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Darkness Follows

Novel By: HushedEcho

Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.- William Shakespeare

Ivory was simply created to be used as a weapon. Being half-human, half-vampire, and the only one of her kind, she must protect the vampire prince at all costs. Even if she is to die.

Talyn was captured for attempted murder of the vampire prince. He is a winged being. One of the only six that are left. The very reason the winged race exists is to destroy the vampires.

Never knowing what real love is like, Ivory treats everyone as if they are above her. She lives to protect and nothing more. When she meets Talyn, a small amount of hope is kindled.

Can Talyn show Ivory what real love is? Can she learn that life isn't only about defending the prince? And can he show her that she has another purpose to be alive? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 27, 2010    Reads: 220    Comments: 15    Likes: 6   

Chapter 1

I sit in the my room of the prince's home. Tears falling down my face. My raven hair is pulled back into a messy bun.Memories of my mom are slowly coming back. The only thing that she left me is a silver, rose necklace. I twirl it back and forth. She gave it to me before I left, to come here to defend the prince. She would read me stories when I was little. About growing up and meeting someone that I would fall in love with. The truth is, I will never fall in love. The sole reason I exist is to defend Prince Alec. My mom always made me feel like I had another purpose, though. She died, by the hands of Iridian, my father. He thought she would get in the way of me fullfilling my purpose.

I came here three months ago. There have been multiple vampire killings, that's why they need me now. I'm a hybrid, and the only one that exists. Seventeen years ago, the vampires wanted to create a creature that could defend the prince against the winged race. That's where I come in.Yet, here I am, crying. I continue to twirl the necklace when I hear the door open. I quickly jump out of the chair. Prince Alec comes in. I know that my make-up is smeared. It's terrible to let anyone see the guardian of the prince cry, especially him. I take in his dull brown eyes and auburn hair. He looks at me as if I'm nothing but another human feeder to him. The smile he usually puts on in front of the others is gone. His dimples point down in a disturbing frown.

"You should be in the training grounds."

I only nod and walk past him. Ugh. I may only be a guardian, but he should at least know I have feelings, too. I ignore his orders to go to the training grounds. Instead, I head for the forest. I pick up the pace. I need to get away from it all. The prince's grand home, my duty. Within seconds, I'm surrounded by an evergreen forest. Birds chirping, the sound of crickets. All of it is so much more calming. I find a tree to lean against. I close my eyes and breathe in the smell of fresh dew. I want to live in this forest, to never come out. It's so captivating.

I hear the rustling of leaves. My eyes flutter open. In front of me stands a man, well not quite a man, maybe a year or two older than me. He has blond hair that is dripping wet. His eyes are a misty green. The radiance that comes from him isn't that of a vampire or human. He must be one of the winged ones. He lowers into a crouch.

"Who are you, vampire?"

"You're a winged one?"

"What is your name? Tell me, and you might not die."

"Ivory.Why are you here? This isn't your territory."

"I lost my territory when vampires came in existence."

"It's 2008. Vampires have been alive for thousands of years. Wow, you must be old."

"I know that. No need for your sarcasm."

"You still didn't tell me why you're here."

He frowns. Moving in an awkward motion, he does something weird with his hands. Then, unfurling from his back, are white wings. They shine like diamonds. It's a lie if I say he's not beautiful. He beats his wings and flies up. For just a second, he looks back down. His eyes are longing and sorrowful. I reach a hand out, but he's gone before I can. I go to walk, only I can't move my feet. I pull forward harder. They won't budge. It was that boy. He did some kind of spell to keep me here. I wonder why he didn't just kill me. Huh. It's a bad time to be away from the prince. He could be in danger.

About ten minutes has gone by, what's going on? Help. Ugh. I hear footsteps behind me. It turn my head to look. A girl about the age of 15 stands there looking at me as if I'm crazy. She had wide amber eyes. Her blond, curly hair is a little past her shoulders. Why is she just standing there? I really need help here.

"Why are you standing there?" She asks. Her voice gives off a little bit of a French accent.

"I'm sort of stuck."

"Oh." She giggles a little and waves her hand. I suddenly stumble.

"What? Are you a winged one?"

"No, I'm a human."

"Strange, but thank you."

"You're welcome. You're the hybrid."

"How did you-"

"I'm Myra. Ivory, right?"

"Yea. You're a little different."

"I get that a lot."

I start to smirk a little, but hear screams before I could. I look at her, she motions for me to go. I run, not paying attention to anything in my way. Strangely, Myra keeps up with me. I doubt she's human. The smell of smoke fills the air. Oh my gosh. I'm in so much trouble. I have to get to Alec. Please, let him be okay. When I get there, the house is covered in fire. Prince Alec is standing in the front, struggling for breath. My father, Iridian, is helping him. He looks up at me and frowns. Captured by two guards, is the winged one I met. Another is dead on the ground. Myra stands next to me, shaking. I have no clue what happened, but I'm sure this only the beginning.


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