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Three Black Roses

By: Honey21

Chapter 1, \"Will you do me the honour of accepting this rose ?\" He said very politely, presenting a single rose with a red ribbon around its stem. But the delicate flower was black. \"What an unusual colour for a rose!\" I exhaled, looking at his pleading eyes that were waiting for me to take his offering. Leyla is the youngest daughter of Duke Wilmer, but she has never been popular like her sister, Annie. Shy and timid, she is hopelessly in love with a man who takes no notice to her existence. But along comes a stranger, a very dangerous vampire who wants Leyla as his bride, and in order to take her, she has to accept three black roses from him willingly. Will Leyla become the bride of darkness or she finally gets noticed by the human she loves?





Leyla. That was her name. My sweet beloved, my one and only, my mate, my soon to be the bride of darkness. I take a moment to repeat her name, enjoying my lips and tongue movement as my mind fills with her vision. Another wave of ecstasy pumps into my veins just by remembering her once again, distracting me from the job I am doing.The graver is still held tightly in my hand, but I need a moment to just close my eyes and relive tonight's events.

After centuries of searching and seeking, I finally met her in a christmas party. The irony is amusing enough, the fact that me, the anti christ, the creature of darkness , the God's abandoned and doomed, could attend a celebration to welcome the lord Jesus Christ on earth never ceased to amaze me, I have been attending these parties year after year for centuries. It did not matter where I was, Hungary, Germany, Arabia or India, I always made myself present at this event. After all, with no cross in sight or holy water, they were the perfect place to socialise, and pick my next prey.

Moments before I saw her, I became aware of her presence. It was her scent mixed with the winter breeze that caressed my senses and went straight to my head. It twirled and danced around me, awakening all the secret and dark desires I had never known, it was like having ten orgasms at the same time, but still craving for more. The room had already been filled with other odours, the burning candle wax blended in flowers' aroma and the blood scent that I could always feel and enjoy in a room full of human, but her scent was different. It was arousing and yet very relaxing, just like a generous hand of a lover, inviting you to a night of passion and sensation.

Mesmerised, I mumbled vague words of apology to my companion and walked closer to door to catch a glimpse of her for the first time.

I open my eyes, there is no time to review all the events of this evening, I should finish this work before the sun rise. The deadly silence of my cottage is broken by the small sledge's stroke as I continue to engrave on the wood. The job is really delicate and needs focusing but I lack concentration. I put down the sledge and start the detailing, all the while thinking of what I have to do.

Now that I have found her, I need to make her mine. My eyes wonders around and rests on the flower bed by the window, full of small buds. My black roses. she needs to accept three of them from me, willingly, without me influencing her judgement. I have never done that, but I do not think it is a difficult task. She shall be mine in less than a week.

I finish the detailing and stand up to look at my masterpiece. It is perfect, just like its soon to be owner. I look outside and see the twilight, there is not much time left tonight, but my satisfactory smile remains on my lips as I get ready to sleep. One last look at the rose I have just engraved and I am ready to dream about her. My little Leyla, I have made you your first gift tonight, a coffin for my new bride.


This is going to be my next story, the name and cover might change, but I will need your feedback because unlike my other story, this one is new to myself as well.

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