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The Broken Angel

Novel By: hollydolly

Maria Johnson should be an ordinary girl, but the accident 7 years ago with her mother causes her dad to become a drunk and abuse her, what can she do? Its her dad, what did she do to deserve this? How could she be so bad? Shes no longer the popular girl at school, she hides away from everyone. Does she deserve love, will it ever find her?
Ky Poppl is the guy who's comfortable in his own skin. The guy every girl wants but he wont let have. Everyone knows him and everyone likes him. He's the sexy sweetheart that's hard to find. But what will happen when he falls for the girl next door? The shyest girl at school, but other wise a total babe. Better yet, what will happen when he confronts her dad? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 2, 2011    Reads: 383    Comments: 16    Likes: 8   

Chapter 1; Intro Maria's POV

"Did you like the fair, honey?" Mymom asked as she drove the small chevy down the highway.

"Yeah! When that one roller coaster went upside down and you screamed, your face was so funny! And then when.." I babbled as my mom smiled and listened. I love when my mom smiles. "I cant wait to get back and tell all my friends!" I finished and looked out the window.

"It's too bad none of them could come with us today." She said as she looked over at me then back to the road.Wow. That was an awesome day! I couldnt stop thinking about how awesome my day was. I got to hang out with my mom the whole time. I wish dad didnt have to work so he couldve come with us..

I started to fall asleep in the front seat. 8 hours of running around going on rides can really tire out a ten year old. Sudenly the car jerked forward and stopped moving completely, I opened my eyes and straightened up in my seat, I was scared, what was happening? I looked over at my mom, she was trying to get the car to start, and out her window I saw two bright headlights coming straight at us. The car still wouldnt start.. but it was too late. The semi hit, the impact was painful and the huge truck continued to push the car off the road and as it started to roll I screamed, immediatly I remembered the roller coasters from today, never would I go on one again.

The car stopped rolling, I thought I was going to be sick. We were upside down and if it werent for my seat belt I would have been flipped to the roof. I looked over at my mom, I couldnt hear her breathing, that was wrong. Her neck was bent a weird way, I didnt think it should be able to do that, her eyes were closed, I started to shake her shoulder to make her wake up and open them. Thats when I saw the blood trickle down her forhead and through her hair to land in a perfect drop. That wasent right either. I started to cry as I braced myself against the roof with one hand and used the other to unbuckle myself. I reached over and grabbed my moms purse, I threw it as hard as I could against the window and it cracked and looked like a spider web. I picked it up and threw it again, it shattered. I crawled out onto the grass in the ditch, glass cutting my hands and knees, they stung, but I knew I needed to get help. I fished for her phone in her purse. I just brushed against it and immediatly wrapped my hand around it. I flipped it open with water falling from my eyes, sobbing, shaking and my hands burning, I dialed.. 9 1 1.

"911 whats your emergency?" The lady on the phone asked.

"Help" Was all I could manage to say, even with just that one word my voice broke.

"I'm sending people to your location to help, please stay on the line.." She continued to talk but I couldnt hear her. All I heard were my own sobs as I dropped the phone and thought of my mother. Would they make it in time to help her or not? I brought my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them as I waited for the sound of sirens. Everything that happened after that was a blur. Dad rushed into the hospital looking for mom, he didnt ask about me, even as I walked over and tried to get his attention so he could give me a hug, but he just pushed me away and demanded he be allowed to see my mom. What did I do wrong? I dragged myself over to a chair and curled up in it. I tried to help. I thought to myself as I let the tears fall. I'm sorry daddy..

"We're going home" Was all he said when he was told that mom didnt make it. He didnt take my hand and lead me out to his truck or even look at me. He just stormed out and I had to run to catch up to him. I felt like he didnt want me there. I continued to cry. We got in the truck and I remembered it was a 20 minute drive home. As soon as we were away from the hospital he turned down a dark street and pulled over where there was no house. Where were we? I thought to myself..

"Its all your fault." My dad said. He kept his hands on the steering wheel and his eyes straight ahead.

"W-what?" I stuttered, looking at him.

"I said," He raised his voice "Its all your fault!" He gripped the wheel tighter and his knuckes started to turn white.

"But.. daddy I-" I started to say but he slapped my face and yelled as loud as he could.

"Shut up you little bitch!" My face stung. I turned to face the window and curled up in the seat, not daring to look at my dad. I cried the whole way home and as soon as we pulled up the drive, the car hadnt even stopped yet and I opened the door and jumped out. My dad started to yell something but I just ran as fast as I could to the house and tried the door, it was open. I ran in, not daring to look back, I flew up the stairs to my room.


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