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Betrothed to the vampire prince

Novel By: Hazel Darkshadow

A collaboration betweeen me and Lustslover (http://www.booksie.com/LustsLover)

The princess of darkness Zara is sent off to the castle of the vampire ruling family to meet the male she is Betrothed to - Though as soon as she arrives she meets an un-named male vampire, a demonic vampire called Alex, A strange male called Fernando who dissapears whenever anyone else appears and the vampire prince himself who's called Ryan. View table of contents...



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Zara steps out of her carrige and looks up at the huge black castle which loomed infront of her as she picks up her bags and walks forwards towards it as she knocks on the large oak doors thinking 'surley my parents haven't betrothed me to the vampire prince....they wouldn't risk my life like that.....would they?' she sighs softly to herself just as the doors creak open and Zara steps inside slowly and cautiously -only to be blsted in by a large gust of wind that left her standing face first to a tall, muscular unknown male who was nearly twice Zara's height and an obvious vampire from his iceblue skin and cold gaze "Welcome to my home, i'm glad to see your blood....i mean you made it here safely" the male says "But who are you and what is your buissness?" Looking at the male curiously Zara says "I'm Princess Zara - my parents sent me here to meet the male they betrothed me to"

The vampire looks at her in shock "Princess Zara...forgive me, i'll show you to your room" he says as he turns and leads Zara down some corridors towards a spare bedroom She sighs and follows him over to Alexander but still watches the un-named vampire curiously. "Alexander my son.... I mean my friend please come meet princess Zara." Alex hears the name Zara and worries. Enraged he bursts out in fury with a demonic voice. "What is she doing here?!?! You know what the prophets have said, why farther why....." She jumps back at the demonic voice from Alex and runs back to the room she'd been shown and shuts the door behind her and barricades it "this is not happening...its a bad dream...mum and dad would never betroth me to a vampire...i dont care if they did...i refuse to marry any of them..."

A voice from behind startles Zara. "My brothers at it again isn't he." Zara looks back worried and shouts "whose there?!". The voice replys "its nothing to worry about, for it is I Prince Fernando. The next in line to the throne." Zara was speechless. All she could do was look at his muscular figure and blonde curls. She stares at him and says "i dont appreciate people sneaking up on me - vampire prince or not" as she crosses her arms and flicks her crimson red hair from her face. "I didn't mean to sneak up on you, I'm sorry if I scared. What gave you the right to assume I am a vampire!" he questions Zara. "what else would you be?! Your father and brother are such!" she says with a huff. "I'm what they call a..." The unnamed man comes running in. "Princess Zara please forgive me, I apologize for Alexander's behaviour. We don't have many female visitors. Are you okay?"

Zara nods and replies "Yes I'm fine, I was just talking to Fernando." She looks back to realise no one is there.... the unnamed man asked with caution. "Whose Fernando?" Looking at him Zara says "he....he was just here....he said he was next in line to the throne...." as she spoke she was still looking around for fernando. "Your highness, I don't know how to say this but Fernando has been dead for over 5 Thousand years." Zara shook her head and exclaimed with passion. "No!! that's not possible. He was just there, are you calling me a lier?" she asks "No of course not" replied the unidentified man. "Are you sure? my farther will hear about this" replied Zara with a stream of tears pouring from her eyes.

"so this was pointless?!?! I want to go home - NOW!!" Zara exclaims as she sighs heavily. "Zara maybe we could come to the arrangement of you and Alexander, hmm?" Zara looking in the unidentified mans eyes could see he was hiding something...Question is what was it? "no - i dont like him....he freaks me out" she says "if fernando is truly dead then i would rather go home" he looks at her "Why what is wrong with Alexander? You know what I shall give you time to think about it." The unnamed figure slams the door shut. As soon as the door shuts zara hears. "Sorry I had to bail on you...." Zara winces at the slam as she looks at Fernando and asks "why did you go? Why does that man think your dead...i hate this place...i wanna go home!" she complains falling down onto the bed

"They think I died during the great battle of Waffleious! But they are wrong. I hide in the shadows waiting for my time! I couldn't let them see me. Or us together. It would ruin everything." he explains "ruin what?! What are you planning! You make no sense!! No one here does and until they do im not going through with marrying anyone!" she says "Zara there is something you need to know.... but I'm not sure how I should say this. The battle of waffleious was a battle against the betrayer of the dark realm. Zara I am your brother!" she gasps"my brother? But then why on earth am i expected to marry you....no way....im not doing this....im not having any part in this..." she says and grabs her bags and leaves the room going to exit the castle.

Fernando runs and grabs her by her thighs and asks in a disturbing voice. "What's the rush....princess!" Zara gasps "g....get off of me you freak!!" she shouts kicking him in the face as she runs away. Fernando rapidly gets up. "You bitch, wanna play with kitty kat, well kitty kat is going to purr, and it ain't pretty..." She pays no attenition to him as she continues to run deeper into the castle not paying attention to the way she came as tears streamed from her eyes. Zara hears a massive and deafening shreak! She hits the ground suddenly and starts crying - full of fear and agony.

Then from the shadows a young man appears infront of her. She watches the male with fear gripping her stomach as she backed up against the nearest wall in fright and panic. "I mean you no harm. My name is Ryan, are you okay?" the male asks. She shakes her head "no...i think im seeing ghosts...." Ryan looks at her curiously "Ghosts? Why?" Taking a deep breath she explains "because i saw this guy called fernando...and the vampire dude i dont knows name said he died 5 thousand years ago.....but he just chased me...." Ryan looks at her in shock "Fernando?! you've seen Fernando, the Fernando?!" She nods her head "i dont see how thats a good thing to be honest!!" Ryan sighs "oh my, oh my indeed - why are you here" Ryan asks Zara "my parents sent me here....im supposed to be betrothed to someone here ...i fear it's fernando....oh im Zara by the way" she replies. "You are Zara? Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Ryan, the prince of this castle! I am the one you are here for!" Ryan says. She sighs and relaxes "was here for - i dont plan on staying much longer, or marrying anyone" looking at her in shock he asks "What? why? I have waited years for this!!" Zara sighs saying "because this places makes no sense and neither do those in it....and until SOMEONE starts making sense i dont want to marry anyone!"


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