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Rubix Cube

Novel By: henna76

Poor Jamison, lonley, an unused matireal. She thinks that her life was a waste. but was it really? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 20, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1- Luke

I was walking down the street past the starbucks when I saw a heart-warming sight. A starbucks employee playing the guitar. I smiled for the first time in ages and kept walking. "Eep! Hey!" sqealed Marie as she threw me in a rib-crashing hug. I nodded back at her and kept walking. Marie looked disapointed, was I a little too hard on her? "Hey..." I muttered. "Oh my gosh! Come on! Were going to get you something bright to wear 'kay?" She said. I rolled my eyes as she called a cab to go to the mall. Marie kept babbling about how something was so cute and how I needed a boyfriend. But no, I wasn't going to mix up the past with the present. I eventully agreed to a bright yellow and grey shirt and shorts that had one tiny rip in them. Of course, Marie made me put them on the moment we bought them. But all I had on my mind right now was the boy at starbucks. "Hey Marie, do you want to go to Starbucks? I'll pay." I asked. "Sure!" She replied in that perky tone of hers. She was my only best friend in all of Kariz. A small town smack in the middle of London. She was ever so talented! She was born here but she taught herself how to talk like an American. Not like me. When we arrived at Starbucks, Marie ordered a medium latte and I went for the same. Our server was 'the boy' and I got a good look at his name tag. It said in big bold letters, 'Hi! My name is Luke!' So that was his name! "Um, Jamie? Do you like that boy?" Marie asked. I shook my head no and took a sip of my foamy latte. Marie made a face at me, like she thought I was lying and had better tell the truth. I sighed and confessed. I liked him a little bit. How perfectly his hair swayed into amazing aburn half curls. His eyes were a deep, sea blue. The way he sang...like angels taking flight. Abouslutly divine. His face showed a mysterious yet charming expression. What if he knew that I played music and sang a little too? When we finished, we payed and left. I could've sworn he was staring at me! Marie and I parted and I walked home. Mother was cooking and daddy was at work. Amy was playing with her little dolls and watching Tv. "Jamie!" She cried and hugged me, "Come pway wee me!" "Sorry Amy, not today." I said as I pat her long brown curls. She pouted and humphed at me. ("Humph!") I walked in my room and locked the door. I wrote about Luke. A song about Luke.

His eyes, His hair

Never cease to amaze me

met him, met him

not really but he is amazing

like angels taking flight

when he sings and prays at night

Oh oh, oh oh

Im just, Im just

a rock, he will kick me away soon

love him, love him

do I really love him?

I was about to write down the chorus again but I was was stopped by that question. Do I really love him?


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