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A Rockstar's Heart

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 4,

Chapter 4: Fire burning



That night, Andy and Alicia went home, and Logan wanted to drive me home in his red Camaro. But before he took me home, we took a walk in the park holding hands. “I loved the song you wrote for me, Logan.” I said. He smiled.

“Thanks, sexy. It didn’t take long for me to come up with the lyrics. I practiced all night and-there you go. You got one kick ass song.”

“How do you get up I front of an audience and just……lose yourself?”

“Well it’s never easy. But I just tell myself before every gig, ‘Stop being a pussy. Get on that fucking stage and rock the fuck out’.”

“Nice motivation.” I said. Logan chuckled, took off his jacket and wrapped it around me.

“Tell me about your family.” I said. Logan sighed. “Mother left when I was seven. Dad hates me. That’s pretty much all.”

“Why does he hate you? How can anyone hate you?”

“Apparently, he does and he thinks it’s my fault that my mother left. So he takes it out on me….emotionally and physically.”

“He hits you?” I asked as I stop walking. Logan shrugged and looks down at the concrete path we were walking down.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered and I hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me and breathed deeply.

When I pulled away, I saw a hint of tears in his eyes. He wiped his eyes with his sleeve. So I guess his life isn’t that perfect.

He grabbed my hand again and we continued to walk down the pathway.

“So……what about your parents?”

“Mom and dad are cool. They’d like you if they met you. They don’t approve of my ‘Goth’ look but they are some lovable people. My dad will try to tell you stuff about your car that you already know and mom will try to hurry up and get you to propose.”

Logan chuckled. “Sounds like dream parents.”

“They’re all I got besides Alicia.”

“You got me.” He said. I stared into his eyes. He slowly leaned down and kissed me. A lot of emotions were turning around in my head. Love……passion and……lust. When he pulled away, he breathed deeply and I saw the lust in his eyes too. Was I ready for this? Ready to let him take my virginity? I bit my lip and looked into his eyes wondering. And that’s when I came up with my decision.

“Logan,” I whispered. He raised his eyebrow. “I…..I want you to make love to me.” I said. Logan smiled. “You sure?” He asked. I nodded. I couldn’t wait any longer. I really wanted this so bad. Nervousness was building up inside me but as his lips began kissing mine, I felt the nervousness slowly fade away.

We got back to his house, which was empty. He led me to his bedroom and grabbed both of my hands intertwining his fingers in mine. He slowly began taking my clothing off and I tried to stay relaxed. When he was naked like I was, he laid me down on the pillows while his green eyes stared deeply into mine. “It’s…”

“I know it’s going to hurt. I’m okay with that.” I said. He moved pieces of my black hair from my face. “I don’t want to rush you in anything.”

“You’re not. I want to do this.” I said. I was desperate right now because I could feel heat from his body on mine.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts too much.” He said. I nodded. He reached down between us and starts to rub my clit in circles fast. I moaned in his mouth and ran my fingers through his hair and closed my eyes. He suddenly stopped and I moaned in protest. He smiled and kissed me deeply. I suddenly felt a slight nudge down there. I gasped and he stopped for a second. He looked at me in concern. “Did I hurt you?” He asked. I shook my head. “No. It’s fine. Just keep going.” I said. He nodded and then kissed me again. I once again, felt a slight nudge and he slowly pushed in a little. It was a little uncomfortable. I suddenly felt a sharp aching pain and I let out a painful whimper and Logan repeatedly told me he was sorry. I nodded forgiving him and he wiped away the tears that were sliding out of my eyes. He didn’t move when his member was all the way inside of me. I was slowly adjusting to his size. After a small moment, I nodded and he slowly began to push in and out of me. I felt uncomfortable at first but after a little time, it began to feel so good.

Unexpected moans slipped out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’m actually having sex and it feels so good. Me and Logan began panting hard at the same time. He didn’t take his eyes off of mine and I didn’t take my eyes off of his. I loved Logan so much and the fact that he was making love to me might just mean he feels the same way. I wanted him to. I wanted him to so bad because now, if there’s no him, there’s no me.

Logan kissed me while moaning in my mouth and I moaned in his. I knew I was going to come again. I love this feeling. I never wanted it to stop. He thrusted harder and I wrapped my legs around his waist and I felt his lips at my neck. I closed my eyes as I felt him began to suck the flesh on my neck. My fingers found their way into his silky dark hair. I didn’t want this to end. Ever. This was the best moment of my life and every problem I had was being washed away. I closed my eyes and cried out as I felt a huge pleasure filled release over my whole body. I bit my lip from screaming any louder. Logan did one more thrust and let out a loan groan of pleasure. He buried his face in the crook of my neck and I felt him sigh.

That night…….everything else was a blur.


I slowly opened my eyelids. The sun was shining directly in my face through the window. I closed my eyes again and turned my head. I felt someone lying down behind me. I opened my eyes and looked to see Logan sleeping peacefully. Both of our bodies were wrapped in the thick white blanket. I smiled as the events of last night hit me like a wave. I had sex for the first time last night. I feel…….good. Grown.

I feel like an adult. I’ve done the act that all adults do and now I actually felt like one. I fully turned my body to Logan. His hair was messy in a sexy way. I bit my lip and my hand slowly reached over to rub the stubble on his face. His eyes opened slowly and he looked at me and slowly smiled. “Hey.” He whispered. I smiled back. “Hey.”

He brought my body closer to his. I could feel him getting hard already from the way our bodies were pressed together. “Will your parents be mad you spent the night with me?” He asked. I shrugged. “Who cares?” I asked. He leaned his forehead against mine and breathed.

The sun shined on both of us making both of us warm. We stayed in bed this way for a while. Just enjoying each other’s presence.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked. He nodded and closed his eyes. I bit my lip for a second. “Was……was it……you know…..good?” I asked. Logan opened his eyes and smiled. “Yes, baby, it was better than good. I never made love to someone I actually cared about. Making love to you was seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

I smiled. “Yeah right.”

“No, I’m serious.” His tone was serious as he stared at me.

“So all the gigs, The money, and the fame. Being with me….”

“Is better.” He finished. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he leaned over and kissed my lips. My cell phone rang and I sighed. I grabbed my purse and took out my phone and answered it.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Beth, are you over Alicia’s house?” My mom asked. Goddamnit.

“Oh…yeah I am.” I lied. I didn’t know rather or not she’d believe it. I was a horrible liar.

“When are you coming home?” She asked. I ran my fingers through my hair. “Knowing Alicia, who knows?”

I heard my mother laugh. I love it when she laughs. She’s been so stressed from work lately.

“Well come home before seven P.M”

“Okay. Thanks mom.” I said.

“See ya, sweetie.”

“Bye.” I hung up the phone and put it on the night stand.

Logan sat up in the bed and then threw the covers off of him. He stood up and came over to me. His lips found mine immediately. He kissed me hard and backs me into his dresser. He grabbed my leg and holds it up beside his waist. I felt him enter me and I moaned and kissed him harder. He got my other leg up and held me up against the dresser. He started thrusting in and out of me in quick motions and the dresser started bumping against the wall and everything that was on it started to fall off but he didn’t stop. I was about to cum fast.

Logan’s lips were on my neck and I felt an intense heat come out of me and I cried out. I wasn’t ashamed to make sounds anymore. This was the most amazing feeling in the world. I felt Logan release inside of me. “Fuck.”He breathed while laying his head on my shoulder. Once again, I ran my fingers through his dark hair and closed my eyes. After a few more deep breaths, He put me down on my feet but kept me close to him.

“Did I……um…..did I fuck you too hard?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

I laughed before answering. “What?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Well we just had a quickie against my dresser and it couldn’t have been comfortable for your back. I just wanted to know if you’re okay.”

“Yeah, it was amazing. I didn’t feel any pain at all.” I said. He kissed my lips and smiled. “Good, baby.”

My stomach rumbled and I laughed. “Hungry?” He asked. I nodded. He grabbed his boxers and a white t shirt and slipped them on.

I slipped my panties back on. “Hey, no one is here but you and me so you don’t have to get full dressed. You can put on my shirt.” He slipped his t shirt off and gave it to me.

I placed it on my body and could smell his cologne on it. He grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs. We walked into the kitchen and he went to the refrigerator. Before he opened it, he turned to me. “I’m not going to lie to you, baby. I can’t cook for shit.” He said. I laughed and gently bumped him out the way. “That makes two of us. But we’ll just deal with it the best we can.” I opened the refrigerator. I immediately saw pancake mix and strawberries. I grabbed them and a pack of bacon. “Found a winner.” I said. Logan nodded. “I’ll make the bacon that I know I’m going to burn and you make the pancakes.” He said. I nodded and started to cook. Logan was right. He did burn the bacon. But we ate it anyway along with the burnt pancakes I made.

“What do you want to do today?” He asked. I shrugged. It was Saturday morning and it was sunny outside. But I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to stay inside with Logan.

“Want to go downstairs and sing for me?” He asked. I shook my head. He smiled and brought me downstairs anyway.

“Logan,” I groaned. “I don’t want to sing.” I said. He pressed me up against the wall and began to kiss my neck. I moaned and closed my eyes. Logan’s hand cupped my woman hood. I moaned louder and wasn’t embarrassed about it. He suddenly pulled back. “Sing for me and I’ll continue.”

“You can’t be serious.” I said. He smirked and nodded. “But I am.”

I shook my head. He went over to a computer and began doing something to it. He clocked on something and then then grabbed two microphones. I sighed as he gave one to me. “You’ve got to know this song.” He said.

I didn’t hear anything at first. But then the song Broken by Seether and Amy Lee came on. It was the instrumental version. Who didn’t know this song? “Lose yourself.” He said. I looked at him. Logan began to sing Seether’s part.

“I wanted you to know

 That I love the way you laugh

 I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away

 I keep your photograph

 And I know it serves me well

 I wanna hold you high and steal your pain


'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

 And I don't wanna feel right

 when you're gone away

 You’ve gone away

 You don't feel me here anymore.”


Amy lee’s part was about to come on. Logan nodded urging me on. I took a deep breath.

“The worst is over now

And we can breathe again

I wanna hold you high and steal my pain away

There's so much left to learn

And no one left to fight

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain.


'Cause I'm broken when I'm open

And I don't feel like I am strong enough

 'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away


'Cause I'm broken when I'm open

And I don't feel like I am strong enough

'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away.

As the instrumental part came on, I did lose myself in the song. I closed my eyes and continued singing with Logan.


'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone


You've gone away

You don’t feel me anymore.

The music ended and I opened my eyes to see Alicia, Lance and Andy all looking at me with their jaws on the carpet. I blushed and looked over to Logan who looked amazed at me.

“Fucking A.” Andy said staring at me. I bit my lip. “Really?” I asked. Alicia looked at me like I was from another planet. “Why didn’t you tell me you could sing, Beth?” She asked. I just shrugged.

“Weve got to get you in the band.” Andy said. I looked over to Logan who was nodding.

“Me? Band? I’m still in school.”

“It’s the first step to success, sexy. Just think about it.” Said Logan. I nodded.

“We’ve got to rehearse. I got us a gig next Friday. I want to rehearse ‘Let’s blow it up’.” Said Lance who walked over to the amplifier and plugged it up.

“Right.” Said Andy. He went over and banged on a random drum.

Logan looked over to me and kissed me.

“Logan, would you mind if I took Bethany upstairs to talk to her?” Alicia asked. I already knew what it was going to be about.

“Not at all.” He replied and picked up his cherry colored electric guitar.

Alicia grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. We got into the kitchen and we both sat down at the table.

“Someone has something they need to tell someone else.” She said with a smirk on her face.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I lied.

“You are here early in the morning half naked with his shirt on and singing a song with him downstairs. You two had sex, didn’t ya’ll?” She asked.

My smile gave it away and a huge grin spreaded across her face. “I knew it! I knew it! You fucked him!”

“Can you keep your voice down?” I asked. She bit her lip and nodded. “This is great! You’re not a virgin anymore so now you can stop acting like a whiny little five year old.”

“I do not-“

“Don’t try to deny what is impossible to hide.”

“Fuck you, Alicia.”

“Nope, go fuck Logan.” She teased. I rolled my eyes and we both went back downstairs to watch our boyfriends’ rock out.




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