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Novel By: iCrayola

Being adopted at 16 is one thing, but being adopted into a rich family is another. 16 year old Kyrie has been stuck in a foster home for as long as she could remember so why on earth would someone want her now? But not only that, Kyrie refuses to let herself feel anything but hate, and now she has a new brother, a whole new life and to make matters worse, she enrolls into Stratford Academy, a school full of rich snobs. View table of contents...


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"You need to change." Dr.Lee said.

"Make me." I replied with attitude.

"Kyrie, these antics can't go on any longer."

"What antics?" I asked like i was confused.

"You know exactly what i'm talking about."

He pulled out a clip board and handed it over to me.

"Am i supposed to be amazed or something?" I said being sassy.

" I certainly was. In just the last 2 weeks you've had 5 therapist and you've managed to physically assault all of them and scare them away."

I put the clipboard down and then i sat back in my chair and crossed my arms.

" I warned you that I didn't need therapy."

" Kyrie if you just give them a chance!"

" What fucking chance Dr? Nobody has ever given me a chance now have they?!"

The room fell silent and then he sighed and said, " Okay Kyrie, I can't help you any longer if you continue to fight me."

"Fine." I said as i started to get up.

" I know you'd like to get adopted, but if you keep going down this path then.."

"Then what? Then nobody will adopt me? It's been 16 fucking years and nobody has ever wanted me. They didn't want me when i was 2 or 3 or 5, Dr nothing has changed and i certainly won't. Can i go now?"

I walked through the door to see Ms.Sarah ( Mother of the foster home
) waiting for me. She was average height, light blonde hair, and in her 30s.

"So how did it go?" she asked.

" It was fucking great." I said with a fake smile.


" Don't try to give me this whole lecture about how i need to do this and that. You'll just be wasting your breath and taking oxygen from someone who probably needs it to actually say something that matters."

" I don't like you."

" Took you 16 years to figure that out? Wow, and they think i'm the one that needs therapy."

" Look the quicker I get you out of here the better it would be for everyone."

I took a step closer and said, " I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon."

"No wonder your mother didn't want you."

I smiled, " That doesn't hurt me because you, a complete stranger, never knew my mother or her intentions. I don't give a fuck what you think if you haven't already figured that out."

She took a step away and turned around.

"Calm down Sarah, you don't need this." She said to herself.

She turned around and she said, "Let's go."


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