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The Devil's Bride

Novel By: Hazel Darkshadow

The Devil has been watching a young princess by the name of Calypso for a while now and when she goes for a walk in the woods and finds one of his secret passage way's into hell he takes the oppurtunity and takes her down to hell where he forces her to become his bride. View table of contents...


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Calypso vaults onto her jet black horse and smiles down at her father "I'll be fine father - i've been to the woods a million times by myself and never been hurt, i dont need a knight with me" Calypso's father looks at her and nods reluctantly "If your sure...." Calypso smiles and kisses her father on his forehead before she gently kicks her horse who breaks into a straight gallopout of the Castle courtyard, through the town and out into the bordering woods where she takes a left into the least explored area of the woods - it was only the least explored because of all the rumors that it was 'the devil's land' not the Calypso believed that - she just about believed in the devil...

As she rode through the woods Calypso looked around and her attention was caught by a well hidden cave which seemed to glow red through the overhanging leaves of a willow tree that covered the hidden entrance. Grinning Calypso jumps off her horse and ties her to a tree before she wanders to the cave and pushes back the willow leaves stepping inside the cave - as she did everything went black and two rough mal hands grabbed her seconds before she felt a searing pain in the back of her head and she fell unconcious...

When she lay down she was in a place she failed to recognise and she lay on a large kingsized double bed with red silk duvet and pillow case. She groans and sits up looking around and back's against the headboard of the bed when she spots a tall, pale skinned male with red eyes and jet black hair standing at the end of the bed watching her "W.....who are you?" she questions shocked and slightly scared. "Lucifer" The male says smirking as Calypso ask's "Why have you taken me?...Where are we?" Smiling still Lucifer says "We're in hell and i've taken you because you are beautiful - much too beautiful to be married to any mortal man" Calypso gasps as she realised where she knew the name Lucifer from - it was another name for the Devil. Shaking her head Calypso regains some strength and confidence saying "No way!! i will NOT marry you! Send me home now!" Lucifer laughs and grabs Calypso's hands and pulls her to him as he whispers into her ear "No i wont send you home, and you will marry me Calypso - wether you want to or not" He lets go of Calypso causing her onto fall to the bed as Lucifer turns and leaves the room locking the door behind him.

Calypso watched the spot where he left in shock and places her head in her hands as she gently starts to cry - She didnt want to be down in hell, captive and being forced to marry the devil himself! She wanted to be able to chose her husband and have the freedom to do what she wanted.... She sighs knowing everything she'd had going for her had just been snapped from her grasp as had her choice of where she went with her life - now the devil ruled her life, quite literally. She lies down on the bed and lays onto her side her knees pulled up to her chest as she cries softly and eventually cries herself into a light sleep. When she wakes up in the morning she could see Lucifer standing and looking down at her as he wipes the tears from her cheeks saying softly "You have a wedding dress fitting - i expect you not to run off, if you do i'll have to punish you - can i trust you not to run off?" Calypso looks up at him and nods her head saying "You can trust me" Lucifer smiles "good" Calypso sighs as Lucifer walks to the door and she follows him before they step out the room and Lucifer leads her down a hallway and into a large majestic bedroom with expensive furniture and styling.

Calypso gasped in shock at how beautiful the room was - but the thing which really caught her attention was the beautiful ivory wedding dress that stood on a manequin in the middle of the room, the dres had a large slightly poofy skirt that had the fabric swirl around like icecream and had diamons and emeralds on the bodice of the dress. Also on the manequin was a silver tiara and necklace which had emeralds and diamonds in them. Calypso smiled softly and whispered "They're beautiful..." just as Lucifer turns Calypso to face him and slips an silver and diamonds enjagment ring onto her left ring finger with a smile as the ring fitted itself perfectly onto her finger. She gasps softly but a small smile appears on her lips - Lucifer smiles at this and says "I knew you couldn't resist me for ever" Suddenly Calypso was back into the reality of the situation and pulls her hand from Lucifer's grip as she turns her back to him and crosses her arms under her bust. Lucifer chuckles as a tailor steps into the room and asks "Is this the girl Lucifer?" Lucifer nods his head and says "I'll be outside if im required" as he walks past Calypso he whipers in her ear "Behave or i'll make you regret it later" Calypso shrugs her shoulders as Lucifer leaves the room and the tailor looks at Calypso and says "Come over here dear"

She does as the tailor asks and walks over to him as he takes the dress of the manequin and Calypso takes off her clothes so she was standing in her underwear as the tailor places the dress on her and starts to adjust it and keep the adjustments in place with pins. The taylor then takes the dress of and stitches the adjustments into place and shortens the skirt of the dress ever so slightly before repeating the process four more times before saying "Ok! I'm done you're all ready for this saturday" Calypso looks at the tailor in shock "This saturday? Is that when i'm getting married?" The tailor nods looking at Calypso with some fright as she quickly pulls on her clothes and heads outside the room where she storms over to Lucifer shouting "Your making me marry you this saturday?!" Though before she can make a real scene Lucifer grabs Calypso by her upper arms and pins her to the wall as he kisses her deeply and quickly teleports them into the bedroom she'd been sleeping in as the door locks behind them and he pulls away from the kiss and shoves her onto the bed saying "I TOLD YOU TO BEHAVE!!!!" Calypso growls at him saying "Why should i? You forced me down her and expect me to behave for you when you refuse to tell me anything or even treat me with any respect!" Lucifer laughs saying "You haven't earned my respect, you don't ask for any information but expect it anyway and you haven't even given me a chance - for all you know you might even love me!" Calypso falls into silence and looks down at the ground until she's pinned down by Lucifer who kisses her roughly.

She resisted the kiss for a few miniutes before she gave into him and kissed back which led to lucifer softening the kiss and holding her body close to his before he pulls away a second later and looks at Calypso and asks "well?" Calypso shrugs her shoulders and whispers "i dont know.." He lets out a warning growl and says "Tell the truth Calypso" She sighs and says "I....i'm falling for you" Lucifer grins triumphantly and kisses Calypso again allowing her to hold onto him as they kiss -He pulls away a second later and stood up allowing Calypso to sit up. She places a hand to her forehead as she thinks about the situation and what she'd just admitied to....did she really love Lucifer? Or was she just saying that to save herself to some degree.... At that moment in time she couldn't tell herself the reason why she'd told Lucifer she was falling for him. "I'll give you time to think" Lucifer says almost as if he knew what Calypso was wondering, turning he unlocks the door and walks out before locking the door behind him again.

Falling onto her back Calypso stares up at the ceiling - unable to arrange her thoughts in her mind. Her heart was telling her to stay and see what getting to know and trust Lucifer would be like that maybe it would be 'ok' but her mindtold her to run and escape because Lucifer was the devil afterall and that she would never be able to trust him or get to 'know' him however much she wanted to do so...


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