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Reviving Aura

Novel By: HeartBreaker1996

Aura's life was in balance, life, love,art and friends until something happned and now she has to start over to find new love,build a new life and make new friends but its not that easy to start afresh. Can Aura be revived? View table of contents...


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Hazel and mocha, those are the two things that I miss the most-his molten hazel eyes and smooth mocha skin. I couldn't believe that I was away from him, from everything that meant anything to me but it was my reality now so I had better start believing it.

"Is this it then?" I asked in a tone so lifeless it was barely audible, it's funny how things can change a month ago I would have never been in this kind of mood.

"Yes this is it, sunshine, welcome to Thompson-Lockhart School Of the Arts." Sang my Dad, his positivity could kill although he wasn't like this all the time. When he was Liam Williamson, CEO of Williamson Inc. he was stern, intimidating and charming somehow the right combination of all three which is his secret to success.

"It's beautiful which makes it that much harder to hate," I sighed

"Am sure you will fit in and present yourself as the intelligent and sociable young woman I know you are" My dad said, trying to change the topic, it was probably hard for him too.

"If am lucky I will blend in to the background ," I mumbled

Dad gave me some pocket money, told me more reassuring things and dropped me off. So there I was staring at front of the school thinking that it doesn't say the right thing "Lee Anne Waters High" not "Thompson-Lockhart School of the arts", thinking that the wrong cars are parked diagonally across the school-there wasn't a silver Mercedes or a candy apple red Chevrolet truck just expensive looking motorbikes and oddly the same Range Rover in different colours, thinking that the wrong eyes were staring back at me. It was all so wrong!

I snapped out of it and walked forward and with each step I took I felt more out of place, disconnected.

As I walked past the twin fountains of Grecian goddesses on each side of the large glass doors and into the school and again I was disappointed because it was stunning. Whilst I listened to my boots clicking on the black and white tiles I hoped that my outfit was decent enough for the 'audience', I laughed I guess it was a sign that I hadn't completely lost myself. I spent at least an hour picking through my clothes trying to find an appropriate outfit, finally Id chosen a white but accented with black blazer, an electric blue tank, a simple tote, black skinny's and black patent leather ankle boots as a finishing touch I let my hair fall on my shoulders in its natural curls but pulled it away from my face with an Alice band. After all I had worked at most of the clothing stores around St Denis.

I looked around for the Headmasters Office trying to ignore the confused stares I was getting, it wasn't normal for someone to transfer this late into the year but I had the grades to pull it off and my situation was desperate. Sadly, I couldn't find the headmistresses office so I thought it better I just stop and look at my timetable and map in a place that wasn't so saturated with bodies, that was definitely not an easy task as there were people everywhere, they all seemed so busy, some were either texting, sketching, singing or just chilling out. I wondered if I'd ever fit in here. My mind started to wander and I suddenly ran into a wall, I looked up and it wasn't a wall it was a girl, obviously blushing with embarrassment, I gave her an apologetic smile. She had razor straight rich mahogany hair which is her most striking feature second comes her almost black eyes that are so piercing it's as if they will you to stay in the same position. She offered her hand "Adrianna L'iatre" she spoke. "Aura-Marcelle Williamson, most people call me Aura" I said with a smile shaking her hand.

Suddenly I had hope that maybe it wouldn't be so bad here, maybe I'd be able to build a new life with a bit of ease.

"Are you from around here? " I inquired.

"No, I moved here when I was young, well when I was younger than I am now. My family is from New York. Your new right?," She answered, her accent was definitely different, her 'r's' were a bit rolled.

Soon I found myself engulfed in conversation with Adrianna but it came to an abrupt end when the bell rang. It was an odd ring, too harmonious to be a school bell which was just another reminder that I was starting a new life from scratch.

"So which classes do you have Aura?" She asked

"Uhhm I have biology in first and second period but am going to miss first period because I have to see the principal. Can I see your timetable?" I nervously said, hoping that she wasn't just being friendly because I was new...it wouldn't be the first time that I got the wrong idea about someone.

"Sure thing, I have chemistry in third and fourth, English in fifth and sixth then after lunch I have dance class which is clearly the highlight of my day(laughs). My friends and I will be around the head's office, when you get out I'll introduce you." She spoke as she looked at her watch, it was royal purple and masculine looking-I had the same one except in bright blue-and then I realised that I had to be somewhere else.

"That would be great, I'll see you then, Adrianna" I said as I waved goodbye.

'Walk straight and then turn right', I was going over the directions Adrianna had gave me. Flip, I've always sucked at following directions "'Aura we were supposed to turn left at that orange arrow, we have to go back,!' I had snuck out to take Caleb to the annual foam party hosted by Rothsburg High, it was always a night to remember. It was the most spontaneous thing I'd done at the time, I guess he'd brought out the fun side of me which is why we are-were so good together, we played off each others' opposite traits really well. 'Listen, I know where the house is!' I shouted back, I hated arguing with him especially over something that petty. I smiled and snorted, that night we definitely made memories and I was reminded of them every time I got into my old car since the seats are stained with lavender scented and alcohol bubbles darkened by the blue-black dye that ran out from our jeans.

I found the office and I walked in since I was in such a good mood I gave the secretary my charming smile, I hadn't put it on in a long while, she smiled back.

"Aura-Marcelle Williamson?"

"Yep, that is me,"

"Alright then, please be seated" She gestured to the long wrought iron bench covered with cushions of pastel shades. Strange choice of decor I thought as I looked around and saw walls ridden with beautiful script 'The poetry of earth is ceasing never', 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways' and many other quotes from well known poems. I think the latter one is Sonnet 43 from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The floor was completely wooden, it looked rich and expensive amongst other things, that same wood framed the paintings on the wall which seemed to be from the Elizabethan times and soft morning sunshine shone into the room from the wall of floor to ceiling windows. I've got to admit that it looked cohesive, Savannah and Audrey would've liked it-they were obsessed with anything vaguely vintage.

"You may see Ms. Scott now" Oh crap, here goes nothing. I got up and wiped my sweaty palms onto my jeans.

"Thank you" I walked to the door, the was a gold plate on it, 'Ms Scott, Principal' and knocked softly twice.

"Come in"

I sat down on a comfortable chair across her and she got straight down to business.

"Ms. Williamson, I know what happened at your previous school and want to make it clear that nothing of that sort will happen in my school. Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you will like the school since there are many classes that will allow you your utilise your artistic talents. I went through your portfolio it is amazing and your grades are also good."

My what? I never submitted a portfolio, it must've been my dad although am not sure what it is that he put in there.

"I suggest that you enter New Perspective, it's an annual arts competition and am more than sure that people would appreciate what you have to offer which is a lot."

With that she handed me a pamphlet, the deadline was the 17th of July, today was the 12th of June. Really? The last thing I want to do is 'express my feelings' or is it? That's what I thought but instead I said "It will definitely be on my mind."

Our conversation was shorter than I thought it would be. I turned around to close the door-" Aura, this is yours I presume" Ms. Scott handed me a large bag, it was mine. Caleb gave it to me because I was always making him carry all my stuff.

" Yes it is, may I ask how it came to be in your possession?"

"It was sent here this morning, I have no idea why it wasn't sent to your home. Have a nice day." Caleb. I'd given it to him as a gift so that he could remember me. There were documentaries, paintings and sketches, short stories, sheets of music and pictures, pictures of everyone I knew, everything that inspired me, everything that reminded me of him and pictures of us together.

"Thank you."


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