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Matt's Promise

Novel By: Hamtres

She was a woman that many may look over, but in one evening they met in the dark and their lives changed forever. View table of contents...


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Blythe smiled at Trisha and said "So how is Melanie doing?"

Trisha groaned and said "I don't know what I would have done without your help. She's doing so much better."

Blythe said "She is such a sweet little girl."

Trisha said "Sometimes and there are those other times."

Blythe laughed and said "And you wouldn't trade her for anything."

Trisha nodded and said "Nope I sure wouldn't. So how are you doing?"

She said "I'm good."

"So during the summer do you help out in the daycare section?"

She said "That is up to the parents. I do have right now twelve four year olds with me over the summer. They spend three hours with me of a morning and eat a snack and then go to the daycare area. I go over there and help out of an afternoon and Hattie leaves."

"So you're pretty busy still huh?"

She chuckled and said "I don't mind it. The kids are wonderful and studies have shown that keeping up with simple but educational information for younger kids helps them out in the long run. Plus since I get them for three hours it is a little less hurried."

Trisha said "I can admit that after Trisha went thru your class this past year she has done remarkably well with her alphabet and counting. She was so tickled that she learned to tie her shoes. She still does it just to prove she can."

Blythe chuckled as she reached for some empty dishes and said "She was a darling girl to work with."

Trisha laughed and said "I was glad that you came. Meredith had told me she invited you."

Blythe smiled and said "I'm glad I came. I love Meredith and I can remember her when I was a little girl at the library. She talked to me about the party and I offered to help her put it together. It isn't every day that someone turns seventy-five and is in such good health."

Trisha laughed and said "I am sure that everyone in town stopped by today at some time or another. There were a ton of people in and out."

Blythe walked inside and held the door open for Trisha and said "Meredith had a good time."

Trisha put the empty trays on the counter and said "Do you know that Matt Dalton is having a get together? He invited Meredith over too. Just like today was, but he's having cocktails and snacks."

She wasn't one to socialize a lot, but she didn't say anything except "Oh I didn't know that."

Trisha nodded and said "Come on over. You know Matt don't you?"

She frowned and said "I…uh don't think so. The name is somewhat familiar, but I don't think I have ever met him before."

Trisha said "When was the last time you got out for an evening?"

She laughed as she reached for an empty plate and said "Normally my evenings are spent with my brother and sister and all of their kids at my house, their house, or our mother's house."

Trisha knew she was a family oriented woman and said "Well at least stop over. Nicole is going to be there too."

Blythe didn't tell Trisha that Nicole being there was not exactly something that made her want to attend. Nicole worked at Little Lambs in the daycare section, but she was flighty and immature. Blythe had worked there for the last four years and had fallen in love with the daycare and preschool. When she had interviewed and started as an assistant preschool teacher she had diligently assisted in everything. Two years ago the primary preschool teacher had retired she had been thrilled to take over.

Nicole sometimes assisted with some of the craft projects she would do, but Blythe often felt that it was more difficult when she was around. She was only a couple of years younger than she was, but Nicole was normally either on the phone or texting her friends or her latest boyfriend. She turned to Trisha and said "I might stop over for a few minutes."

She finished washing the last couple of dishes and slid them in a drawer in a hutch that housed all of the serving dishes. She smiled as Meredith walked in and said "Oh gracious Blythe, thank you so much for everything you have done. Today was absolutely beautiful."

She smiled and said "I'm glad that you enjoyed your day." She stretched and said "Everything is done, so if you don't mind I'm going to head home."

Meredith said "Aren't you going over to Matts for a little bit?"

She swallowed and said "I uh…" She sighed and said "I suppose I can for a little bit."

Five minutes later she was in the backyard of the neighbor's house. She stood talking to Trisha and her husband as they were joking. She was standing there when Mitch, Trisha's husband said "Hey man, how are you?"

She turned slightly to see a dark haired man walk up to them.

"Hey Mitch, I'm good. Hi Trisha how are you?"

She smiled and said "I can't complain. Have you seen Meredith?"

He laughed and said "Yeah I already did. She was inside and then saw someone she knew and made her way out."

Trisha smiled and said "Oh, Matt, this is Blythe Jackson, and she is the preschool teacher at Little Lambs. Blythe this is Matt Dalton."

Matt smiled and shook her hand and said "Hi Blythe. You must have had their daughter in your class?"

She nodded and said "Yes I had Melanie in my class."

At that moment someone came over and said something about drinks.

He turned and said "Yes, the punch in on the table in the living room is just plain and nonalcoholic."

A few minutes went by and Nicole walked up to her and talked to her and she followed her reluctantly inside. She remembered what Matt had said about the punch and got some in a cup and was talking to Nicole inside and said "This stuff taste funny."

Nicole said "I don't know. It tastes okay to me."

An hour later she felt funny and was sitting on a sofa in the house sipping her third glass of punch. She blinked and said "I don't feel…quite right."

Nicole stood unsteadily on her feet and turned as she saw Matt walk in. "Hey…Matt you did say that the punch was alcohol free, right?"

He nodded absently and then turned and looked at her and Nicole. He said "It is supposed to be." He frowned and turned around and walked over to the punch bowl and dipped some out into a glass and sipped it and swore. "Someone…spiked the damned punch."

Blythe blinked and said "Oh no." She knew she should have stopped drinking it with the first sip when she thought it tasted off.

He slid a hand to his face and said "Hell." He took a breath and turned around and said "Uh…did you two come with someone?"

Both of them shook their head. He swallowed and said "Okay." He turned around and said "I'll be back."

She couldn't believe her luck. She wasn't a person who drank much and besides a glass of champagne at a wedding and on New Year's Eve she didn't go out and party. She lived in a small town and the idea that the local preschool teacher was inebriated wouldn't go over well. A few minutes went by and Matt walked in and said "Just a couple of people leaving, but…I don't think it would be a good idea to go with them."

Nicole asked "Who was it?"

He said "Wayne and Lee."

Nicole grimaced and said "No…that definitely wouldn't do." She turned to her and said "You aren't going to call your family are you?"

She blinked and said "Good lord I couldn't…my brother would…" She shuddered and said "Uh no, what about you?"

She shook her head and said "They're at the lake for the weekend." She turned and looked at Matt and said "You've been drinking haven't you?"

He nodded and said "I would love to give you two a ride home, but I know I've had too many."

Nicole said "Well it is one thing for it to be known I was drinking, but…if someone finds out that Blythe was, it would be bad."

He stood there for a second and said "Just spend the night and you can get up early and leave. I've got a couple of extra rooms."

Blythe blinked and said "Oh I couldn't…"

Nicole said "Your car is in front of Meredith's house. No one would know that you were here…mine is over there as well…if we got up early and left no one would ever know."

So she found herself spending the night at the man's house. She couldn't believe the predicament she got herself into. She was twenty-five and not one to cause a stir in the towns he lived in. She told herself that by morning she would be totally sober and would leave as soon as the sun started to come up.

She looked at the t-shirt and shorts that Matt had loaned her to wear and took a breath and changed. The room she was in was a nice room, but she still felt uncomfortable in it. She folded her clothes and put them on a chair in her room and walked over to her purse. She had a headache and couldn't seem to shake it and after her day she needed some sleep.

She reached in her purse and pulled out a bottle and slipped two pills in her hand. She left the room and frowned trying to remember where the kitchen was. She walked to the kitchen a minute later and searched for a cup.

"Problems sleeping"

She turned around blinked as she saw Matt standing in the doorway. She swallowed as he stood there. All he wore was a pair of shorts. She saw that his chest was lightly decorated with hair and she could see the muscles in his arms. She swallowed and said "Uh…I have a headache."

He nodded and watched as she took the pills and drank the water.

She sat the glass in the sink and turned around and started back to her room. She was glad to escape his presence. She knew he was attracted to her he was an attractive man. He stood a few inches over six feet and had black hair and bright blue eyes. She on the other hand was only five and a half feet tall and wore a size sixteen when most girls wore a size six. She had never been thin and had battled her weight for a long time. Now she knew how to dress to conceal her figure as best as she could.

She sighed as she slid between the sheets and told herself to rest.

She wasn't sure what woke her, but she turned over and opened her eyes. Her head felt funny and she had to go to the bathroom. She pushed the covers off her body and with some difficulty stood up and slid her glasses on her face. She yawned and opened her door and after a minute she finally found the bathroom. She quickly used it and washed her hands and opened the door. She turned and frowned as she couldn't remember where the bedroom she was using was at.

She frowned as she stopped outside a door that was closed and opened it. She was so tired and her head was still fuzzy from the alcohol earlier. She took a couple of steps in the room and stopped as her vision blurred again and she blinked and slid a hand to her mouth.


She blinked and frowned. That was strange that she could hear someone say her name. She took a step and stumbled a bit and said "Oh."

A minute later hands grasped her arms as they helped right her. She blinked and said "What…who are you?"

The voice said "It's Matt, what's wrong?"

She looked around and groaned and said "Sorry. I used the bathroom and got turned around."

He said "It happens. Are you okay?"

She tilted her head back and looked up at him and said "I…don't think so."

He wasn't sure what it was, but as she stood there in the middle of his bedroom with the moonlight. She wasn't what he normally was attracted to. The normal women he was attracted to were tall and thin. She was shorter and plump, but there was something about the way her sleepy eyes looked at him and the way her face was delightfully flushed.

He reached out and touched the side of her face and said "Oh…Blythe."

She swallowed as she felt the touch of his hand alongside her face. She blinked as she looked at him and said "Matt."

He smiled down at her and bent his head.

She had no idea what to say or do when she felt his lips on hers. For a few moments the pressure didn't increase or decrease, but after she leaned closer she felt it increase. Then she felt his hand slide around her and pull her close. The hand at her face slid until it cupped the back of her head and threaded itself through her long hair.

She quickly lost track of time as his kisses slid from one to another until she felt like her body was on fire. She moaned as his tongue slid in her mouth. Her hands somehow were around his neck and her fingers played with his hair that was a touch long against his neck. She felt his hands slide to her waist and as they slid underneath her shirt she moaned softly as she felt his calloused hands against her skin.

He found she tasted so sweet she was becoming quickly addicted to her. His hands slid around her bare waist to her back and as he slid his hands down he groaned as they cupped her bare rounded bottom. His hands squeezed the delightful globes and as he did he felt her body slide up against him. He groaned as her breasts pressed against his chest.

She couldn't do anything except feel as he touched her body. She had never known passion like this. She'd had a couple of dates, but they had been nothing even close to this. Matt's mouth was hot against hers and his hands were everywhere. She gasped as she suddenly found her shirt pulled abruptly pulled over her head.

After that her hazy mind started to confuse her on what was going on. She couldn't exactly remember when she was no longer standing, but she was lying down in his bed and she wasn't real sure when the rest of her clothes were pulled from her body. But at some point she was completely naked and so was he. His body was hard as he lay next to her. His hands and mouth didn't leave a place on her body untouched.

When he finally slid from her aching breasts she took a breath and moaned softly as he slid between her legs. His mouth pressed kisses down her belly and as he spread her legs further she felt her eyes widen. When she felt his breath at her most intimate parts she felt all the breath leave her body as she felt his fingers spread her intimate folds. She groaned as his tongue slid and touched her. She soon couldn't help how her body reacted. His tongue was thrusting in and out of her body in an erotic fashion. She moaned "Matt…oh god, please."

She writhed helplessly underneath him as he touched her, but as he started to stroke her sensitive nub she came undone seconds later. She couldn't control the soft scream that erupted from her lips or how her body arched upwards. When she lay limply against his bed she watched as he moved from the bed. Her eyes opened slowly and she wasn't sure when he had taken her glasses from her, but his blurry form was easy to follow. She swallowed as she watched him push the shorts from his body. She knew as he put a knee on the bed that he was naked.

She thought of a million things she should say at that moment, but for some reason her voice seemed to leave her body. She returned his kiss as his lips cover hers again. She felt his body cover hers and her arms slid up his back, her hands sliding over the hard ridges of his back. She parted her legs as he slid between them and knew in her sub consciousness what was happening. She was going to be having sex. She felt him move and her nails slightly dug into his back as she felt him start to penetrate her.

He felt the slide of their bodies against each other and could smell the scent of sex in his bedroom. His body hard and ready he started to slide into her body. As he did, he felt the incredible tightness that she offered and groaned loudly. She was so tight and as he pulled back a little it didn't dawn on him until he slid all the way in what the problem had been. The feeling of her nails digging into his back clued him in and the faint resistance her body had also clued him in, but it was too late to stop now. He wasn't sure if it was the fact he hadn't been with a woman for a couple of months or the alcohol he had drank tonight, but his body couldn't stop.

She winced as he penetrated a place no man had. Her virginity was gone her body still feeling the sting of pain that accompanied the fact. His body didn't stop moving and she didn't find it as pleasing as she had when he was touching her. The fullness in her groin seemed to aggravate the uncomfortable feeling she had. She wasn't sure how long it was, but he finally surged deeply inside her and she felt him explode. She moaned softly and felt his body collapse on hers.

She wasn't sure what it was, but the sleep that had eluded her until this moment was now sliding over her. She felt him move off her and she closed her eyes. She heard him walk around in his room and wasn't sure how long it was before she felt him slide something between her legs. She sucked in a breath and as she felt the bed move again she didn't resist as he pulled her close to him. Her head pillowed on his chest she found sleep.

She was sound asleep and warm as she thought she heard something. She frowned as her body didn't want to be roused from its deep slumber. She slowly opened her eyes, but before her body could register where it was the door to the bedroom opened and she found her eyes open as a voice startled her.

"Hey Matt, did you forget…" The loud voice trailed off and she blinked as she felt the body behind hers move.

"Josh…" Matt sat up and blinked and then looked down at the girl who was next to him.

"What the hell man?"

Matt swallowed and looked down at the brunette and then up at his friend. "Josh…I'll be out in a minute, shut my door."

Josh started to say something but left and slammed the door shut.

Blythe closed her eyes as she recognized the voice. It was Josh Wellington. She knew Josh and worked with his wife Beth. She swallowed and said "Oh no." She couldn't imagine a worse situation to be in at this moment. Beth ran the daycare center she worked at and they had talked more than once how important the reputation of the center was and how the people working there needed to take care and not put themselves in bad positions.

Matt saw that her face was red and she looked upset. He knew immediately what the problem was. "Oh hell" Josh's wife Beth, ran the center that Blythe worked at. He ran an agitated hand thru his hair and said "Look, Blythe let me talk to Josh and explain."

She felt mortified at the idea of him explaining to Josh what happened between them. She grasped the sheet like it was a lifeline and for once was relieved that she had bad eyesight. She watched as he threw back the covers and got out of bed. She heard him pull on clothes and didn't say anything as he left the room. She felt tears threaten and she swallowed hard to try and stem the flow. She looked around to see if she could find her glasses and finally found them on a nightstand.

She looked around and saw a robe on the back of the door and walked over and pulled it on. It was obviously too big, but she wasn't going to complain. The idea that her job was in jeopardy was utmost in her mind.

Matt walked out into the living room and said "Josh…"

Josh whirled around and said "What the hell do you think you're doing sleeping with Blythe?"

Matt said "I don't know." He took a breath and said "It…just kind of happened last night."

Josh said "It just happened? Matt things like that do not happen. I know Blythe and she is not like that."

Matt wanted to say something about her, but he realized he didn't know her. Josh said "Do you understand what the hell kind of position you have put her in?"

"I'm sorry Josh…I ended up drinking some spiked punch and…" She stopped just inside the living room as Josh whirled around and stared at her.

"Spiked punch?" He turned towards Matt and said "You spiked the punch?"

He said "I did not. I'm not sure who did…but…" Before he could say anything else he swore as the front door opened and a couple more people walked in.

Blythe wanted to die and be buried right there on the spot. She couldn't imagine a more embarrassing situation to be in. She didn't move or speak as she stood there.

Josh gritted his teeth as he stared at Matt.

Matt saw Beth blink and stare at Blythe and another couple stood there. He turned and saw that her face was bright red and the look of embarrassment was easily to see. He normally wouldn't have been bothered with that, but he knew he was the cause of it. He should never have slept with her last night, but it was too late to worry about it. Now he worried about the impact of their actions on her job. He wasn't one to do something rash, but the situation obviously called for it.

"I'm going to have to start locking my door." He said.

Beth swallowed and said "Uh…"

Matt took a breath and walked over towards Blythe and slid an arm around her waist and said "My…fiancé and I were asleep and I didn't realize that anyone would just walk in."

She was totally tongue-tied as she stood there next to him. She looked up at him and started to say something, but his arm that was around her waist tightened and she closed her mouth.

Beth gasped and said "Fiancé? Oh Blythe I'm so happy for you." She stopped and said "I'm sorry for us just barging in. We had talked to Matt about going out for some fishing and we had told him we'd pick him up."

She swallowed and said "Uh…it is okay."

Beth grinned and said "I guess we have another for the trip." She grinned and said "Suppose you want us to give you a few huh?"

Matt grinned and said "Why don't you guys go on and we'll meet you down there, okay?"

She was relieved when everyone left the house and she stood there silently.

Matt shut the door and locked it and turned around and said "Well…that was some excitement."

She wasn't sure what happened, but she burst into tears. Moments later she was in his arms and she had her glasses in her hand as she buried her face in his chest. She felt the strength in his arms and as a hand slid down her back she finally sniffled and said "I'm sorry."

He pressed a kiss to her head and said "It's okay. Hell I'm sorry Blythe. Last night…I took advantage of you and if I hadn't we wouldn't be in this position." He held her gently and said "And…last night wasn't something you were normally into I know Blythe."

She stiffened and said "What do you mean?"

He let her put a little bit of distance between them, but he kept his arms around her and said "I mean I know you were a virgin before last night."

She felt her face color and she said "Oh."

He nodded and said "I should have thought a lot more about what was going on, but you know hindsight is twenty/twenty."

She nodded and lowered her gaze and stared at his shirt.

He sighed and said "Hell, I suppose I should go and take a quick shower. Are you going to run home and change?"

She blinked and looked at him "Change?"

He said "We got a fishing trip to go to."

She said "Me?"

He looked at her and said "We're engaged sweetheart, and if you're not with me…no one is going to believe it."

She swallowed and said "Oh."

He slid a hand through her hair and said "Let's just take it one day at a time, okay? Right now the main thing is we need them to believe we are engaged and if I show up there without you, no one is going to believe it."

She said "I…suppose you're right."

He said "We'll pretend to be engaged and then we can break it off later and just tell people that things didn't work out."

Little did she know how much her life was going to change, and she found out quickly it did change. She saw more of Matt than she had seen of anyone in her life. The fishing trip started it and then it was a dinner out, a barbecue on a weekend, or Beth and Josh invited them over. Soon enough she felt like she was in a real relationship and she told herself she needed to snap out of it.

He was very nice and easy to be around, and he was free with his gestures. He would slide his arm around her if they were with people or hold her hand if they were walking somewhere. She kept telling herself that this was all for show, but it was hard to remember that when he was so easy to be with.

She had agreed to go with him to his niece's birthday party today and was waiting on him to pick her up. His niece was turning eight and she had told him she could pick up the gift for the girl. She heard his truck pull up and walked into the kitchen and picked up the gift and grabbed her purse and opened the door as he walked up. She said "I hope she likes this."

He took the gift and watched as she locked the door. "I'm sure she will." He followed her out to his truck and watched as she climbed in. He shut the door and walked around the truck thinking about her. He hadn't said anything to anyone, but he wasn't sure what to do about this situation. Since getting to know Blythe he became aware of her in ways he had never been aware of a woman before.

She was sweet and innocent and becoming to mean something to him. He had not been sure about this pretend engagement, but he enjoyed spending time with her as they did things together. Her soft and quiet nature offset his more boisterous ways. He didn't think twice as he introduced her as his fiancée and he definitely didn't mind the time they spent together. He turned to her and asked her what she had gotten his niece.

She said "Uh, you did say she liked art. So I stopped at a hobby store close to where I work and got her a sketch kit and a paint set. It isn't professional stuff, but it isn't the little kids stuff either."

He was impressed that she went out and got something that would mean something to his niece. "That was a great idea. I wouldn't have thought about that."

Twenty minutes later he pulled up in front of his sister's house and shut the truck off. He got out and waited until she walked next to him. He had the gift in one hand and he slid the other around her waist as they walked around the house to the back. He smiled at his sister and handed her the gift and returned her hug.

"Mitzi, this is Blythe. Blythe this is my sister Mitzi."

She smiled and shook the woman's hand and said "Nice to meet you."

She grinned and said "Great to meet you Blythe, I hope you don't mind chaos. Please find a seat. There are drinks and snacks over there. Make yourselves at home."



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