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Black Veil Break (An Andy Biersack Fan-Fiction)

Novel By: gorgeousxnightmare

My summer break was supposed to be quiet and normal. But how can it be that way when my crazy rich step-father sends Andy Biersack, lead singer of my favorite band to spend the entire break with me. Yeah, quiet my ass. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 1, 2013    Reads: 1,961    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1

(Scarlett's POV)

I turned on my favorite BVB album and sat down with my old worn copy of Wuthering Heights for what seemed to be the millionth time. I flipped black hair out of the emerald eyes I had inherited from my father and tried to read the small words on the page. The fringe fell straight back into my eyes and I leaned my head back onto the chair in frustration.

I couldn't believe my step-father had given me the cabin for the entire break. Me, all alone, in a big ass cabin, for 3 months. Hell yes! A knock sounded on the door and before I could get up to see who it was, a very attractive man entered my realm.

Black hair fell into unforgettably icy blue eyes. He turned those eyes on me, "Which room is mine Love?"

"Any room but the last one on the right. That one's mine," the man disappeared around the corner. Rebel Love Song began to play and I leaned my head back once again, mouthing the words so I could hear Andy's voice over my own,

"I cannot hide what's on my mind,

I felt it burning deep inside.

A passion crime to take what's mine,

Let us start living for today."

At first I couldn't comprehend why it sounded so real, but then for the first time my mind really understood. Andy Biersack, from Black Veil Brides, was in the cabin, alone, with me, all break. I tried to inhale but choked on the air and fell onto the floor. Andy... Biersack.... Is..... In..... My...... Cabin.....

"Hey, uhh, Scarlett, you okay?" a cold hand rested on my back as I heaved to pull air into my lungs.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine. I think, I think I'm just going to go swimming," I stood up and walked away from Andy as fast as I could. I shut the door and leaned against it. What the hell? Why was Andy there?

I rummaged through bag after bag until I found my bathing suit and a towel. I changed into the black pieces of clothing and left my room quickly. I left through the kitchen to avoid meeting with Andy. I ran to the dock and laid everything out. Maybe if I just avoided him long enough he'd leave. Speaking of leaving, why wasn't he on tour?

Fuck it.

I dove into the water. Its coolness rushed over my skin and I felt relieved at once. I let out a soft moan as I felt myself relax. I went underwater once again, opening my eyes. I smiled as I watched the bubble rushing from my open mouth reach the surface in a ring of sparkles. Bliss is what this was. My lungs began to burn. I swam back up to fill them with sweet oxygen. My hair floated behind me as I relaxed drifting along the outside of the dock on my back. I was so relaxed I didn't even notice someone had been watching me until my insanely hot roommate spoke up, "Having fun there lovely?"

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He sat on the dock, just staring at me, "What do you want?"

"Am I not allowed to look at the girl I'm supposed to be staying with?" his eyes took me in through the clear water where I stood in the shallow end.

"Go away Andy."

"What if I want to swim?" he laughed at me.

"Then wait till I'm done, and swim then," I shrugged my shoulders.

"You're a very odd girl Scarlett, I like that," he slid into the water, coming up in front of me. Water slicked back his black hair, the water droplets on his skin shimmered in the sun. And as he always wears his pants, his swim trunks just barely above his crotch. I averted my eyes and stared straight into his.

"And what makes me odd exactly?" I crossed my arms.

"The fact that you are trying to deny that I am standing in front of you. Not to sound cocky or anything. But what you have right now is a lot of emo girls' dreams. So why aren't you taking advantage of it?" he looked into my eyes. Sincere curiosity drifted there.

"Because you're Andy Biersack. And I'm Scarlett Hanover. I'm nothing compared to you. So why does it matter?" I looked away.

"Scarlett, do you know why I'm here?"

"Why are you here?"

"Because your step-father is my manager. The day I went to see him and you had gone to work with him I saw you down the hall. You were at the vending machine; you know the one that doesn't work. You were getting agitated and I couldn't help but think you were adorable down there in your BVB jacket and shorts. Your hair brushing at your hips like it is now," he grabbed a wet strand of hair lying on my hip, "Your fringe falling into your eyes like it was earlier. I just wanted to get to know you. I've been bugging Danny about it for the last 5 months. I've wanted to actually meet you. Actually hang out with you. And that is why I'm here. Because I made Danny set this up," he stared at me with true admiration in his eyes.

Did I understand him correctly? Did Andy Biersack just admit his affection to me? This was bullshit. I sent water flying straight into his eyes and stomped out of the water. Was Danny fucking kidding me!? Did he really pay Andy to say that to me? Angry tears rushed down my face. I totally forgot about getting my towel and walked straight for the house.

"Scarlett! Wait!" I didn't. I continued to walk. Why was I ignoring the one guy I had ever wanted to get to know? A hand wrapped around my wrist and I was pulled into the chest of the one man I didn't want to see right now, "Would you stop? What's your deal? That really hurt."

"My deal is I can't believe that bastard payed you to say these things to me! He knows that you are the reason I'm alive but yet why would he humiliate me like that!?" I pushed him away.

Suddenly he began to laugh. A low bell tone that rang across the water and echoed through the valley, "You think that Danny set this up? Danny has tried to set me up over and over again hoping that it would calm down my 'rebellious' side. Why would he set me up with a rebellious girl? Trust me, Danny didn't want me here. I came here on my own," he laughed again. I stared at his lips. I couldn't believe how soft they looked. I stepped forward and pushed myself against his body. I went onto my toes and kissed his lips. His lip ring was cold against my warm lips. I felt him smile against my lips as he kissed me back. His tongue ran along my bottom lip asking for entrance. Which I granted to him. Our tongues danced together. I threw my arms around his neck as he ran his hands to my lower back.

One of my hands made its way into Andy's hair, pulling it slightly, earning a soft groan from him. His nails drug across my back lightly and I moaned into his lips.

My eyes snapped open and I stopped. My hands dropped. I stood still just staring at Andy. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me, his arms still wrapped around my rigid body, "Scarlett, are you okay?"

I stepped back from him, "I'm so sorry," I ran from him. Leaving him standing there in surprise. He brought a hand up to his lips. And smiled.


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