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Bumping into Love

Novel By: GiggleMonster2

[On Hold] On a random night, Haley finds herself spinning done the street in attempt to cure her boredom. Seconds later, she bumps into someone and wonder what hit her. When she opens her eyes, her vision is a little blurred at first but once it focuses, she finds herself in the arms a guy named Dean. Haley instantly feels something stir inside of her and begins to talk up a storm. Who knew that of all people, she'd be the one to literally bump into love?

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Submitted:Aug 10, 2011    Reads: 125    Comments: 16    Likes: 3   

Chapter 1: Stranger

I start walking, paying attention in the order and rhythm that my legs move in. It follows the same pattern every single time: right to left and then back to right again. I can't believe that of all the things there are to think of in this world, this is the only thing on my mind: my legs. Usually, I walk around the moonlit streets and always have something to think about, but tonight, my mind goes blank. I look up towards the sky and see that there is a new moon. I hate new moons, there's no pretty light for us humans to see. Aliens have all the luck, they always get to see the moon.

I turn my attention to the streets that are unfortunately lit with the glow of street lights. I feel the breeze of the wind start to pick up. I spread my arms wide and let the wind blow through my hair and across my body. It was great. Imagine if I were on a cliff. I would be standing there and I would feel free to fly. I could move my arms up and down, just like birds do, and fly. Actually, I would be wishing that I could fly.

After a few minutes of no wind, the wind starts to blow again. The cool air presses against my skin as it swirls around. I become overwhelmed with the fast flow of the wind and I start to twirl around with my eyes closed. As I spin down the sidewalk I can feel my long brown hair whip across my face and my arms start to be lifted by the wind. It was relaxing. I bump into something taller than me and stop. Judging by the feel of this particular object, I'm going to guess that it's not an object, it's a human.

"Oh, hey there."I hear him say.

"Hi." I look up at him in attempt to regain my vision as I see the world quickly rotating around me. I feel dizzy. I try to stand on my own but I wobble right back into his arms.

"Whoa, You alright?" He asks. Through my blurred vision, I can see a faint smile on his face. Well jeez, I'm glad he's amused.

"Almost," I muttered, almost laughing.

"Sorry." I smile, shaking my head and blushing. "I should have watched where I was spinning."

"That's okay, I understand. Well, I can't exactly say that I understand why you were spinning." He laughs lightly. I look up and see him smiling down at me. His grip tightens just a little ensuring my safety. I laugh softly and I can feel myself start to blush again, even harder.

"Well the wind was blowing and since I know I can't fly I decided to spin my way down the sidewalk. Partly because of boredom and partly because I'm silly like that. I usually take walks just to get a fresh smell of the air and to clear my head and sometimes even think about problems. I just didn't have anything to think about and..." I start to babble and I blush again. How silly.

"Uh, sorry. I guess I shouldn't have been babbling. You probably don't care about anything I was saying." I look down and realize my sudden ability to babble on and on.

"It's fine. I'm the one who asked." He smiles. "Just out of sudden curiosity, why do you always take walks?"

"Because the streets are more peaceful at nights. I like to walk late." I smile at him, the awkward feeling stirring inside me slowly dissipating. He smiles a white smile that I could swear lit up the streets. I look at his eyes and they were beautiful. They were crystal blue and they shimmered when he smiled.

"Interesting..." He says. At first, I thought he was being sarcastic.

"You know," I begin. "Humans only use four percent of their brains."

"So I've heard before," He smiles.

"Yea, it's cool." I laugh, averting my gaze. "Imagine if we could really fly. That would be amazing!"

"Yea," He laughs. "In the sky, flying with the birds. A lack of oxygen. Truly amazing."

"You never know," I say.

"What I do know is that as we get higher, the air gets thinner." He says. "Flying may not be the best idea."

"Well then wear a space suit!" I exclaim and we both start laughing.

I look at him and I hear a buzz. He pulls a small electronic device from his pocket and I see that it is his cell phone. You know, that was a very loud vibration. He lets go of his welcoming grip on me and that's when I realized that I was still tangled up in him. I see him read what appears to be a text message and I hear him sigh. He mumbles something under his breath and looks up at me.

"Um, I gotta go. Do you think we can do this again sometime?" He asks, his pleading eyes staring into mine.

"No need to beg," I tease playfully.

"Very funny," He laughs. "But I'm serious."

"Sure," I smirk happily. "Without the spinning."

"Great," He smiles. "Let's say about nine?"

"You got it," I smile.

"It was nice meeting you." He smiles before waving and takes off in the opposite direction. I watch him walk away for a moment, observing his body movement. I start to turn around when I see him turning back.

"I'm Dean, by the way!" He yells.



I start to walk straight home and by the time I get through the door I see that it's already one a.m. I walk merrily to my room and find a change of clothes. I rummage for my pink pajama pants and overly sized black t-shirt. I slip them on and look down. I really see no point in changing when I usually sleep in my underwear anyway. Is that weird? I shrug. After changing, I flop myself onto my bed and enjoy the soft and fluffy spongy material under my body. I tug my comforter over my body and close my eyes. I soon realize that I'm not as tired as I hoped I was. I shake it off and hope to sleep easy. Thinking of Dean and what's bound to happen, I slowly fall into a blissful dream.


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