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A New Crazier Mindless Behavior Love Story

Novel By: grandturkrocs

The auditions are up for the new boy band,Mindless Behavior and four best friends try out and get the parts. Each one of the guys have their own girl best friend,and their only wish is that fame doesn't change them and be friends forever. Can that promise be kept? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 19, 2011    Reads: 307    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Amoi's POV

I sat down,waiting onChresantoto come downstairs.I was sitting in his living room,and he was about to leave me to go to the audition with the guys.They were trying out for Mindless Behavior. The girls and I always knew the guys could sing and never doubted them,it was actually us who signed them up.They weren't trying to do anything.

Hewalked down the steps and sat down next to me.I cuddled into him,and he kissed my forehead.I looked at him and kissed his forehead.He kissed my nose and now my stomach was in knots.This had never happened before,ever.

Everyone thought that we were dating because we were so close,but we werent. Everyone thought Jacob and Anna were dating,but they werent. Everyone thought CraigandNeka were dating,but they werent.Everyone thought Rayon and Kayla were dating,but they werent. We were all just 8 besties with a super close one.

By this time we were kissing,his shirt off and so was mine.We were panting and breathing heavily when someone knocked on the door and then we heard Jacob's voice.

"Aye man,Chresanto hurry up.We got ten minutes bro"

We pulled away and pulled back on our clothes,trying to catch our breath.Chresanto went to open the door and all our friends walked in. Everyone sat down and started to talk.

"So after you guys get the parts we are going bowling then on the beach"Anna said.

"IF,we get it"Jacob said.

"Boy if you say if again I will slap the flyinghell out of you"Anna said hard core.She had spent wayyyy to much time with Jake.

"If.I SAID IF"Jake said then stuck him tongue out at her.

She walked in the kitchen and came back out with a glass bottle and started chasing him with it until it was time for the guys to go.As soon as they left the girls and I went shopping.We were driving home when I got a text from Chresanto.

Got the parts that we wanted becuz of you girls.From now on I'm Roc Royal,Jacob is Princeton,Rayon is Rayray and Prodigy is Prodigy becuz he comes up with fast solutions.Meet u girls at the alley.

I read the text out loud,and Anna quickly turned around to the bolwing alley.We sat there until we decided to play 'til they got here,but they never showed up.Every now and then we would check our cells to make sure they hadn't called.

"What if they were late and decided to go straight to the beach?"Neka said,unsure but hopeful.

So we walked to the beach and changed into our swimsuits,and went in the water.It was just how the guys liked it,cold.Thats what we never got,the guys liked hot water but loved when the sea was cold.We were tired of waiting,so we sat on the dock.

Finally,we saw the guys but they had other girls with them.We reconized them immediately as the OMG Girlz,containing Babydoll,Beauty and Star,with their newest member,none other than fucked up little miss whip that shit,Willow fucking Smith.

They were in the water,when suddenly,the girls jumped on the guys and started kissing them. Beauty kissed Priceton,Babydoll kissed Prodigy,Willow kissed Rayray and Star kissed Roc.

We were practically crying when we snuck on the other side of the dock and on to the beach,pulled on our clothes and ran home.

I ran in my room and cried in my Mom's arms,even Roc's mom's arms,none of them knowing why I was crying.When I walked down stairs in the morning,Roc's mom told me that,that he didn't come home last night.


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