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This is about a young woman remembering her first love because guess who's crashing her couch? Shay is studying to be a high school English teacher, but why does she want to go back to high school when she hated it so much? And why is Ben, her first and only love, back in her life and on her couch after he disappeared for three years? Can people change, and how much can happen in three years? View table of contents...


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A/N: If you're reading this please leave me some feedback, as ifI don't get any, I don't know how far I'll go with this. So, if you want me to keep writing be sure to let me know. =) Thanks.

It had been three years. It seemed odd when she thought of it like that. Three years since she had seen him, three years since she had spoken to him, three years since she had touched him. She had been silly, back then, and foolish. As she sat in the dark, listening to the rain outside her window, she thought back to when it had been easy, when it had been fun, when they had been happy. Three years, they had gone so slowly and she missed him every day. As the rain fell and the lightening flashed, Shay thought back to what had been the happiest time of her life.
It wasn't like the movies. Neither of them were the new kids at school, there were no grudges and they didn't hate each other, and there was no sudden blossoming in beauty, height or confidence. Nothing had changed for either of them, but they were drawn together. They were barely sixteen years old, they had their whole lives ahead of them and they didn't waste their time stressing about the future and what it would bring. Friendship came first, as it should, and romance second. In the time they were just friends, he even had another girlfriend. The girlfriend was her friend, and though jealousy tore her apart she never said anything. Everyone knew that relationship wouldn't work anyway; it just never felt right and never got serious. That one day came though, and everything changed. It was reality, though, which meant no kiss the rain, no declaration of love. It just lead to dates and the dating lead to a relationship. They became the "it" couple that people were either jealous of, or that people mocked. Luckily, neither cared about what others thought and they were perfectly happy together.
Ben was the type of guy that was friends with everyone. Every high school has this particular guy. He's not popular but he's not unpopular. He's not the one sits at the back at the class and causes troublebut he's not the really nerdy one either. He doesn't start fights but he'll stick up for his friends, and he's just relaxed and "cool" and confident. Shay was similar, but she wasn't friends with everybody. In a way, she was a happy middle between being overly confident and outgoing, and really withdrawn and shy. People who didn't know her thought that she was really quiet and nerdy. People who did know her wished that she was quiet and studious. They, however, knew the truth; she would never, ever be quiet, and actually hated school. Ben and Shay really were as close to a perfect match as you could get, well, at least when you're sixteen.
High school is such a stereotype, and obviously, not all of it is such a cliché. But really, let's be honest, high school is pretty much made up of two types of people; those who think that school is absolute hell and the people that make school absolute hell. It will never change, because that's what teenagers do, it's what they are. Really, "teenager" is a nice word to describe a whole age group of people who are struggling to find their place in life; constantly making mistakes and wrong choices, pushing people away and hurting other teenagers. Honestly, in a world with over six billion people, who can blame them for wanting to make an impact, for wanting to be important, for wanting to matter.


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