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Tags: Summer, Camp. And, I, Actually, Thought, My, Mum, Had, Been, Joking., But, Apparently, Not., Looked, Around, The, Campsite, Trees, Mud, Water, Wood, Concrete., Lovely. I, Was, Late, To, Arrive, Since, Decided, Be, For, Bus, And, Hope, Wouldn’t, Have, Go., Unfortunately, Took, It, Upon, Herself, Drive, Me, Here, Herself. I, Grabbed, Hold, Of, Handle, Case, Tugged, A, Log, Building, That, Important., Reached, Steps, Up, At, Door, Man, Leaning, Against, Frame., He, Wearing, Blue, Jeans, Leather, Jacket, Paired, With, Sunglasses, Cowboy, Boots., Charming. “excuse, Do, You, Know, Where…”, Stopped, Mid-sentence, Glanced, Piece, Paper, In, Hand, “cabin, 5, Is?” He, Down, Then, Slowly, Nodded., Pushed, Himself, Off, Frame, Brushed, Past, Quickly, Followed, Him;, Hopefully, Showing, Cabin., The, Camp, Huge, Spotted, Map, On, Way, Cabins, Were, Spread, Far, From, Each-other., Cabin, Near, Lake, Problem, No, Idea, Where, Was., Saw, No-one, Else, As, Led, Path, Into, An, Opening, Next, Lake., Blushed, How, Obvious, Must, Him. He, Strode, Over, Wooden, Knocked, There, Commotion, Before, Answered, By, Three, Girls, Standing, Close, Them, Calculating, Eyes, Asking: “how, Many, Beds?”, His, Voice, Rough, Gravely, Small, Hint, Calm, Mixed, Type, Expected, Wild-west. “three”, Offered, Dark, Haired, Girl, White-blonde, Her, Nodded, Brunette, Didn’t, Move., Turned, Walked, Back, When, Gestured, Follow., Slightly, Confused, Did, So, Wasn’t, It? Three, Beds, Girls. Damn, Already, Creating, Only, 10, Minutes. I, After, Him, Entered, First, Waited, Gave, Considering, Look. “there, Seems, Mix-up, We, Boy, Available, Place, Is…”, Second, –, “the, Boys” My, Heart, Sank, Great, Month, Free, Time, Wasted, Waste, Boys, Joy, Oh, Joy. I, Head, Let, Misery, Show, Face;, Would, Endure, Worse, If, Stayed, Home., Think, Somehow, Caused, This, Suspecting, Last, Thing, Wanted. The, Set, Again, Towards, Another, Lake-path., Trailed, Black, Suit-case, Dragging, Along, Floor, Its, Wheels., He, Clearing;, Lot, Separated, Clearing, Other., Went, Which, Almost, Identical, Except, Overhang, Painted, Golden-yellow. He, Later, Door., Long, (as, Too, Boy), Golden, Hair, Sparkling, Skin, Delicious, Light, Caramel, Skinny, Build., Easy, Smile, Lit, Face, Man;, Change, Dropped, Although, Pose, Became, Less, Inviting. “cameron, Cabins., Young, Lady”, “will, Sharing, Skylar, Eric” Cameron, Frowned, Without, Backwards, Glance, Leading, Staring, Dumbly, Cameron., Comforting, Opened, Wider., Two, Bunk-beds, Normal, Bed, Bunk, Each-other, Apart. A, Bag, Lay, Bottom, Bunk., Dragged, Suitcase, Across, Room, Under, Bed. Cameron, Closed, Sat, Other, Bunk. “so, What’s, Your, Name?”, Like, Honey-like, Smooth., “angel”, Replied, Observing, Further., Posters, Bands, Littered, Walls, Coke, Bottles, Stacked, Draw-set, Deodorant, Table, Mirror. “i’m, Cameron”, Aware, Knew, Name, “and, Welcome, Beech-more”, Hellokittyfucksthemainstream, Hello, Kitty, Sex, Mainstream, God, Gay, Homosexual, Good-looking, Charming, Men, Love, Hate

Angel Teroff has been sent to a summer camp by her mother, who thought hanging around the house and being with friends wasn’t healthy.
A mix-up with the papers ends in Angel getting put with a cabin full of 16-year-old single boys, who are all unfairly good-looking. Although, it doesn’t particularly mean she is attracted to them.
Camp Beech-More is a social-camp, where the plan is meet new people and have a good time. There is a lake, a forest, an art room, a reading room and opportunities to go the nearest town. Swimming, exploring, painting and buying new things, what else could a teenager want?
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Submitted:Apr 22, 2010    Reads: 460    Comments: 21    Likes: 3   

Summer camp.
And I actually thought my mum had been joking. But, apparently not. I looked around the campsite, trees, mud, water, wood, concrete. Lovely.
I was late to arrive, since I had decided to be late for the bus and hope I wouldn't have to go. Unfortunately my mum took it upon herself to drive me here herself.
I grabbed hold of the handle to my case and tugged it to a log building that looked important. I reached the steps and looked up, at the door was a man leaning against the door frame. He was wearing blue jeans and a leather jacket, paired with sunglasses and cowboy boots. Charming.
"Excuse me, do you know where…" I stopped mid-sentence and glanced at the piece of paper in my hand "Cabin 5 is?"
He looked my up and down and then slowly nodded. He pushed himself off the door frame and brushed past me, I quickly followed him; hopefully he was showing me to my cabin.
The camp was huge, I had spotted a map on the way in the cabins were spread far from each-other. My cabin was near a lake, the problem was, I had no idea where the lake was. I saw no-one else as he led me down a path and into an opening, next to a lake. I blushed on how obvious it must have been to him.
He strode over to a wooden cabin and knocked on the door, there was a commotion before the door was answered by three girls standing close to each-other.
The man looked over them with calculating eyes before asking:
"How many beds?" his voice was rough and gravely, with a small hint of calm mixed in, the type of voice you expected in the wild-west.
"Three" offered a dark haired girl, the white-blonde next to her nodded and the dark brunette didn't move. The man turned around and walked back to the path, he turned when he reached it and gestured for me to follow. Slightly confused I did so, it was my cabin wasn't it?
Three beds, three girls.
Damn, I was already creating a problem and I had only been here 10 minutes.
I walked after him as he entered the building I had first saw him in, I stopped at the steps and waited, he gave me a considering look.
"There seems to of been a mix-up with the cabins, we have three girl cabins and three boy cabins, the only available place it seems is…" he stopped for a second then - "the boys"
My heart sank, great, a month of free time wasted and I had to waste it in a cabin of boys, joy, oh joy.
I nodded my head, but didn't let my misery show on my face; I would have to endure worse if I stayed at home. My mum would think I had somehow caused this, and a suspecting mum would be the last thing I wanted.
The man set off again, this time towards another lake-path. I trailed after him, my black suit-case dragging along the floor on its wheels.
He reached another clearing; a lot of trees separated this clearing from the other. He went up to a cabin, which was almost identical to the other. Except it had an overhang over the door, and the door was painted a golden-yellow.
He knocked, and a second later a boy answered the door. He had long (As in, too long for a boy) golden hair and sparkling blue eyes, his skin was a delicious light caramel and he was of a skinny build. An easy smile lit up his face as he saw the man; it didn't change as it dropped to me, although his pose became slightly less inviting.
"Cameron, there was a mix-up with the cabins. This young lady" he gestured to me "will be sharing a cabin with you, Skylar and Eric"
Cameron frowned slightly but nodded, then, without a backwards glance at me the man walked off, leading me staring dumbly at Cameron. He gave me a comforting smile and opened the door wider. I walked past him into the cabin. There were two bunk-beds and a normal bed, the two bunk beds close to each-other and the normal bed slightly apart.
A bag already lay on the normal bed and the two bunk beds so I lay my bag on a bottom bunk. I dragged my suitcase across the room and pushed it under the bed.
Cameron closed the door then sat on the other bottom bunk.
"So, what's your name?" his voice was like his hair, honey-like and smooth.
"Angel" I replied, observing the cabin further. Posters of bands littered the walls, coke bottles were stacked on a draw-set and deodorant littered a table with a mirror.
"I'm Cameron" he answered, already aware I knew his name "And welcome to camp Beech-More"


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