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My City Boy

Novel By: InfinateInk

Gracie May lives with her dad in the countryside, she has always been a part of this quiet life.
Her and Reese, another country boy who lives a few roads away are in a situation that they call love.

But when Gracie's Dad ends up in a fatal accident and Gracie has to move to London, leaving her love behind to live with her aunt and uncle she is devastated.

Will Gracie ever find love again? Or will the new atmosphere be just too much for her? View table of contents...


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Chapter One

As his arms snake around my waist, the warm wind blew through my auburn hair. It was getting late; the sun was beginning to sink beneath the fields. In rotation with the full moon that was expected to shine upon us on this night. Reese's green eyes reflected the sunset as I looked into them deeply. We loved to come here to watch the sunset. It is so peaceful and stunning, no disturbance, just time for him and I to be alone together.

"Gracie?" His velvety, sensual voice was music to my ears.

"Yes Reece." I whispered, moving up to him as we sit beneath our favourite tree, the mud was probably staining my jeans but I did not care. We may have been going out for two months, but I still got Goosebumps from being so close to him.

"This is quite big, since we have only been together for two months, but we were friends before that so please don't see this as being too forward." He held my hand and started playing with my fingers. I held my breath, waiting for him to speak again.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go away with me for a couple of weeks." I released the breath I was holding in before looking at him and smiling.

"Well, um, Reese…" Reese's face turned to one of great disappointment and he looked towards the floor.

"I would love to go away with you." He looked up at me. A grin spread across his face as he jumped up, pulling me with him. I laughed out loudly as he spun me round and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm as they pressed against mine. Before he set me back on my feet and whispered into my ear.

"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met Gracie May." I shivered and leant my head against his chest; he was quite a bit taller than I was, with blonde hair and green eyes. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me. We stood there in silence for what seemed like forever before we heard a shout.

"OI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE! GET OUT OF MY FIELD!" We turned round to look behind us, and about half a mile away from where we were standing was a little old man, standing outside his house and waving a rake in the air.

I giggled as Reese picked me up bridal style and started sprinting towards the fence on the opposite side from the man's house. I screamed in delight and fear, wrapping my arms around his neck and shutting my eyes tight.

We stopped and my brown eyes fluttered open, he put me down and helped me over the fence. We started to walk calmly down the road, heading towards my house. Suddenly something occurred to me.

"So, where will we be going?" I say, tucking my hair behind my ear and looking ahead. From the corner of my eye, I see his head turn towards me, then straight ahead again.

"Aha, well, you know my Aunt Joanna? She has a house in Jackson Bay, Just a while from here. It's beautiful Gracie it really is." He emphasises.

"Oh okay, but why do you suddenly have to go up there?" I asked curiously.

"My Aunt wanted me to go up there so I could finish the painting job there for when she goes in the summer, and it's such a bother getting up there I thought I'd turn it into a little holiday." He shrugged.

"Aha, sounds plausible." I say slowly. He laughs.

"Oh, Does it now Miss May." He replies, copying my tone and playfully tickling me as we get to the front garden of my house.

"Please, no! Stop." I squeal, running up to my front door and quickly putting the key in the lock.

Running inside, he follows me, quickly greeting my dad on the way up the stairs to my room. I fall onto my bed breathless. He jumps on over me, pinning me down he kisses me deeply. Yeah, I was sure by that moment. I am in love.


"No." His deep voice travelled across the dinner table. I put down my fork and took a big sip of my water. Then raising my eyebrows at him I replied.

"What do you mean no?" I questioned, not being able to think of one reason not to go on this holiday with Reese.

"I don't want you going away without supervision." He shrugged, digging in for another spoonful of peas and butter off his plate.

"For Christ sake dad! I am almost eighteen now, cut me some slack, it is only for ten days, and anyway, it is not too far. It's only in Jackson Bay." I try to persuade him.
He looked down at his plate in deep thought for a moment, before standing up and quietly asking for my plate.

I roll my eyes, sigh and slide it across the mahogany table to his hand.

He takes it along with his own to the kitchen, not saying another word.

"Come on dad! Give me an answer, don't leave me wondering." I moan, following him into the small room.

"I've already given you my answer, and it is no." he looks at me as if I am stupid. I reach over and turn off the radio that started to play some boring classical music. Our house was not exactly lively, with mum gone. She was the joy of our home. She was happy all the time, but then she got sick. Very sick.

She went to a care home, for sick people, she was just about the youngest one there. We saw her once ever two weeks, and even though she was battling this horrid disease, she always kept up her happy vibe. She looked more and more exhausted every time we saw her.

Then one night, six days after my fifteenth birthday, I heard my Dad crying in his room, I never saw her after that.

"Dad, I won't be gone long. Just ten days." I say softly, looking at him, getting out my phone as it buzzed in my pocket.

"Gracie. I said no." he says sternly folding his arms over his chest.

"FINE!" I scream at him, slamming my phone down on to the counter top.

"But you need to get over it, You have been like this ever since mum died." Walking out of the kitchen and slamming the door I head up to my room.

Shutting the door behind me I sit on my bed, tears begin to shed but I quickly wipe them away. That was mean. It is not his fault mum died. She got sick. He tried his best to help her but he could not save her from the death we all knew was coming. He loved her, a lot. I tried to imagine what I'd be like if Reese died. I would be nothing without him. I love him so much; he is my light at the end of the tunnel. He has made me so happy these past few months.

That must be what it was like for dad, although they were together for sixteen years, which is a lot longer than three months. I began to feel really bad. I thought I would distract myself by calling Reese and telling him I couldn't come. But my phone was downstairs where I'd left it after dinner.

I frustratedly groaned, walking over to my wardrobe, pulling out a large grey jumper and throwing it over the vest top I was wearing. Heading downstairs, I grabbed my phone off the counter, pulled on my battered black converses and made my way to the door.

"Gracie… wait!" I heard dad's tired voice come from the livingroom, but I left the house before he could say anything else. I put in my earphones and turned my music up loud, ignoring the world around me I began to run down the street, my hair blowing in the slight wind.
It was very dark out now, I guessed it was about half nine. But there is no danger about where we live, it was right out In the country. Reese moved here with his family about a year ago, he was the new kid at my school.

His house is about a mile away from mine. I stopped running, breathless I pulled out my phone. I dialed Reese's number and stopped leaning against the wall next to the upcoming field.

Reese: Hello?

Me: Hey Reese it is Gracie.
Reese: Oh Gracie, hey baby, I miss you already, its good to hear your voice.

Me: Reese.. I.. can you come and get me.

My voice started to crack, I lost all control. Tears started running down my face.

Me: Please Reece.

I sniffled.

Reece: Of course baby where are you! I'll come in the car, calm down im here for you, stop crying.

Me: Im… On… The… Wall… On… Brawley Road.

I choked out, before he told me he's leaving now and ending the call.

I leant back against the wall in the darkness. The tears just would not stop coming, staining my cheeks, as I stand there guilt ridden.
I pulled up my hood, as I noticed a message on the screen on my phone.

7 Missed Calls From Dad

I took a deep breath before shutting off the phone and stuffing it back in my pocket. Pulling my hood up, I looked a head to see total silence and stillness. The leaves of the dark forest layed out on the opposite side of the road rustled quietly in the wind.

There is no danger here, it's always so quiet and calm. Sometime's… just sometimes, I wish something might happen.

After a while Reese's car pulled up, just as it began to rain. I walked over and jumped in the front next to him. Pulling down my hood I leant in and hugged him tight.

"It's okay Gracie, I've got you. Your okay." He said silently, rocking me.

"C-Can I stay at yours tonight…" I stutter, looking him in the eyes.

"Of course Gracie, your welcome anytime." He says, starting up the car.

I put my seatbelt on and look out the window as he starts to drive.
The rain pounded against the car window loudly.


"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Reese asked softly as we sat on his bed watching a movie.

"My dad wont let me come to Jackson Bay, I got upset and… angry. I shouted at him. I told him to get over the fact mum died." I whispered, feeling my heart break inside my chest.

"Oh Gracie." He whispered. Holding me tightly.

"It was just out of spite, he is just worried baby, he cares about you." He says. I nod and wipe my nose on my sleeve.

"Let's just forget about it." He says.

"Theres no need to go, I have hopefully the rest of my life to spend with you Gracie." He whispers, turning off the light.

We sit together, cuddling and watching a romcom on his small television in his bedroom.
Maybe it is best to forget about it. I will apologise to my dad tomorrow morning.


After Reece dropped me off at home, I walked in to an empty household. I put my bag down by the front door before turning on the livingroom light. I figured dad must be still sleeping. I walked into his bedroom to see an untouched bed. I look around the room, everything seems to be placed as it was the night before.

Confused, I leave the room and walk upstairs. He never leaves me home alone… I check the bathroom and my bedroom but he's no where to be seen. I get a weird feeling in my gut.
My dad… he's gone.


Reece And Gracie In The Field ^^^ :3

*Just Started This Story, I WILL be carrying on with my other one!*


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