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The Boat Accident

Novel By: Hamtres

She wasn't a hero, but she rescued the little boy. He was a party man and liked to be in the middle of everything. Two people who were far different spent a night together and their lives beccame intertwined. View table of contents...


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She sat on the pontoon quietly as she watched the boat glide through the waters of the lake. She loved the water, but rarely swam in it because of her weight. She was self conscious when it came to wearing swimsuits so she didn't enjoy putting one on and parading around in it unlike several of the people that she knew.

But this party was different because it was cooler outside and windy. She sat back against the seat on one side and turned her head and watched the water slap against the side of the pontoon and found herself lulled into a sense of calm. She glanced absently around the pontoon and saw that there were several people on it.

Mike was the one driving it and beside him were a couple of his friends. She didn't know them, and for that matter she really didn't know Mike, but her she had come to this party with her cousin Erin because Erin didn't want to come alone. She wasn't one who socialized a lot, but Erin had pleaded with her to come so she wasn't alone.

She sighed and turned her gaze to the other people and saw a couple with their son. The husband had a cast on his arm, but he seemed oblivious to the small boy who was running around, and his wife wasn't much better. She was giggling and laughing with one of the other girls who were on the pontoon. The little boy was a devious little child careening into people and not sitting still.

She turned her head again and watched the water. She wasn't sure what made her turn her head, but she did and felt her eyes widen. She stood up automatically and felt her legs want to stumble but forced herself not to. She saw the little boy had unchained a gate and he was precariously close to the edge. She pointed to the little boy, but before she could say anything she saw his little body stumble and then to her horror she saw his eyes widen as he started to fall.

She wasn't a great swimmer, but she was decent. She had never acted impetuously, but she already knew that no one had seen what she had and no one knew where he had fell. With no life jacket to hold him up his little body sank. She didn't think twice as she knocked her glasses off her face and ran towards the side of the boat. She jumped over and felt the coldness of the water seep in her clothes immediately. She prayed that she was close enough and her arms moved the water around her trying to clutch at anything.

Just as her body started to rise up she felt something and grabbed with all her might. She caught a little hand and pulled him close. She propelled them up and pulled his body close to hers and pushed them both above the water. She took in several gulps of air and as she pulled the little boy up she heard him coughing and crying at the same time. She pulled his little body close and kept her feet moving to keep them above water.

"It's okay honey."

He cried and cried, but his arms clung around her neck as a lifeline. She turned and couldn't make out anything as her vision as terrible without her glasses. She coughed some and heard the boat and people yelling.

"Oh god…oh thank you god." She heard voices as the boat slowed to where they were in the water at.

She turned and saw the boat was close and with one arm around the little boy she swam slowly towards it. As her hand touched the side she saw a figure lean over and reach for the boy and when she felt his body being lifted from the water she let go of her burden. She pushed her long hair back from her face and looked up at one of the guys on board who had plucked the little boy from her arms.

He turned back towards her and said "Give me your hand."

She felt her eyes widen and stammered "I…" She wasn't a lightweight and the idea of this man trying to help her in the boat embarrassed her. She felt him lean down and then he grasped her hand and as his hand closed over hers she reluctantly placed her other hand in his and she was shocked as he stood and she was slowly pulled from the water. As her bottom hit the floor of the pontoon nerves set in.

She turned and saw that the little boy was now bundled in a towel and his mom was holding him and crying. The coolness of the evening before had been unsettling, but now with her clothes soaking wet her body started to shake. She looked around and mumbled "My glasses…"

One of the girls said "Here are your glasses."

She tried to smile, but her teeth only chattered. She said "T-thanks." Then she felt hands slide underneath her arms and she was pulled upwards to her feet. Her knees wanted to buckle, but an arm slid around her waist holding her up. "Mike hand me that blanket now."

All of a sudden a blanket was wrapped around her body and she was pulled backward and had no strength left to protest anything. When her knees hit the side of the seating at the back of the boat she automatically sat down and felt the arm around her pull her backwards. The arms that surrounded her rubbed up and down her arms slowly.

The father of the little boy looked back at her and said "I…don't even know what to say because thank you doesn't sound enough. I…hell we didn't even see him fall in."

The mother nodded as tears rolled down her face and she said "Oh god thank you so much. You saved his life."

She nodded and said "No…pro-problem." Her body shook with a combination of nerves as the coldness seeped through her skin. She felt the hands that had rubbed her arms pull her back and she felt the chest as she was pulled backwards. She tried to pull herself upright so she wasn't leaning against the man.

"Easy. Just relax. We need to keep you warm so shock doesn't set in."

"I…I'm o-okay."

The man chuckled and said "You're freezing cold and you're shaking like hell. Just sit back." He turned and said "Mike…get us the hell home."

The boat started off and whereas before there had been talk and laughter now there was soft whisperings. She couldn't stop her body from shaking and reluctantly she let the man hold her as they neared the pier. When the boat finally docked she felt the man start to stand and his arms helped her up. Her legs were still unsteady so she relied heavily on him as she started to walk.

He got to the end of the pontoon and stepped off and reached for her. Her legs trembled as she tried to step the foot and a half from the pontoon to the pier. He turned and reached for her and she gasped softly as his arms slid around her and swung her over to the pier. She stumbled, but he reached for her and pulled her close to him. She swallowed as she walked slowly along the pier towards the house.

Erin ran back towards her and said "Oh my god Brynn I heard what happened. Are you all right?"

She said "I-I…am o-okay." Her teeth were chattering so loudly it was hard for her to talk.

The man holding her said "We need to get her warm real quick. I'm a little concerned about her going into shock. I want to get her inside."

Erin looked up at the man and said "Oh. I didn't think of that."

He said "Okay…Brynn we need to get you inside."

She meekly followed him inside the house and saw several people glance at them. He fielded questions as they were thrown left and right. He turned towards Mike and said "I'm going to get her upstairs and out of these wet clothes and into something dry. Why don't you make her something hot to drink?"

Mike nodded. "No problem."

She followed him up the stairs and she was shaking so much that it was starting to make her feel sick. She closed her eyes briefly and stopped and felt his arm tighten around her.

"I know you aren't feeling good Brynn, but just a few more steps…come on sweetheart." She numbly followed him into the room and vaguely heard the door shut. She walked along with him into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet as he reached into the shower and turned it on. She closed her eyes for a second, but opened them as he slid her glasses off of her face.

"I'll set your glasses right here." He sat them on the sink and then he reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks and reached for the zipper of his jeans and slid it down. He considered briefly about stripping entirely, but he didn't know how she would react so he left his boxers on.

He reached for her and helped her stand and reached for the blanket and slid it off her shoulders. "Okay Brynn…we need to get you into the shower so you're warm." He stooped and removed her shoes and felt her hands settle on his shoulders. He removed her socks and then slowly stood up. His hands went to her jeans and he reached for the button and quickly slid the jeans down her legs.

She shivered and said "What…are you doing?" Her teeth chattered terribly as she asked him a question.

He reached for her shirt and with one movement tugged it over her head. As he dropped it to the ground he reached for her and gently helped her into the shower. The water was warm and he turned so it was hitting her. He gently pulled her in his arms and said "Relax Brynn…all I want to do is get you warm. You are slightly in shock."

She wasn't sure how long she stood there, but soon enough the shivering she had been suffering with started to abate and she finally felt like she wasn't frozen solid. Her head lay on his chest and she sighed and felt her legs a little steadier than they had been. She could still feel his hands sliding up and down her back.

"You feel a little better?" He asked her.

She said "I…don't feel as cold."

He tipped her head back a little and slid her hair behind her ears and said "You look a bit steadier on your feet." He reached behind her and shut off the shower and said "Okay…now to get dry."

She felt embarrassment as soon as she stepped out of the shower. She realized that she wore her panties and her bra and they were soaking wet.

He said "Here, use this to dry off." He handed her a towel and he took one and said "Let me look and get you something to change into."

She used the towel to dry her face and held it protectively in front of her and blinked as he walked in. He handed her a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. "These will have to do for now."

She swallowed and said "Uh…thank you."

He smiled and said "No problem. Go ahead and get changed. Then we'll dump your wet stuff in the washer and get it cleaned and dried."

She removed her bra and panties and quickly dried herself off as best as she could. She dried her hair quickly and saw a brush on the sink and reached for it and tugged it through her hair. Once it was tangle free she felt better. She slipped on the shorts and shirt and felt awkward without wearing her bra or panties, but they were soaking wet. She reached for her wet clothes and wadded them all up in the towel.

She opened the door and saw him sitting on the bed.

He smiled and stood up and said "Feel better?"

She said "Uh…yeah. I'm still a little cold, but at least I'm not shivering."

He nodded and said "Come on let's go downstairs and toss those in the washer."

She followed him down the stairs and as they got to the main floor she felt him reach for the bundle in her arms and she swallowed as he took it and headed into another room. She rubbed her arms and looked around.

Mike walked out and said "Here Brynn. Go ahead and have a seat and drink this. It is my version of a hot toddy. Go ahead and sit down."

She sat down on the couch and reached for the drink and took a sip and said "It…is good."

He grinned and sat down in the chair and said "So you done playing hero today?"

She laughed softly and said "I wasn't a hero, but I was lucky to see him fall in the water."

The man walked back in the room and said "Ahh, good. I was hoping Mike would make you something warm."

Mike glanced up and said "So what's up Adam, you get Brynn here taken care of?"

He sat down next to her and reached for the throw on the back of the couch and took it and tossed it over her lap and said "Just don't want her slipping into shock. She was shaking like hell when she got back into the boat."

She sipped on the drink and found herself trying hard to stay awake. With her body finally getting warm it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She had moved a little and found herself leaning against Adam and as her head lulled one more time onto his chest it was too hard to keep her eyes open and she let them drop.

Adam reached for the glass that almost fell from her fingers and sat it on the table next to him and leaned back as she slept. He sat there watching a movie on the television and turned his head as a girl walked in.

Erin said "Oh…she's asleep."

Adam turned and said "Out like a light. Nerves settled down and she got warm."

She said "I…was going to head home and she came with me."

Adam said "Don't worry about it. I can run her home."

She bit her lip and said "Well…she doesn't live close really."

Adam shrugged and asked "Where does she live?"

"She lives in Cloverdale on the west side."

Mike laughed and said "Hell how lucky can you get huh?"

Erin frowned and asked "What do you mean?"

Adam said "I live in Cloverdale also, but not on the Westside but I can run her home then."

"Are you sure you don't mind? I picked her up earlier today, so her car is at her apartment."

He said "I don't mind."

She bit her lip and said "I guess…I feel bad about just leaving her."

Adam slid his arm around her shoulders and felt her sigh slightly and he said "She'll be fine."

That evening he was content to sit on the couch and watch the movie with her in his arms. He nodded to people as they left and finally it was only him and Mike sitting in the living room.

Mike sighed and said "It has been one hell of a day."

He nodded. "Definitely one you won't forget."

Mike nodded and said "I'm not taking any kids on that pontoon anymore. Hell…if it hadn't been for her…" He shook his head and reached for his beer and took a drink.

Adam nodded. "Hell I didn't even see the kid fall, but I bet his parents think twice about taking him to any parties again."

Mike nodded. "Hell…" He shuddered and said "So…what's up with you playing doctor all evening to her?"

He shrugged and said "I don't know…she just looked like she needed someone."

Mike said "And you're someone huh?"

Adam shrugged and said "I can't help it. She is rather sweet looking…"

Mike shrugged and said "She just doesn't remind me of Amanda."

Adam said "That is a good thing though."

Mike said "Whatever makes you feel good man." He stood and stretched and said "I'm heading to bed. See ya in the morning."


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