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His Mistake

Novel By: imightloveu

The girl has just gotten her heart broken. She promises the singer who broke her heart she would get revenge. Find out if she does! View table of contents...



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His Mistake


Broken Cds and ripped posters of Keith James surrounded the weeping girl. That weeping girl was I. Annabell Rose, age 18, heart broken and ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend to a popular singer. Yup, that was me.

That was me before He came into the picture. Before I understood that there was more to life than being Keith James lap dog! Sad isn't it? More like sickening to think about. Back then I'd be happy to do anything for him. Now I'd be happy if he didn't even recognize me.

Sadly my story starts before I wound up like this. It started way back in Pre School when my parents and his parents became best friends, which led to us being best friends. All the way up till his 19th birthday (Which is the reason I am sitting my room in a corner crying.).

In my black sneakers, dark blue flares, a shirt with a cake on it, my brown wavy hair blowing in the wind, his thousand dollar watch in my pocket, and I was ready to make his day amazing.

I normally walk into his place but then I hear giggling. Sneaking towards Keith's bedroom I peak my head around the door to see him sucking face with his manger! " Eve…." That pig moaned into her red plump lips. My heart dropped to the floor and broke. Her nasty pick painted pails where running through his soft dirty blond hair. His sky blue eyes closed and his pink plush lips mashed together with her.

Not being able to take the pain anymore I took the cake that was on the table and whipped it at their faces. Then I broke down, " How could you!" The plain white cake dropped to their laps. Keith laughed while Eve whined. " I've been cheating on you since we hooked up you idiot!" It hit me hard. I was an idiot. I was a complete idiot.

" I might be stupid but you're a dumb ass!" To think I was going to give this piece of shit my precious virginity! While I was leaving I could hear his laughter still. Haunting me, teasing me, infuriating me! So when I walked in my room his cheesy smile was everywhere I turned. Then I snapped, shattering ever Cd, ripping ever poster, and shredding ever picture.

Finally I calmed down in the corner of my room before sobbing into the cruel, cruel world. I wont forget though. What I said to him before I ran out crying. " I will get revenge!" He stood up chuckling. " The only way to do that is to get in show biz baby!" Only if he knew I would be getting my revenge.

Chapter One

Part One!

Bust Your Windows (Actual song listen to the Glee version.)

That night with a crow bar grasped in my black gloves I destroyed his precious baby. His black Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG 2010. The stupid bastard never thought I'd teach him a lesson: Never mess with a Rose: beautiful but deadly. The image of them kissing caused me to shatter his tinted windows. He is very lucky that's all I did after 14 years.

Six windows busted in, two torn seats, keyed up, dented body, and spray-painted initials later….

I looked up at Sarah, our maid, who was looking sadly at me. " Before you say anything, he deserved, and yes it helped my broken heart a little." She pushed back a piece of her red hair behind her ear. " I got some cookie dough waiting in the kitchen for us." My smile caused her to smile that caused her brown eyes to sparkle. " Can we watch Titanic while we eat some cookie dough?" She laughed and helped me off the couch. " Yes, now come on."


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