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Cosmic Love

Novel By: hiyouarehere

There was once an angel named Lucas, who came down from heaven to help a girl shed some tears. The girl found a way to sneak into the angel's heart, leaving him to question whether to remain an angel, or live love for the first time. But everything's not black and white between Heaven and Earth, and the line separating them might be thicker than they ever thought. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 5, 2010    Reads: 118    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Hey everyone ^-^ Well! Let's start introducing myself. I'm Maria, but here you can call me hiyouarehere. I follow ee cummings and I hardly capitalize anything, not that I'm illiterate… But since I'm writing for you people, and I know everyone enjoys a well written text without faults, I will capitalized as needed J I've always been a BIG fan of reading and writing and I always have ideas, but I never find the will to put them into paper… So! This novel is named Cosmic Love, and I really want to start writing it, since I've thought about it for a long, long time. It's the second proper novel I will have written, so I gladly appreciate all the feedback and suggestions you may have for me and for my writing since I want to improve! Well, without more, here I leave you…
A novel inspired by the songs of dear Miss Florence, and her lovely Machine.
"What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love."
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The day I was assigned Florence White's case - my very first one - , I was made very sure of the rules: first, never, under any circumstances, reveal the secret. (My current condition of being an angel, that is). Second, your Human is your life, protect all harm from them. And last, but not least, never, ever, fall in love.
Little did I know that the rules that once seemed pretty obvious and easy to follow, would bend on me and that this girl I was supposed to free, would end up catching me.
The duty angels carry goes way beyond people's imagination, so let me be the first to clarify it to you. If you thought it was only deciding who gets in and who doesn't, you've gotten it down wrong: it's much, much harder. You know that Angel Gabriel? He's a lucky dude.
The part about everyone having a "guardian angel" isn't completely true either. If we had all our angels following each one a human, it'd be a total chaos. First, we'd have to get a handful of wings, and they surely aren't easy to get. And not all angels get to go to Earth either. They have to be fully prepared to do so, and when I say prepared, I really mean going to school. Yes. School. Just like any little human kid, every angel has to go to school and study the matters of Earth Geography, Human History and Culture… Not very nice, eh? (And don't even get me started on Angel History).
So where were we? Yes. Being an angel is a hell of a hard job (Haha, got it?). And the duty I got wasn't an exception.
"To earth?" I repeat. She gotta be kidding me. "To take care of a human?"
"No Lucas, we're sending you to Mars to observe aliens." Zaire, my Head Angel, says. Her sarcasm isn't that reassuring.
"To earth, indeed. We've gotten a girl down there that lost her mom and needs serious help with grieving."
"Let me guess, suicidal?" I say with a smirk. Great. A suicidal wave of tears.
"No." She sighs in exasperation. "She hasn't grieved, hasn't cried, nothing. She's numb."
Wait. What? "And that is bad because…"
"Are you even paying attention?" She snaps, raising her voice and at this point I'm sure she's seriously considering my capability for the mission. "Because she hasn't accepted her mom's death! That's why, and your duty is to go there and make sure she does. While she's down there ignoring her circumstances, her mom's stuck up in the entrance. She can't get in until this problem is solved."
"Woah, so this is serious."
She rolls her eyes, and by now I can tell I pissed her off. "Yes Lucas, Gosh, what do they teach you kids in school?- she murmurs while fetching a big fat golden folder from the archives drawer and handing it to me. "You must leave as soon as possible. I believe from your teachers you're quite prepared."
"No buts" She cuts me in, what a cow! No wait, I mean, what an angel! Yes. That's better. "Everything you need to know it's in that folder. Study it well, and see you in a few days."
"Wait I - "
" Goodbye, Lucas."
And as she says so I find myself dumped outside her office, standing like a fool with the golden folder in my hands.
The folder lied on my lap as I opened it carefully, trying not to rip much of its paper. The last thing I needed was to tear some piece of important information, and I was sure Zaire would cut me in half if she found out I had torn something, or even worse, lost anything. Besides, it was golden. Freaking golden. I bet you haven't seen many of those folders around.
If there was any way for me to learn about the girl, this is definitely it.
Name: Florence White.
And then pages and pages and pages about her, her life, and her mom's accident. I bet she could have read through it and wonder what person it was talking about. I knew more about her than she did of herself, and it was a nice advantage; one I truly needed.
I skimmed through the papers until I found a picture. Don't get me wrong, not that I haven't seen humans before, I've seen thousands, millions, both alive and death, but curiosity killed the cat, and this car surely was curious. The skin that wrapped her was very pale, translucent even, and as far as I knew that wasn't very common among living Humans. Her hair came in a frizzy mane, the color of autumn, auburn. Simple girl, I noted. But something about her freaked me out; I couldn't rip my eyes away from the picture until it hit me: her eyes, those dark green eyes which looked about to pop out of their sockets. Mad eyes, mad eyes easy to find, so at least I knew I wouldn't mistake her for anyone else.
So I was sure now. I was going to do this, but how?


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