He came over and flopped beside me on the couch.

"Oh don't be like that, you know you loovvvve me." He reached over and gave me a nuggie on the top of my head. I glared at him as I fixed my long brownish blonde hair.

"Don't flatter yourself. I think you have the wrong sister on this one bud, because somehow Lauren see's potential in you and keeps you around. Probably just for your cooking." I smirked and gave him a nudge with my elbow. He held up a hand to his medium built chest with a fake hurt expression.

Ever since I have been little Oscar has been my best friend. He has been there through thick and thin for me. Through ALMOST everything. I haven't exactly told him about my cancer. Nevertheless, in grade five, we tried dating but realized that it was not for us and instead we stayed besties. I think of him like a brother to me.

Last year, him and Lauren discovered feeling for each other and have been dating since. At first I thought BARF! Lauren is like four/five years older than him, but then I realized that they make an adorable couple and are each other's perfect match. Now I see him twice as much I wish to, but hey he's Oscar.

"Speaking of my sister, where is she?" I asked, narrowing my eyes in on him. He gave me an innocent smile.

"Last time I saw her we were in her room." He wiggled his eyebrows and let out a chuckle. I groaned, regretting asking.

"She was making her bed, gosh get your mind out of the gutter Lucy." A smile formed on his lips.

"Sure, whatever you say."

These were the moments I actually enjoyed life, but you have to take them for granted because with my life you never know what could happen…


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