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Sweet magic, the gentleness of evil

Novel By: Herochan1313

Tags: Sweet, Witch, Magic

A young boy is found by a coven of teenage witches, and he finds that he’s a key element of their magic powers. If that wasn’t bad enough he soon finds that nearly all of these girls have a massive crush on him, and no isn’t in their vocabulary. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 18, 2012    Reads: 37    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Sweet chapter one.

A young boy is found by a coven of teenage witches, and he finds that he's a key element of their magic powers. If that wasn't bad enough he soon finds that nearly all

of these girls have a massive crush on him, and no isn't in their vocabulary.

Chapter one: never steal from any one that can burn you.

You'd think with this vampire craze nowadays that they're all teens think about. Well, you're wrong, trust me I know. Oh me? My name's Jack Tomson, local riffraff of the streets of

Anytown, USA. Also known as the little town of Hezel. I've lived in this small town since I was born, nearly everyone knows me, though opinions of me are a bit biased. The problem

is, I'm an orphan. I never knew my folks... But, "Live with a smile" As I always say. I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah teens and monsters. Well as it turns out, I happened to meet a

group of girls who didn't like vampires that much. What I'm about to tell you is the truth, or at least I think it is, so, if you think it's a lie the welts on my back say different.

"Hey! Get back here thief!"

This must have been the fifth time I'd heard that phrase today. Living on the street meant I often had to "borrow" things. It was a bit tricky with everyone knowing me, but even so, I

was as sly as a fox. Today was different though. As I was running from my latest victim I noticed someone new in town. A girl, a very hot girl to be honest, who looked rather out of

place. Her hair was long and black, her skin soft looking, and her eyes the deepest blue. She wore a black tank top with long shorts and had a purse begging to be snatched. So I

did what any honest thief would do: I stole her bag. In hind sight, that was a stupid thing to do, because the second she saw me she frowned and grabbed a small book from her

pocket. As I ran off I swore I heard her say in a soft yet firm voice.


At first I thought nothing of it….then I smelled the smoke. I looked at my arm and to my shock, it was on fire! Needless to say I freaked out a bit.

"Holy crap, I'm on fire!!!"

Ok…maybe a lot. Point is somehow, I was lit ablaze and running around like a headless chicken when the girl ran up to me. She then proceeded to kick me in my manly spot and

grabbed her bag and the food I stole. After I regained my senses, and she'd return the food to the shop keeper, she turned to face me.

"I should kill you right now, but as it is, I can see you're in need of food."

Her voice was filled with pity, something I hated, and I got up and was about to shrug her off when she grabbed me and said.

" Restrica."

Suddenly my whole body grew numb, and as warning bells sounded in my head, she whispered into my ear.

"I'm going to undo the spell Jack….but only if you follow me."

Fear struck my heart but I agreed and began to question how she knew my name.


Once she uttered this word, I could move again, and my first move was to run as far away from this chick. However she glared at me and I found myself forced to follow her to a

large house near the outskirts of town. I had tried to ask her about those spells and how she knew my name, but she remained silent, until we entered the house.

It was a pretty fancy looking place, with a lot of expensive looking stuff. I kind of stood there in awe for a second before the strange girl suddenly said.

"Ok Jack, first things first, you need to change clothes."

I was about to argue with her but she had a point, my clothes were covered in the dust and grime of the streets.

"But…I don't have anything else. I'm kind of an -"

I was about to explain my life, but she put a finger on my lips and replied.

"Yes, yes little orphan I know your story. I didn't become a witch to not know things."

By now I was thinking I had died somehow, but she gave me a gentle look and she began to mutter.

"I can't fix clothes but….Elsa might."

Before I could question her she walked towards the house's staircase and yelled.


Moments later another girl came down the stairs. She was tall, a bit muscular, and had headphones over her dirty blonde hair. She wore a rock t-shirt and jeans, and looked really

bored and tired.

"What is it Vanessa? Some of us are trying to-"

She had started talking to the girl, but once she saw me, her eyes widened and she grabbed the other girl and hissed.

"Who the hell is that? And why is he dirtier than a Japanese business man?"

I felt a bit peeved at that, but after the two girls whispered, the new girl sighed and faced me. She studied me as if I was a new dress before reaching into her pocket and pulled out

a similar book to Vanessa. She flipped a few pages before finding something and telling me.

"Okay, this may sting, so don't move."

I started to worry when she raised her hand and said in a loud voice.


Warmness covered my entire body, and in an instant, I found myself in new clothes: A simple shirt/jean combo. Elsa nodded in approval before turning to Vanessa and asking

rather dully.

"So….you picked him as our host? "

I was about to lose it, so before Vanessa could answer I yelled.

"Will someone tell me what you're talking about?"

Both girls gasped and Vanessa looked a bit embarrassed as she said.

"Why don't I explain it over some food? You must be hungry!"

My mind was blown when I saw the kitchen; it was easily a five star place filled with foods from all over the world. There was another girl who was sitting at a table, a really cute one.

She was a bit smaller then Vanessa or Elsa and had bubble gum pick hair. She wore a aqua-blue dress and had bright green eyes. She looked towards at me. After Vanessa

explained what had happen, the girl got up to leave, but not before introducing herself.

"Hi Jack! My names Mimi! I hope I get to play with you soon!"

The way she said that seemed odd to me, but I shrugged it off for now. After a meal of pasta and bread was put before me, Vanessa explain it all.

"You see Jack, my friends and I are what you know as Witches. But not in the normal sense, true we cast spells and brew potions. But we need a human to know our secret. A host

if you will. That way, we can learn more powerful spells. And that's you Jack, like it or not, we need you."

I stopped eating to process all of this and questions began to swim around in my mind.

"Why me? I'm not all that special."

I found myself asking this and to my surprise, Vanessa smiled and kindly answer.

"No, you are special Jack! I'm not sure about it myself, but the Book pointed me to you."

I raised an eyebrow as she explained.

"See, me and my friends, who live here, woke up in a strange place a few years ago with no memories at all. We found a large black book next to us that told us all about our

powers and we've been traveling the world since."

She drew forth the book she had used earlier, and I got a better look at it. It was small, about the size of a graphic novel, and was bright red. There were many strange symbols on

the cover, and it radiated a power of sorts.

"This book is a mini version of The Book; all who live here have a copy with them."

That had raised another question.

"How many of you are there?"

She giggled and answered.

"Counting the ones you've met, thirteen. You will meet them all in due time, but for now, will you agree to live here?

My head was hurting so much from all this, part of me wanted to run, but another part wanted to stay. In the end I chose the latter.

"Sure I'll stay, not like I have anywhere else to go."

Vanessa screamed in delight and hugged me as she said thank you a dozen times. It felt odd being hugged by a girl, but it also felt right. After she stopped her death hug and

allowed me to finish eating, she offered to show me to my room. And that's when everything went to hell.

The room Vanessa led me to was huge, about the size of ten rooms, and had a lot of cool stuff in it. Big screen TV, gaming chairs, king-sized bed, game system, you name it and it

was here. Vanessa must have taken my jaw dropping as a sigh that I liked the room a lot.

"You must be tired after today. Feel free to rest if you want."

And with that she left me alone, and I took her advice and fell onto the bed at once. For the rest of the night I slept like a drunk and nothing happened. However when my eyes

opened my eyes the next day, the first thing I saw was a nearly naked girl beside me. She was skinny and only wearing a pair of tight shorts, and a lose tank top. So my mind went

to a few places before I finally realized this was bad. So that's when the girl decided to wake up and our eyes met for the first time.

"Oh your awake honey? Sorry did I wake you?"

Before I could ask her who the hell she was she placed something on my lips: hers. I'd never kissed a girl before so I should have been nervous as hell by this. But strangely

enough I felt so relaxed and calm, as if this were a dream. Just as I began to fade away the bedroom door banged opened and the mystery girl jumped back in fright. There in the

doorway stood Vanessa, enraged and wielding her magic book.


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