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Claiming Their Mate

Novel By: ggjjss1311

Tags: Rougue, Mates, Sex, Love, Fat, Ugly

Jassi, a rouge, travels across the states in the search for her mates. However, she does not search for one mate, instead she search for four mates. When she does find them, her weight comes in the way. Will Jassi claim her mates or let them be and not let her weight hold her down? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 13, 2012    Reads: 275    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Claiming Their Mate

Chapter 1

"Please! Please, daddy, don't do this to me!" I cry as I sat on the chair across him. "I don't wana get married. Not yet at least. I wana do stuff, go somewhere in life. I wana at least wait until I find my own mates…"


"You fucking bitch!" my dad shouts. "We are rouges and always will be. There's no fucking thing like mates. Your mother and I had an arranged marriage." He scoffs. "Mate… who'd want to mate you anyway? An ugly, fat, little whore!"

I sob, harder. He was right. All my life I was nothing but fat. As much as I tried losing the weight, I never could. And to worsen it even more I had PCOS, a disease where humans have irregular periods leading them to weight gain and facial hair growth. My mom rarely paid attention to what was happening even after I told her and when the doctor finally gave me the birth control, I'd already had a bit of facial hair. It wasn't like I had a beard or anything, but it was facial hair. Just bellow my chin a bit of hair. I was on the pill for two years until my parents stopped it because they found out I'd had sex.

My periods are regular now but the ugliness is still there. I bleach it whenever I can so they don't show much but it'll always be a fact that I'm ugly. Someone once told me to get laser done but I didn't have the money for that. Now I just need to get the money and at least make my face look good if not my body.

"Daddy, I don't wana get married. I know I made a mistake but I promise I won't do it again!"

"Well, you shouldn't have done nothing in the first place," my aunt, also known as my dad's youngest sister, says. "You've done nothing but disgrace the whole family, Jassi. You went out and had sex with that guy, and not just any guy, a guy who's six years older than you! You knew sex is only allowed after marriage in this family. Why, Jassi, Why'd you do it?"

"He accepted me," I whisper, closing my eyes and thinking about him.

Jay. His skin was a soft, Carmel color. He had the most beautiful hazel-green eyes. He was a few inches taller than me so I always had to lift my head up. I remembered running my hands down his broad shoulders, down his wide chest, up to his muscular chest. He took everything or mine. My virginity, my first kiss, and my first lust. The only thing he never took was my first love. That, now, was for my mates only. I remember how his hugs used to assure me that everything was going to be okay. That someone actually loved me and actually thought I was beautiful.

"He always listened to me. He told me he loved me even though I knew I didn't love him back. He liked me even through my fatness and my ugliness. He accepted me for me, daddy."


"That's it, bitch! You're getting married tomorrow!"

That night I didn't sleep. Instead, I quietly packed my bags as everyone slept.

Kristal and Chrissie helped me escape. Since my family were rogues, there weren't any werewolves we knew about other than us, seeing we lived in Atlantic City. Kristal and Chrissie were both humans and my friends for the past four years. I trusted them with my life, that's how desperate I was to leave home.

Even though my bank account was under my mom's as a joint account, I was still able to take my nine hundred dollars out considering I was already eighteen. It wasn't like I was stealing from my parents. This money was my hard earned money when I worked at McDonald's. And even though I loved my parents too much to ever hurt them, I knew I had to do this. I needed my freedom and I couldn't live under their conditions any more.

But one think I didn't understand was what was wrong with me when I handed Kristal the money. Not only did I trust people easily but I might've been under a lot of stress. Even though I chose the path to leave home, my parents kept on calling Kristal and Chrissie. They kept on emotionally blackmailing me, trying to get me to come home and crying over the phone. At some point I even gave up and decided to go home, but then a picture of my mates came in front of me and I couldn't.

So when I decided to give Kristal the money, keeping hundred bucks aside, I trusted her to give it back to me when I decided to leave. But she didn't. Instead she dumped me on the side of the street and told me she couldn't afford to get into trouble with the cops my folks had out for me.

Even after being robbed and betrayed by my only support, I still had my hundred bucks on me, enough to get me where I wanted to go. Werestown, home town of the werewolves. I was thankful that I actually took the time to look it up otherwise I would've been back at my folk's house right now.



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