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Love Never Ends....

Novel By: ggjjss1311

Life was a mystery for Marie. First with her Step-Mother, Then with her brother, and then with her. she didn't know who she was and how beautiful she was....even after she became a prostitute. View table of contents...


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In order to read this you will have to listen to this song. Sean Kingston - Take You There

Chapter 1

Everyone knows that sometime in life, you are to be in love; whether it's with your parents, your siblings, or with your soul mate. But all in all, you're going to be in love. But I couldn't say the same for me. It was never the same for me!

The last day of school, everyone's happy day to say their goodbyes; forever, or to meet again. They took pictures, they hug, and they even love! But me, I was going to say goodbye. And that to my one and only friend; more than that, the one whom I thought was to be my soul mate!

We'd become friends on my first day in high school, freshmen year. I'd walked in through that door, with my big, black, framed glasses, and my blue braces. I wore my original baggy sweat pants, and my brother's huge, baggy, white shirt. It was raining severely outside that day so I'd worn my dad's combat boots, to keep my feet from soaking along with my socks.

Now I know what you might be thinking. Combat boots, baggy shirt and sweatpants? Yeah well I wasn't big of a girly girl. I wasn't a big fan of pink or makeup. I was raised by my older brother. I had braces, which I didn't really give shit about and my glasses was my only way to see, even if they were too big for my face. My step mom told me they looked good. So there, I wore them.

Yep! I had a step mom, (my mom died while giving birth to me), and my dad thought it was my entire fault. He hated me, and still does. When I was born, my brother, Mike, was only three years old. So my dad thought to get married again, so she could take care of us….well my brother. My dad never even dared to look at me. He always wanted me out of his sight. And our step mom, who by the way has two daughters and one son, treated me and my brother like slaves. She used to make us do work, like cleaning up the toilet, or any other dirty chores. She used to just relax, sit there and watch. ...Only until dad found out. But her luck, dad took her story about me being bad and having a bad behavior so she punished me by doing this. Mike just helped out because he felt bad for me. So, she also knew how much dad detested me. And till this day, I still have to do all the house chores. I know real Cinderella, right? Well I don't think so, because this is reality and reality doesn't have any angels or god mothers, they have witches, like my step mom!

Dad had always worked, never came home until we were asleep or sometimes never would. He told Mike once that it was because he wanted to get away from me, the stench of me. I never took it personally. Of course I did blame myself but, that was nothing new. Who wouldn't? I killed my own mother.

So yeah, I walked in the school doors and the first thing I saw as people staring at me, like someone from a whole other planet. What do I look like an alien to you? I asked looking down at myself. The second thing I heard was laughter. All staring, talking, pointing, and laughing at me! But I didn't care, I was used to it. I walked in and went towards the direction to my homeroom. I know! Any normal would start crying and just run away weeping, but me, I was used to it. My step mother took all her time all those 15 years of my life trying her best to make me look extra ugly, and hey! Why ruin it?

So yeah there I sat in homeroom, looking all nerdy and stuff, trying to match my style. ; Even though I wasn't nerdy at all. Yeah I was clumsy, but nerdy……not at all. I may look nerdy but I definitely wasn't. I hated school, and I hated studying. I loved reading, but I hated studying. I barely passed with a C through all the subjects I took. Throughout the rest of the day people pushed me, called me names, and whatever… blabidi blahblah! But when it came to gym, it was the worst! And by worst I mean, bad! We had to swim.

There swimming classes here, and you to swim. Unfortunately for me, I was never taught in the 14 years of my life to swim. I was scared when we changed and the coach timed us one by one to swim. I didn't have the courage to tell the coach, especially if everyone kept on looking at me, mocking me! I kept on going back, hiding behind everyone! But it was kind of hard if you were the center of the showpiece.

So when the coach called up my name, to jump in I walked up to him and was just about to tell him when these group of girls from behind, pushed me into the pool. Now let me tell you, for someone who doesn't know what's about to happen and is pushed into a 7 feet level pool, well you forget to hold your breath! And then you just drown, drown, and drown. Your whole life passes through in front of you! The way your dad treats you, the way your step mom hates you, the way your brother's always is by your side! Until that one moment come when you're actually about to die!

But for me, I was lucky. Someone jumped in after me, to come after me, to save me. Even though I was unconscious, I felt someone's hand slide around my waist and then pull me up. I felt my body being laid on the ground and felt a presence over me. I smiled, not having a clue why.

"Can you hear me?" the person asked. It was a boy.

Yes! My conscious spoke. But I knew he didn't hear it, and then that's when I felt it! His lips were on mine. My first kiss? I asked myself. Well not exactly a kiss, I knew he was doing CPR, but still LIPS+LIPS=KISS! I coughed the water out and slowly sat up.

"Are you alright?" I looked up and saw a blurry figure. Where are my glasses?

I nod my head.

"Marie!" I jerked my head up and saw the coach walk towards me. "You should've told me you couldn't swim."

I just nod and bring my hand up to my face.

"Is something wrong?" the figure in front of me asks.

"My glasses…." I reply.

"Oh, I think they're still in the water," and with that I hear a splash. A few minutes later he comes up and gets out of the water. "Here," he hands me the glasses.

"Thanks," I take the glasses and start putting them on.

"No problem, that's what friends are for! I'll see you around." and then I hear footsteps walking away.

What? Wait, I didn't see your face! But before I could see, the bell rings and I see people move away, towards the locker room. I sigh and get up.

Anyways, if u know the story then u kno who it is! if not continue reading, i'm putting chapter by chapter up! :)

Hey you guys! Well first chap of a new story! Leave a comment or press the "I like" button! I'll have the next chap up soon!!!! Have fun........enjoy!



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