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"It happened to Me"

Novel By: GiggleMonster2

[On Hold] Mia Grace never would have imagined that her life would have gotten so bad. Ever since she was a little girl, she always wanted a life that was spontaneous and she always wanted people too see her. Then one day, her dad died. That's when everything fell apart. Her grieving mom was too depressed about her husbands death so she eventually just gave up. Mia started to struggle with her school work all the while, trying to keep what's left of her family together. At home, her sister, Lily, acts like Mia doesn't exist and her brother, Aiden, is never home.

Mia's social life has completely deteriorated and she cut herself off from her friends. No guys talk to her, not that she wants them to anyway. The most popular girl, Carrie, always teases her and at lunch she sits alone and she waits for her high school days to be over with. She still doesn't know what kind of career she wants and between it all, something happens to Mia. Instead of accepting the fact and dealing with the consequences, Mia has a new idea. Now, she's looking for revenge and she knows exactly who to go after. View table of contents...


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Chapter one:

"Mia, come on!" My friend, Megan, begs. "Just this once!"

"No, Meg," I roll my eyes. "I'm not interested in partying just so Carrie can go and make fun of me...again."

"Would you forget about Carrie, already and just have some fun?" She pleads.

"No, plus I have plans with my dad." I avert my gaze.

"Well can't you just ask him if you can bail? Just this once?" By this time, Megan is on her hands and knees begging me and now everyone is staring at us.

"Fine!" I sigh. "Just get up, everyone is staring."

"Yay!" She exclaims hugging me. "You can borrow one of my outfits."

"Whatever," I mutter.

Megan is ridiculous. She knows how much I hate going to parties and she still wants me to go? She's going to blow me off anyway like she always does. Once she spots Jake at the party, she'll be all over him and then I'll be standing in the middle of the room alone while everyone around me grinds on each other. I love Megan to death but sometimes I don't understand her. Megan is crazy and outgoing and sometimes I wish that she wasn't because it gets me noticed. I'm not one to be in the spotlight, especially with my 'dazzling' sister around.

My sister, Lily, is a year older than me but we're in the same grade. She's eighteen, and I'm seventeen, along with my twin brother, Aiden and we're all junior's at Melbrook High School. Mom and Dad, for some insane reason, wanted us to all graduate at the same time. They just got lucky that we all popped out around the same time period. I always question my parents decisions and it's not because I'm supposed to, seeing as I'm only seventeen, but they are just...weird. Sometimes, they act like they're teens and I can't stand it. Although I must admit, I sort of like that they are so playful and childish and thinking that it is plain weird kind of keeps me sane.

Sometimes, Melbrook really surprises me. Lily and I are so much different on the social ladder. Lily is way up there in the popular crowd with the most popular girl in school, Carrie, and I am no where near there. I am all the way down there with the freaks and geeks and all of the loners. Unlike Lily, I don't mind being down there. Some of those freaks and geeks are actually pretty nice and interesting. The only ones I don't associate myself with would probably be the gamers. It is always about games and anime with them and sometimes I can't handle it. Don't get me wrong, I love my fair share of video games but they aren't my life.

Aiden and Megan are somewhat in the same general area on the social ladder. Megan is a little bit above him but that's most likely because Megan is really preppy and outgoing and she's not afraid to voice her opinions. Megan and I have some similar qualities but other than that, we're complete opposites. I am pretty shy and I hate voicing my opinions because then if you say something "wrong" you get glares and you feel like you want to die. I swear, people in this school act like you can't even have a different opinion. We all have to think the same way, act the same way, and even party the same way.

"Hey little sis," Aiden greets with a hug and messes up my hair.

"I'm not so little, doofus," I roll my eyes with a smile plastered to my face. "We're twins, or did you forget?"

"You won't let me forget," He pushes me.

"You know, you're lucky we're in public." I say with a death glare.

"Or what?" He teases.

"Or you'd be getting' a beat down," I hiss playfully.

"Yea right," He laughs. "You're all talk but no action."

"Whatever," I roll my eyes.

"I love you, Mia," He laughs.

"Yea, yea." I roll my eyes. "I love you too."

Megan and I walk down the hallway, away from Aiden laughing. I swear, I love that boy. At the intersection of the hallway, Megan and I go our separate ways. I walk down to my American history class and find a seat inside. The only seats that were open were in the back and there were only two. I sit in the one in the corner and internally sigh. I look towards the board and see the teacher just sitting there. Mr. Withers looks really bored as he waits for the second bell to ring.

Two minutes pass and the bell finally rings, followed by a boy that I've never seen before. He looks nervous but when he realizes where he is, he relaxes. He looks at Mr. Withers and smiles uneasily. I wonder, does he feel really awkward on the inside? I would. The boy hands Mr. Withers his schedule and Mr. Withers looks at the class. He gazes around and looks for a seat for the boy and his gaze lands on the seat next to me. Great.

"Looks like we have a new student," He says. "This is Jayce Andrews."

"Hi," He mutters.

"Jayce, Please take a seat next to Mia," Mr. Withers says. "Mia, raise your hand."

I feel tempted to roll my eyes but I don't. I can only oblige to his command. I raise my arm high and I see Jayce look at me. Something flickers in his eyes as he makes his way towards the seat next to me. I think Mr. Withers felt compelled to let Jayce and I get to know each other because moments later, Mr. Withers assigns us a buddy assignment. I almost boil over with annoyance. Everyone starts to talk about nonsense and Mr. Withers sits down. I look at Jayce and see him slide his desk next to mine. I smile at him and he smiles back. I have an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach and I can't decide if Jayce is going to be one of those people that creep me out or one of those people that I'd actually like. For some reason, I feel like it's both.

"Hey," He says in a voice that was a little deep but it was attractive.

"Hi," I smile innocently and look around, unsure of what to say. "I think you'll come to love Mr. Withers class."

"Why?" He asks.

"It's one of those classes where it is kind of relaxing to be in," I smile again and watch him smirk. There goes the creepy feeling stirring inside of me.

"Good," Jayce smiles and his eyes turn bright and something stirs inside of me. That's the part that I think I'm going to like.

I look away, biting my bottom lip out of habit and trying to figure out what to say next. This is the awkward part of the conversation where no one else knows what to say. Oddly enough, a part of me feels like Jayce does know what to say, he just enjoys me getting tongue tied, so to speak. Out of no where, I feel something touching my hair. I look to my right and see Jayce playing with my hair. I raise my eyebrows questioningly and he only smiles.

"You have pretty hair," He continues to play with it.

"Are you gay?" I accidentally blurt out. He pulls his hand away and looks confused.

"No," He laughs. "I just like your hair."

"That's a little weird," I look at him.

"So," He looks into my eyes and I feel mesmerized. "You are really pretty."

"Thanks." I say and I start to notice his physical attributes.

Jayce's arms look well toned. It didn't look like he worked out too much but it didn't look like he didn't work out at all. His eyes were a piercing green color and his hair was black. Jayce's hair had an almost tousled look to it but I bet if he smoothed it back with his hands, it would look just fine. I mentally slap myself. I look up and down Jayce's sitting body and suddenly wonder what he has under that shirt. I internally sigh and look away from him almost feeling awkward. I don't know why, but I feel like if I look at him well enough, he'll somehow know what I'm thinking. Do my eyes speak louder than my words?

"Jayce," I whisper.

"Yea," He says and I glaze at him before setting my gaze on his.

"What do you see when you look at my eyes?" I ask. "I mean, I'm going to think of something and I want to know if you can tell what I'm thinking."

"Um," He swallows. "You're deciding whether or not you want to trust me."

"Close enough," I shrug and look away. I hear him mutter something that sounded like the word don't. Don't what? Does he not want me to trust him? I glance towards him and see him staring at me. I'm feeling that uncomfortable feeling again.


"Here," Megan hands me a green colored off-the-shoulder t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans.

"I'm wearing this?" I ask in a state of shock.

"Yea," She smiles and watches me pick up my black converse.

"Whoa," Her eyes bulge from their sockets. "You're going to wear those?"

"Yea, so?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Really? Can't you wear some heels or something?" She sighs.

"No, they're too uncomfortable for me," I roll my eyes at her.

"Fine, whatever," She shrugs.

As I get dressed, Megan starts telling me the latest school gossip and I just nod and smile, pretending to be intrigued. I'm listening to her but I just can't seem to care about any of it. Megan rambles on and on and I feel like I want to die. I purposefully sigh out loud and she stops talking and glared at me. She gave me a you-are-such-a-jerk look and turns around to fix her hair. I laugh and I see her smirk through the mirror. I knew she could never resist laughing with me. Megan spins around and looks at me and she smiles, glowing with radiance. She picks up her car keys and shoos me out of the door.

Within the next ten minutes, we arrive at the party and I finally realize where we are at. I take a better look at the house in front of us and feel my brow furrow with rage. I glare angrily at Megan and she gives me an apologetic grin. I roll my eyes and sigh.

"What the hell are we doing here?" I hiss at her.

"Come on, Mia!" She sighs. "You would have never came if I told you that we were going to Carrie's house."

"Damn right," I scoff.

"Just go and have fun," She smiles and takes off.

My eyes follow Megan and I soon realize that she spotted Jake. God, I should just leave right now. I gather all of the confidence I can and walk through the front door of Carrie's home. I look around, wondering where Carrie is and see her on the other side of the room. She looks at me with her oh so perfect smile and looks me up and down. She turns to whisper something to one of her friends and I notice her talking to Lily. Lily follows Carrie's gaze and gapes at me. She looks embarrassed and I just turn around and find somewhere else to be. I am honestly surprised that Carrie didn't come and say some smart ass remark to me.

I soon find myself in the middle of the dance floor only. My heart starts to beat even faster and I realize that this is almost like a dream I once had. I sigh remembering that this dream did not end well at all. I feel something on my waist and I look down. I see two strong arms weaving their way around my waist and before I could react, they were pulling me away from the crowd. I almost feel thankful to the mysterious stranger for saving me from a repeat of my dream. I turn around, shoving the person away from me and seeing Jayce right behind me.

"Jayce," I sigh. "Why did you do that?"

"You look like you needed some rescuing." I look at him and my face softens as he smiles innocently at me.

"Yea, well you were right," I sigh again.

"I knew it," He grins.

"I had this dream before and it did not end well," I confess.

"Oh yea?" He laughs.

"Yea." I start to laugh with him.


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