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Summer, Love and Mafia

Novel By: HyperN

What is the recipe for a perfect summer vacation? A nice summer sun, being alone for the whole vacation, a cute girl to love for, and two Mafia groups always trying to get you. For our Kiriyama Haruki, it is the best way to describe his summer vacation. :) View table of contents...


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Chapter One: Meet Miss Clumsy

Finally! Its summer vacation!

After the everlasting torment I've been through in my last final exams and knowing I passed it with high marks, thank God it's going to pay off this summer. One by one, my fellow students are going back to their respective homes. Too bad I can't leave in the dormitory because my parents told me that they will have their own dream vacation in Europe. But it's okay; I can still have my own dream vacation in my dorm. After having a great breakfast, (even though my cooking skills are not improving.) I just sit down in my recliner and closed my eyes, it cleared my mind. How relaxing. Then a familiar voice shattered my silence.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…! ~"

I stood up in my recliner and my mind just said "not again". No time to waste, I ran to the source of that scream which is in a floor above my room, Room 302. I knocked on the door, but no one answers. I knocked again.

"Are you alright Hitomi? Hitomi-san?"

I knocked and knocked, then but still no one answers, it worries me. I was about to open the door but it suddenly opened slowly, like those in the horror movies.

"Harukun… Help me… ~"

As the door is half opened, I saw Hitomi her clothes are very wet and also the floor. The way she talks and walks a while ago, is like a zombie.

"What happened?" I entered her dorm to see what really happened.

"I… I… was washing the dishes then… pffsh!!... The faucet blew and the water went everywhere! I tried to reach the door but I slipped many times." Hitomi tries to demonstrate what really happened.

Then I saw the problem, in the sink. The water relentlessly flowing, I told her to be calm as I return to my dorm to get my tools. I hurried to return to fix her sink. While I'm fixing her broken sink, I remember the time when she first came here.

Her name is Ikezawa Hitomi, she transferred in our school a month before it end. It is really weird to transfer school that late, in spite of that she was accepted to study in our school. When I first saw her, she was transferring her furniture and stuff to her dorm to the third floor. No one was helping her because it is school hours, good thing that I went home early that day. So I helped her carrying her stuff. She is cute, I admit it but she is also very clumsy. She dropped every piece of matter that will touch her hand. When I'm helping her carrying her things, I always hear these following words from her: "Oppss", "Sorry", "My fault", "Ah!~", and "Biscuits!" Sometimes in combination or altogether in one sentence.

We finished moving her stuff just before the students finished their school hour. We introduced each other in a formal way.

"By the way, my name is Kiriyama Haruki."

"Hitomi… Ikezawa Hitomi."

From that day onwards, I am the one that always helping her every time that her magical hands drop, break, shatter, and many more words that relates to destruction. It's like a responsibility and in some ways I didn't get bothered doing these things, maybe I am kind of a nice person. And every time I resolve a problem she always apologizes to me, offers different kinds of treats and always blame herself for her clumsiness. Definitely she was nice and humble. I'm glad that she survives this long.

"There! Already finished! Just don't use it for a while the epoxy is still wet." I successfully fixed her sink.

"Oh my!... Thank you, Harukun I'm sorry that I bother you again."

"No, it was really nothing. In fact I don't have any errands today so I'm glad that I've done something."

"Harukun, can I offer you a dinner? As a token of my gratitude."

Dinner? What the-? It is already dark! I didn't notice the time. That means, I didn't have lunch. Oh my. My stomach makes its hunger noise and Hitomi notices it.

"Well as you see, there is no reason that I will refuse your offer."

"Very well then!~" Hitomi was very glad, because most of the time I refuses anything that she offers to me.

"I will just change my clothes."

After I changed my clothes, I went back to her dorm. It is just unusual for a boy and a girl to be together at this time of the day, but I refresh myself it is just a dinner. As I entered her dorm, I saw mouthwatering dishes on the dining table. At last I can eat real food since I left home.

"Harukun, I'm glad you came back. Please take a seat."

"Thank you for the meal!" Then I started eating soon I was sat on a chair.

As I take my first bite, clouds, rainbows, and sparkles are glistening in my mouth. It was very delicious, so delicious I couldn't say it is delicious. I noticed that Hitomi is trying to say something; I'm not sure what it is. Then finally, she had her words.

"Umm… Harukun?"

"…?" My mouth is full.

"Can you umm… sleep with me tonight?"

Upon hearing this, I cough ruthlessly. I scattered the food on the floor. Hitomi became worried about my coughing but I raised my palm telling her that I'm alright. I was shocked to her question. Is this a joke? A prank? I looked around the room for hidden cameras. I speak up just to make sure if my hearing was right.


"I said if you could sleep with me tonight. You know, something might happen disastrous in the sink in the middle of the night and I just can't do it myself in the dark."

I was about to refuse, sleeping with a girl is a very bad idea but her reason is reasonable. What if something goes wrong again in the middle of the night? While I'm sleeping soundly in my own room, she was restless fixing an impossible problem. That strikes my conscience.

"Well… Okay… Just for this night, until the epoxy is hard enough to seal the leaks."

"Oh! Thank you Harukun, my worries are now gone."

"You're welcome Hitomi-san. Can you pass the beef to me?"

It's weird; I will go to sleep with a girl tonight.

As we finished dinner, I helped her washing the dishes and as expected she breaks a plate and a glass of water. I returned to my dorm to take my tools, take a bath and wear my pajamas. Then I knocked on her door, as the door opens, I saw Hitomi wearing her lingerie. I was stunned, she is beautiful in that dress.


I can't imagine that she can be this beautiful.


I just can't get my eyes away from her. Damn! She's definitely cute!


I didn't notice that Hitomi is already calling my name. It immediately erased my admirations to her, and I realized my purpose here. I was here in ONE and ONLY reason, to help her with the sink and NOTHING else more.

I was in the living room, waiting for Hitomi to offer me a room. Then I noticed her large flat screen TV, she must be in a rich family. Upon seeing her, I ask:

"Why don't you leave your dorm like everyone else? You know, to be with your parents."

"My parents died in a car accident when I was young. My grandfather is the only one who cared me but he has too many errands this summer, I will only bothering him. How about you Harukun?"

I regret asking about that.

"I'm sorry to hear that Hitomi-san. My parent s are in their dream vacation. Oh before I forgot, there is any room I can sleep with?"

"Unfortunately, there is none other than my room. If you want you can sleep in my room." She shyly offers her room.

Big no. Bad idea Hitomi. I know that you want to give your best but…

"No thanks, I just rather sleep here. So if anything happens, I'm the one will recognize first."

"Wait here, I will get pillows and blankets for you."

She went to her room to get some pillows and blankets, I was about to say that I'm fine with one pillow but she disappeared so quickly. She returned to me with a very handful of pillows and blankets. I stood up to help her but unfortunately, she stepped on the blanket she's holding then she slipped on top of me.


Then were both on the ground and Hitomi was on top of me. I was very nervous; I closed my eyes to avoid seeing… things. A girl wearing lingerie was on top of me. I can still feel her weight, I think she was staggered.

"Haruku… Ah!!~" Hitomi finally realized the situation. She hurriedly stood up away from me.

"Are you alright? Hitomi-san?" My eyes are still closed.

"I'm okay… I guess…" Now it's safe to open my eyes.

We both end up blushing, not trying to have an eye contact. I don't what to say related to that situation, I'm sure she is too.

"I'm sorry. Harukun."

"It's an accident, its okay." I don't know how to approach this conversation properly.

"Okay, goodnight Harukun."

"Goodnight Hitomi-san"

I lay down in her sofa, turned off the lights and realized that is a day worth remembering.


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