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The Ninth Element

Novel By: HeartStone451

Kat is a your average girl teenager, but when secerets are revealed and the past is brought, things start to shift from average to abnormal. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

After a brief pause, Kat headed inside, her face covered in confusion. Her mom saw the look and asked with concern "what's wrong?" Kat looked up at her mom, she wasn't sure if she should ask her mom, would she know? She knew Chris better than Kat, Jay - her brother- and Chris were friends ever since they were little. Chris came over all the time, and Kat's mom was always around and Jay talked to their mom about everything that happened between him and Chris. Kat finally chose to tell her mom, anyway, if she didn't, her mom would find out somehow, she always does. "Chris said some weird stuff to me before he left" Her mom's blue eyes seemed to turn black when she narrowed them, "what did he say to you?" it was more of a command than a question.

Her voice sent a shiver down her daughter's back, Kat repeated everything that Chris had told her, her mom paced back and forth when Kat was telling her, looking deep in thought. She finally stopped and sighed, running a hand through her blonde curly hair. She turned facing Kat, "there have been some things that I have kept from you, things I should have been telling you and teaching you from the day that you could walk." Kat was now filled with more confusion, what was her mom talking about, she was starting to sound like Chris. "What do you mean?" Kat asked, her mom turned, grabbing for her purse "come along, were going for a little ride." Kat was stunned for a second,what was going on, everything was starting to go just a little to fast. Kat shook her head, and trotted out the door to catch up with her mom.

They drove for an hour and pulled on to a street called Maryland, Kat sat up in her seat. Instead of houses lined up next to each other like any other street, there were shops. There were big ones, small ones, dull colored ones, and brightly colored ones. They went down the straight smooth road, that eventually brought them to a town square, elegant houses were placed here. They were different shades of dark color, they had large glass windows, some made with colored glass. There were long, curvy vines lay across and on the side of the houses. They turneda sharp corner and headed up a bumpy hill. Kat gasped at what was appearing over the hill. It was a huge white creamy colored mansion. It was decorated in vines just like the smaller houses, all together it looked like one of those castles in a fairy tale, it was a stunning building.

They pulled up to it, and they walked up the steps into the house. The inside was beautiful, smooth hard-wood flooring covered the ground. The walls were a creamy pearl color, curtains the color of crimson red touched the floor from where they hung on the huge, shiny glass windows. Book shelves lined one side of the wall, packed with old, hard-covered books. There were candles stands in all of the corners of the house. A golden, brown rug lay on the floor with two black lounge chairs. "What is this place?" Kat asked looking over the room, Kat's mom smiled "it was your grandmother's house." Kat nodded, she had only meet her grandmother once, when she was just ten. Her grandmother was nice and at times showered Kat with gifts. She also told folk tales to Kat at night when she would visit. But there was this uneasiness when her mom and grandmother were together.

Kat's mom raised her hand and snapped her fingers, little flickers of fire appeared above the candle stands, basking the room in a warm light. "How did you do that!?" Kat gasped as she stared at her mom in shock.Her mom glanced at her daughter, "it is something I learned at your age" she explained. "What does that mean!?" Kat asked still in shock, her mom smiled, and turned down a hallway to the right leading to a tiny hallway with two rooms on both sides and a room in front of Kat's mom as she walked into the tiny hallway. Kat's mom waved her hand over the golden colored,door knobof the door in front and it started to vibrate rapidly and changed to a long door handle with a curve at the end, changing the color to a jet black. "Come with me, and I'll show you" her mom said opening the white wooden door.

They walked down a long curved, stone staircase. Kat kept one hand on the hard, stone wall for it was pitch black with nothing except the sound of her and her mom's footsteps hitting the steps. Kat was filled with mixed emotions, she was confused by what all that was happening so far, her mom hadn't made anything clear and nothing seemed clear. She was excited also, butterflies filled her stomach, she new she had never been here before, but it felt familiar. She also felt deeply sad, she couldn't put her finger on it why she felt so sad, but when she took a step into this deep cellar, there was a pain on sadness that stabbed her heart.

They reached the bottom and Kat could hear her mom walking around, then there was a deep, low creak and shimmers of different colors landed on Kat's body. Her mom opened the wooden door wider and stepped aside "go in", Kat walked in the room, it was huge, the floor and wall was stone.A pentagram wascarved in the ground in the middle of the room. In the spaces in the star there were eight small round orbs. One was creamy white colored, there was one that was gloomy black with a hint of gray,anotherwas purple with swirls of white, one was misty blue. The next one was dark blue, another was light brown, one was a misty color of orange, red, and yellow and the last one was a shady golden color. The space in the middle of the star was empty.

"What are these?" Kat askedstunned by the beautiful colored orbs, "these are the eight wonders" her mother responded, "they represent eight elements. Snow, darkness, lighting, wind, water, earth, fire and wind" her mom explained walking around the pentagram. Kat nodded, her mom went on "your ancestors were witches, each witch had a unique power that represented one of these elements." "Why did you bring me here?" Kat new what the answer was going to be, but she asked it anyway, her mom smiled "yes, you are a witch, and my mom believes that you are the one to create the next element" pointing to the empty space in the star.Kat nodded several times, processing everything, she was still confused, and she had a lot of questions, but she knew her mom would explain everything and she now knew what Life is full of surprises meant.

"Is Chris a - she waved her hand at the orbs. "No, he is not. There were a group of people who knew of us, they were allies, they were called Templars" her mom said.She walked back to the old wooden door "there are many things you have to check up with and many things you must learn, but it can wait, we need to get back home." They left the mansion and headed home, when they arrived home, Kat collapsed on to her bed, but she couldn't sleep well for she had a question that kept interrupting her sleep, did Lucas have any thing to do with this and if he did what was it?


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