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FIRST: Feeling With My Heart

Novel By: girlscarlet3

Sometimes things happen for a reason. And because of that, some people can never be together. Or can they?

When Amanda starts her new life with the Meiyars, she never thought she would establish strong bonds with anyone, especially not with people who hate her with a passion, the kind and caring young master nor the mysterious, impudent man.

Yet, as her past returns to haunt her, Amanda is stuck between whether to follow her mind and return to her old life, or feel with her heart and stick to her new life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 21, 2014    Reads: 74    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   


In the City of Lumière, one of the most common mistakes made is mistaking it as a peaceful city. Lumière is nothing of the likes. It is a bizarre place that reeks of violence, revenge, grudges, meaningless fights and confusion, yet friendships and love are not abandoned.

When the Queen and Prince of Lumière disappeared into thin air, the city was left in the hands of two rival Council of Ministers that did not share the same decisions. The Norinites, headed by Minister Stefens, believed it would be best to wait for the return of one of the monarchs, whilst the Luminites, commanded by Minister Yong, dismissed this as naive and believed a foreign monarch should be invited to sit on the throne. This topic had dominated their weekly meetings, and the Luminites became increasingly impatient with growing animosity against the Norinites' patience and calmness.

They saw only one solution to their problem.

On a day that seemed casual and unimportant, the Luminites had finally received wind of the identity and whereabouts of Minister Stefens' daughter, Amanda. They planned to murder her as an attempt to break Minister Stefens' spirit, in which they successfully did. One seemingly tranquil evening, when snow blanketed the City of Lumière, the clueless Amanda was hunted down by a herd of men. Absolutely oblivious to their aggressiveness towards her, she ran for her life after being severely beat up. Yet, she collapsed.

Luck miraculously returned to Amanda when a respectable Madam from one of the wealthiest families of Lumière passed by her lifeless body. The Madam observed Amanda and took pity on this stranger in an instant. She decided to take her back home and nurture her back to health, only to discover when she awoke that all her memories of her past had vanished. The Madam gave the girl a pat on the head and allowed her to stay at her household to work whilst Amanda would use that time to figure out how she would like to spend her directionless life in the years to come.

Just when she was settling down and trying to stop thinking about her past, she discovered a secret that suddenly added spices of excitement and joy to her new life. She began to embrace the relationships she had with her best friends, enemies, the young master and a mysterious man who infuriated her every time they met.

But when her past started haunting her again, she found herself stuck between the dilemma of choosing between ignorance that would allow her to continue living her new life as Amanda, or choose her past and go back to being Minister Stefens' daughter.

Which would she choose?


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