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Scarred by A girl looking like you (ON HOLD)

Novel By: iLLuSioN FoR LiFe

Derek Collins. A playboy who knows what he's doing. But after meeting a girl that reminded him of his ex, his playboy days suddenly come to a halt. But in what way? Was it for better of for worse? After all the two of them were left with scars. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 23, 2012    Reads: 11    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   


I barely know this girl's name, but oh well. She was hot and pretty good in bed. It's a shame she fell for me. In all honesty, I would sometimes feel sorry for these girls, why couldn't they just be in a relationship with the guys they're friend zoning? I mean, even if they're not as hot as me, if you're just going to call all guys assholes for what I did. You're being sexist to guys everywhere.

"Where are you going...?"

Crap, she's awake. I guess I'll have to break it to her.

"Well..." As I said, don't remember her name, let's wing it. "It was a one night stand, babe. Nothing serious, just screwing around" I said smirking, and putting on my shirt, I saw her in tears but oh well. Don't you dare think that I'd care if you suddenly cry, I will stomp on your heart. You're just a slut for even saying yes.

"But Derek! I thought we ha something!"

"Yeah, we had sex. Nothing more nothing less, goodbye" I waved goodbye and closed the door. It felt good, I experienced a girl crying several times, but she took it better than the rest. I think her name was Mary, was it? Whatever, time to get to school, it's the last day of Junior year after all. We're just gonna party around, it's a farewell party. We say our goodbye to the people who will transfer schools have a few drinks, talk about stuff. Simple stuff, I'm pretty amazed that the school allows it, they probably don't know what we do.

Opening the door, and that's when the party starts, everyone practically worships me after all.

"Yo Collins!" My friend, Alex, shouted out to me. We high fived each other.

"Yeah, Alex! How's your little girlfriend?"

"You mean, Penny? What are you smirking for? We're practically in love!" He shrugs

"Dude, you've just been tamed! She's just a hot math geek" I said taking a sip from the glass filled with coke.

"Don't say that! She's not a geek!"

"Ah! But you didn't deny that she's hot!" I pointed at him teasingly

"Shut up, Derek." He blushes and punches my arm lightly, we just took a laugh.

And yes, unlike me, Alex has a serious girlfriend. The girls he hooked up with, just minors, he really did want to find love. He's practically a romanticist. So when he realized, Penny Mae, his little crush that he would flirt with in Math class, had liked him back, well, you should've seen how love struck he was. He was like a squealing Justin Bieber fan, but happier, and a LOT more active. I doesn't get any more active than that.


After the party ended, me and Alex were walking along, hoping to find some chicks. He was just here to help me pick, I mean, it was fun going like How about her? She's got a nice ass with Alex, it would make me laugh since he was still a bit on my side. And that's when he spotted a red-head. She looked hot, just from the back view, Alex gave me a little push before I tapped the girl on the shoulder and said "Hey, miss".

I couldn't believe my eyes when her head turned to me, and seeing her face, her face that looked so much like...like her.

She looked like the girl that left me Scarred.


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